All Deceased beginning with letters 'SU'

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All names beginning SU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SUCHER FredaE2383423 Mar 198376RO30 17
SUCKALL Rose LeahE2383509 Aug 196058RB37 3
SUGAR DavidE2383614 Jul 198471RN42 35
SUGAR DorisE2383715 Apr 199876RK30 40
SUGAR HymanE2383814 Nov 197391RD34 11
SUGAR MariaE2383920 May 198259RO28 26
SUGAR MillieE2384014 Nov 195363RD34 12
SUGAR MorrisE2384113 Oct 200891RK30 41
SUGAR RebeccaE2384203 Sep 199077RN42 36
SUGAR SolomonE2384326 Nov 196763RG40 8
SUGARBREAD FriedaE2384420 Apr 198690RJ05 9
SUGARBREAD HarryE2384512 Dec 197178RJ05 8
SUGARBREAD Hilda (Fanny)E2384603 Oct 199588RK30 3
SUGARBREAD LazarusE2384730 Sep 200086RK33 42
SUGARBROWN SophiaE2384829 Mar 196580RF21 10
SUGARLOAF HelenE2384902 Jul 199375RF52 32
SUGARMAN AdaE2385028 Nov 193843RB13 9
SUGARMAN AlfredE2385120 Sep 196267RF44 26
SUGARMAN AlfredE2385224 Dec 197775RN26 19
SUGARMAN AnnieE2385308 Jan 200191RN26 20
SUGARMAN BellaE2385403 Mar 198584RJ11 34
SUGARMAN BenjaminE2385522 Jan 200389RL20 43
SUGARMAN CeliaE2385605 Dec 196863RG42 24
SUGARMAN DeborahE2385703 Mar 197386RH11 29
SUGARMAN Edward IsraelE2385806 Dec 199076RJ26 37
SUGARMAN EleazerE2385921 Sep 196670RJ11 33
SUGARMAN EthelE2386022 Jul 195786RD13 29
SUGARMAN GertrudeE2386109 Feb 198780RG27 24
SUGARMAN GoldaE2386217 Jun 198483RO28 49
SUGARMAN HarryE2386317 Mar 195445RD29 18
SUGARMAN HymanE2386405 Feb 197083RJ22 24
SUGARMAN JosephE2386512 Sep 197777RL26 23
SUGARMAN LeahE2386604 Apr 201596RJ26 38
SUGARMAN MaryE2386722 Oct 193964RB16 27
SUGARMAN MaryE2386830 Jul 195390RD43 7
SUGARMAN MinnieE2386916 Mar 197979RI27 8
SUGARMAN MorrisE2387005 Aug 195051RA54 21
SUGARMAN NancyE2387110 Mar 198186RF44 25
SUGARMAN PollyE2387209 Dec 197582RJ22 25
SUGARMAN RachelE2387304 Sep 197080RI27 9
SUGARMAN Rita RachelE2387431 Mar 19499RA60 1
SUGARMAN YettaE2387523 Aug 200591RL20 42
SUGARMAN ZeldaE2387607 Nov 195131RD50 21
SUKENICK BetsyE2387728 Oct 198575RO13 54
SULKAND RaieE2387809 Dec 199686RM09 9
SULKAND SidneyE2387928 May 198272RM09 10
SULKIN HettyE2388027 Dec 198477RH15 25
SULKIN SolomonE2388125 Feb 196967RH15 24
SULKOVITCH or SILK MarkE2388214 Aug 198779RC20 24
SULLIVAN AlbertE2388301 Sep 200690RE06 11
SULLIVAN RachelE2388404 Aug 195671RE16 12
SULLIVAN Vera GertrudeE2388506 Nov 196541RE06 12
SUMMER AnneE2388610 Jun 199590RF05 7
SUMMER DeborahE2388709 Sep 194036RB18 10
SUMMER EstherE2388820 Mar 200193RB23 1
SUMMER MiriamE2388909 Feb 194867RB18 2
SUMMER WoolfE2389011 Nov 196086RB18 1
SUMMERFIELD AbrahamE2389127 Feb 199990RB27 35
SUMMERFIELD AnnE2389211 Nov 200083RB27 34
SUMMERFIELD AnnetteE2389307 Nov 197582RO20 39
SUMMERFIELD BarnetE2389425 Apr 196650RH30 11
SUMMERFIELD CissieE2389528 Dec 200298RG12 25
