All Deceased beginning with letters 'WY'

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All names beginning WY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
WYBURN JeanE2579127 Mar 200359RH18 34
WYMAN BeatriceE2579210 Oct 198077RO15 39
WYMAN JackE2579305 Sep 200694RO39 67
WYMAN MarieE2579402 Apr 201294RO39 66
WYMAN SidneyE2579513 Oct 197978RO15 38
WYNDHAM PhilipE2579620 Jun 199484RO29 63
WYNN AlexanderE2579705 Mar 197364RI18 25
WYNN AnnabelleE2579829 Jan 201483RK07 8
WYNN Jeffrey JonathanE2579919 Jan 197617RK07 6
WYNN LeahE2580028 Dec 196860RI18 24
WYNN MauriceE2580106 Feb 200977RG35 1
WYNN RonaldE2580212 Sep 201183RK07 7
WYNNE-WISEMAN RobertaE2580307 Nov 2017RG35 33
WYSCHNA Arnold AaronE2580427 Dec 198278RE11 35
WYSNCHA PhoebeE2580507 Jul 199586RE11 34
WYZANSKI AlterE2580607 Jan 196975RC04 28
WYZER LilyE2580718 Oct 196172RC08 9

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