All Deceased beginning with letters 'TO'

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All names beginning TO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TOBE BettyC0171509 Apr 199873B102 23
TOBE MarieA0083109 May 194144B123 25
TOBE Ralph RaymondC0344216 May 200470B102 24
TOBE Solomon CharlesB0841120 Feb 198986L09 18
TOBERMAN SamuelA0481603 Oct 195974D107 29
TOBERMAN SarahA1002621 Oct 197188D107 28
TOBIAS AbrahamA0935909 Jul 197061I127 23
TOBIAS AnneC0392709 Aug 200687B105 32
TOBIAS Anthony AbrahamsB0495124 Nov 198164N135 33
TOBIAS AsherB0944101 Aug 199181O02 25
TOBIAS BeatriceC0042616 Oct 199480E103 19
TOBIAS DorisA0721820 Oct 196553H133 26
TOBIAS EmanuelC0377001 Dec 200586B103 01
TOBIAS EstellaC0195904 Jan 199977B103 02
TOBIAS EstherA0429123 Oct 195778E127 06
TOBIAS EvaA0345405 May 195446D129 24
TOBIAS FayC0056925 Feb 199573M18 40
TOBIAS FrankC0529222 Nov 201483E251 13
TOBIAS HarryB0971930 Mar 199274B105 31
TOBIAS HarryC0107412 Aug 199684H136 33
TOBIAS HettyA0647604 Feb 196453H243 25
TOBIAS HymanA0600214 Jan 196362E246 25
TOBIAS IsaacA0023227 Jan 193966A113 33
TOBIAS IsaacB0155922 Mar 197563K109 17
TOBIAS IsraelA0754915 Jul 196657H129 13
TOBIAS IsraelB0619002 Jun 198481L14 41
TOBIAS JackA0544731 Oct 196174B241 33
TOBIAS JacobA0026324 Feb 193959A114 07
TOBIAS JosephC0008108 Nov 199378E103 20
TOBIAS KathleenB0009529 May 197271M30 35
TOBIAS Louis CliffordB0799125 Mar 198874H253 25
TOBIAS Mary RachelC0507917 Apr 2013101K109 18
TOBIAS MyerB0847809 Apr 198979K135 31
TOBIAS RayA0197128 Jun 194759B241 28
TOBIAS ReubenB0190230 Nov 197580N121 32
TOBIAS RoseB0279830 Aug 197760L12 18
TOBIAS RoseB0416927 Mar 198081L14 40
TOBIAS RoseB0553201 Feb 198372K135 30
TOBIAS SadieC0526131 Jul 201499K135 32
TOBIAS SamuelA0988502 Jul 197184G247 20
TOBIAS SarahA0217504 Jul 194878A113 32
TOBIAS SarahB0147830 Jan 197571H243 08
TOBIAS SolomonC0058211 Mar 199576L12 19
TOBIN Michael SimonC0245810 Sep 200091K132 43
TOBIN RachelC0329531 Oct 200393K132 42
TOBOLOWSKI HelenaA0328903 Aug 195374D135 15
TOBOVITCH Regina (Rywka)A0153924 Apr 194538B135 13
TODD MorrisA0990424 Jul 197164K123 18
TODD NathanB0663629 Apr 198572O19 25
TODD WolfeB0775609 Oct 198766N243 45
TOFFEL MorrisB0817027 Aug 198882F106 22
TOFFEL RebeccaB0685616 Nov 198582F106 23
TOLCHINSKY LouisB0616920 May 198484O13 34
TOLCHINSKY SollyB0438503 Oct 198082O13 33
TOLL Samuel AshleyB0443611 Nov 198054N109 21
TOLOVINSKY MurielA0187428 Jan 19476B255 28
TOLVIN HettyB0794928 Feb 198883M06 12
TOLVIN SolomonB0993724 Oct 199289M06 11
TONCHIN JosephineC0231820 Feb 200088A102 20
TONCHIN MaxC0009722 Nov 199387A102 19
TOPER AnnieA0451605 Aug 195865B109 02
TOPER DanielA0536028 Jul 196172B109 01
TOPOL CynthiaB0214514 Apr 197648N123 12
TOPOL MorrisB0820918 Sep 198884O03 35
TOPPER JosephA0307819 Aug 195223C107 29
TOPPER RebeccaB0516925 Apr 198285C107 27
TOPPER SamuelA1018431 Jan 197275C107 28
TORGOWITZ AnneA0611612 Mar 196372A243 03
TORRENCE RachelC0121322 Dec 199692F121 05
TORRENCE YettaC0245221 Aug 200094F121 06
TORSCH RachelB0151604 Mar 197581J20 09
TORSH Alf (Abraham)C0133628 Mar 199774K104 12
TORSH LesleyC0537918 May 201566K104 07
TORSH SarahC0401129 Jan 200784K104 11
TOSH Bella CeliaC0066402 Jun 199586K129 05
TOSH MiriamB0852423 May 198976K129 06
TOSHMAN HaroldB1021705 Jul 199363L09 31
TOSHMAN PhilipA0579423 Jul 196230F135 06
TOSHMAN RachaelB0830607 Dec 198884L10 36
TOSHMAN WolfB0341510 Nov 197875L10 35
TOTTENBERG AnnieA0351206 Aug 195449D134 06
TOTTENBERG BarnettA0291710 Dec 195160D249 22
TOTTENBERG DoraA0053815 Jun 194067B117 18
TOUCHE Esther MillieA0663715 Jun 196469H242 15
TOUCHE LeonA0682809 Dec 196469H242 16
TOWNSEND SamuelA1005717 Nov 197164I131 15
TOYBER NathanB0360810 Mar 197971N129 07

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