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Since 2015, the Federation of Synagogues has made available to the public, through JCR-UK and JGSGB, details of all burials at the Federation's cemetery at Rainham, Essex (as well as its cemetery at Edmonton, London, N18).

The Federation has also now launched its own more comprehensive, up-to-date and easy to use database of these records (which, however, requires the exact name of the deceased) and includes a detailed map showing the position of the grave. Click here to see it in action.

The Federation of Synagogues was established in 1887 by Samuel Montagu (later Lord Montagu of Swaythling), Liberal MP for Whitechapel and a committed Orthodox Jew.

The Federation has its roots in the East End of London and the plot of land for its first cemetery, in Edmonton, had been presented to the Federation by Lord Montagu in 1889. By the end of World War II the Jewish community was moving North, South and West in the city, where new Federation congregations were established. By 1937, the Federation had 13,000 members and 68 affiliated synagogues scattered across London.

As a result of this, land for a second Federation cemetery, in Rainham, Essex, was purchased in 1936 on 106 acres. It was consecrated in February 1938. The cemetery had a capacity for 45-50,000 graves and was at 60% of capacity in 2016, when the Federation sold approximately 20 acres of the cemetery land.

Main Index

This is the main index of all people buried at the Rainham Cemetery from 1937 until February 2019 (over 26,200 burials). It represents Update No. 4, which was carried out on 31 March 2019 with the most recent internments and corrections to existing data - much of it based on feedback from visitors to the site.

For each internment we show name, reference number, date of death, age of death and grave position (block, row & grave number).

The index is divided into sections listed alphabetically by surname.
There is one line per letter, with the second column indicating the number of surnames in the index beginning with that letter.
Subsequent columns break down the data further according to the second letter of the surname.
Simply click on the two letters that form the first two letters of the surname for which you are looking.
For example:
     If you click on AA, it will take you to the section of the index that lists all surnames beginning with Aa;
     AB will take you to all surnames beginning with Ab, and so on.

Please note: there may be some minor errors in this data. Please e-mail us with any errors or omissions, quoting the reference number wherever possible.
Name begins A 751 graves AA AB AC AD AF AG AI AL AM AN AP AR AS AT AU AV AW AX AZ
Name begins B2507 graves BA BE BI BL BO BR BU BY
Name begins C 1913 graves CA CE CH CI CL CO CR CU CY CZ
Name begins D778 graves DA DE DI DO DR DU DV DW DY DZ
Name begins E 289 graves EA EC ED EF EG EH EI EL EM EN EP ER ES ET EU EV EX EZ
Name begins F1446 graves FA FE FI FL FO FR FU
Name begins G 2504 graves GA GE GI GL GN GO GR GU GV GY
Name begins H954 graves HA HE HI HO HU HY
Name begins I 177 graves IK IL IN IR IS IT IV IZ
Name begins J579 graves JA JE JI JO JU
Name begins K 1424 graves KA KE KH KI KL KN KO KR KU KW KY
Name begins L2214 graves LA LE LI LO LU LY
Name begins M 1730 graves MA MC ME MI MO MU MY
Name begins N435 graves NA NE NI NO NU NY
Name begins O 211 graves O' OB OD OE OF OG OK OL ON OP OR OS OT OU OV OW OZ
Name begins P966 graves PA PE PF PH PI PJ PL PO PR PS PU PY
Name begins Q 9 graves QU
Name begins R1578 graves RA RE RH RI RO RU RY
Name begins S 3696 graves SA SC SE SH SI SK SL SM SN SO SP SQ SR ST SU SV SW SY SZ
Name begins T504 graves TA TC TE TH TI TO TR TS TU TY TZ
Name begins U 29 graves UB UH UM UN UR US UZ
Name begins V202 graves VA VE VI VL VO VR VU
Name begins W 998 graves WA WE WH WI WO WR WU WY
Name begins Y119 graves YA YE YO YU
Name begins Z 229 graves ZA ZE ZI ZL ZO ZU ZW ZY

Below is the ground plan for the Rainham Cemetery, dated February 2019, showing the plot locations.


These lists have been created and published through the efforts and support of Yitz Katz, Leigh Dworkin, Mark Nicholls, David Shulman and Saul Issroff. 

Page created: 30 May 2015
Latest update: 31 March 2019 
Latest modification or formatting: 2 June 2019


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