SUMMERFIELD DavidE2389609 Feb 196570RJ07 18
SUMMERFIELD DoraE2389721 Sep 197778RJ07 17
SUMMERFIELD HymanE2389802 Nov 198776RO39 18
SUMMERFIELD NathanE2389906 Jan 196262RG12 26
SUMMERS Ada AnnieE2390026 Oct 197569RI38 12
SUMMERS AnnieE2390106 Jun 197070RG45 17
SUMMERS Graham MichaelE2390205 Sep 201573RE48 1
SUMMERS HymanE2390313 Nov 198167RC03 17
SUMMERS John LawrenceE2390421 Apr 199058RN03 20
SUMMERS KittyE2390512 Jan 197180RC03 14
SUMMERS LenE2390604 Aug 201290RD44 34
SUMMERS LouisE2390723 Nov 196577RC03 13
SUMMERS MillieE2390802 Jan 196582RG33 16
SUMMERS MiriamE2390911 May 199582RB50 3
SUMMERS MorrisE2391022 Sep 195550RD17 31
SUMMERS PizerE2391107 May 196480RF25 19
SUMMERS RoseE2391227 Mar 194324RB27 10
SUMMERS RoseE2391306 May 200978RD44 35
SUMMERS RoseE2391421 Sep 199590RB21 1
SUMMERS SamuelE2391522 Jan 195558RD23 26
SUMMERS SydneyE2391628 Oct 199483RE13 33
SUMRAY Frank (Israel)E2391706 Oct 198975RK46 18
SUMRAY Paula o/w PollyE2391822 Jul 200892RK46 19
SUNDERLAND EliasE2391906 Jun 201597RJ23 40
SUNDERLAND MatildaE2392024 Oct 199271RJ23 39
SUNSHINE AnnieE2392125 Dec 198278RC13 27
SUNSHINE HarryE2392212 Aug 198178RC13 28
SUNSHINE IsaacE2392311 Jul 196592RC11 27
SUNSHINE KittyE2392424 Jun 199793RN41 14
SUNSHINE SydneyE2392508 Jan 198474RN41 13
SUPER JosephE2392618 Dec 194864RA41 32
SUPER Millicent JayE2392713 Oct 196476RA41 33
SUPER Ronald DavidE2392802 May 201373RH04 13
SUPERFINE MorrisE2392908 Dec 196474RG32 25
SUPERFINE SallyE2393022 Aug 196559RG32 24
SUPERFINE Solomon SidneyE2393101 Mar 197986RF30 28
SUPERFINE YettaE2393223 Jul 196371RF30 29
SUPPERSTEIN DavidE2393311 Feb 194033RA15 3
SUPPERSTEIN MaxE2393414 Jun 196382RH46 9
SUPPERSTEIN PercyE2393516 Jun 200485RE40 2
SUPPERSTEIN RachelE2393621 Jul 193864RB11 9
SUPPERSTEIN StellaE2393701 Feb 201894RE40 1
SUPPLE RosaE2393830 Oct 197466RK28 35
SUPPLE SamuelE2393916 Sep 196375RH45 27
SUPPLE SarahE2394015 Sep 195762RE26 13
SUPPLE Solomon SamuelE2394116 Aug 197773RK28 36
SUPPLE Yetta MinnieE2394208 Mar 197676RN22 25
SURINAMER LouisE2394301 Oct 195769RE26 28
SUSAVITCH Abraham EmanuelE2394406 Oct 198876RN04 22
SUSAVITCH AnnieE2394506 Jun 197589RL20 27
SUSS HymanE2394609 Dec 198874RN04 34
SUSS SylviaE2394714 Dec 199683RN04 33
SUSSMAN AbrahamE2394811 Oct 199795RL28 31
SUSSMAN AnnaE2394905 Oct 198590RO07 41
SUSSMAN JaneE2395019 May 197874RN13 29
SUSSMAN JessieE2395122 Dec 198884RE53 11
SUSSMAN MinnieE2395216 Jul 200496RM29 1
SUSSMAN MorrisE2395313 Mar 199082RM09 38
SUSSMAN PhyllisE2395411 Mar 199886RJ29 40
SUSSMAN Pincus PierreE2395526 Jan 199381RJ29 39
SUSSMAN RoseE2395620 Oct 196384RG22 16
SUSSMAN RoseE2395703 Sep 200395RN46 44
SUSSMAN SadieE2395822 May 197876RL28 32
SUSSMAN SarahE2395901 Dec 198266RM09 37
SUSSMAN SolleE2396009 Jun 198782RN46 43

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