All Deceased beginning with letters 'TO'

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All names beginning TO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
TOBE BettyE2436809 Apr 199873RB02 23
TOBE MarieE2436909 May 194144RB23 25
TOBE Ralph RaymondE2437016 May 200470RB02 24
TOBE Solomon CharlesE2437120 Feb 198986RL09 18
TOBERMAN SamuelE2437203 Oct 195974RD07 29
TOBERMAN SarahE2437321 Oct 197188RD07 28
TOBIAS AbrahamE2437409 Jul 197061RI27 23
TOBIAS AnneE2437509 Aug 200687RB05 32
TOBIAS Anthony AbrahamsE2437624 Nov 198164RN35 33
TOBIAS AsherE2437701 Aug 199181RO02 25
TOBIAS BeatriceE2437816 Oct 199480RE03 19
TOBIAS DorisE2437920 Oct 196553RH33 26
TOBIAS EmanuelE2438001 Dec 200586RB03 1
TOBIAS EstellaE2438104 Jan 199977RB03 2
TOBIAS EstherE2438223 Oct 195778RE27 6
TOBIAS EvaE2438305 May 195446RD29 24
TOBIAS FayE2438425 Feb 199573RM18 40
TOBIAS FrankE2438522 Nov 201483RE51 13
TOBIAS HarryE2438630 Mar 199274RB05 31
TOBIAS HarryE2438712 Aug 199684RH36 33
TOBIAS HettyE2438804 Feb 196453RH43 25
TOBIAS HymanE2438914 Jan 196362RE46 25
TOBIAS IsaacE2439022 Mar 197563RK09 17
TOBIAS IsaacE2439127 Jan 193966RA13 33
TOBIAS IsraelE2439215 Jul 196657RH29 13
TOBIAS IsraelE2439302 Jun 198481RL14 41
TOBIAS JackE2439431 Oct 196174RB41 33
TOBIAS JacobE2439524 Feb 193959RA14 7
TOBIAS JosephE2439608 Nov 199378RE03 20
TOBIAS KathleenE2439729 May 197271RM30 35
TOBIAS Louis CliffordE2439825 Mar 198874RH53 25
TOBIAS Mary RachelE2439917 Apr 2013101RK09 18
TOBIAS MyerE2440009 Apr 198979RK35 31
TOBIAS RayE2440128 Jun 194759RB41 28
TOBIAS ReubenE2440230 Nov 197580RN21 32
TOBIAS RoseE2440330 Aug 197760RL12 18
TOBIAS RoseE2440401 Feb 198372RK35 30
TOBIAS RoseE2440527 Mar 198081RL14 40
TOBIAS SadieE2440631 Jul 201499RK35 32
TOBIAS SamuelE2440702 Jul 197184RG47 20
TOBIAS SarahE2440830 Jan 197571RH43 8
TOBIAS SarahE2440904 Jul 194878RA13 32
TOBIAS SolomonE2441011 Mar 199576RL12 19
TOBIN Michael SimonE2441110 Sep 200091RK32 43
TOBIN RachelE2441231 Oct 200393RK32 42
TOBOLOWSKI HelenaE2441303 Aug 195374RD35 15
TOBOVITCH Regina (Rywka)E2441424 Apr 194538RB35 13
TODD MorrisE2441524 Jul 197164RK23 18
TODD NathanE2441629 Apr 198572RO19 25
TODD WolfeE2441709 Oct 198766RN43 45
TOFFEL MorrisE2441827 Aug 198882RF06 22
TOFFEL RebeccaE2441916 Nov 198582RF06 23
TOLCHINSKY LouisE2442020 May 198484RO13 34
TOLCHINSKY SollyE2442103 Oct 198082RO13 33
TOLL Samuel AshleyE2442211 Nov 198054RN09 21
TOLOVINSKY MurielE2442328 Jan 19476 mthRB55 28
TOLVIN HettyE2442428 Feb 198883RM06 12
TOLVIN SolomonE2442524 Oct 199289RM06 11
TONCHIN JosephineE2442620 Feb 200088RA02 20
TONCHIN MaxE2442722 Nov 199387RA02 19
TOPER AnnieE2442805 Aug 195865RB09 2
TOPER DanielE2442928 Jul 196172RB09 1
TOPOL CynthiaE2443014 Apr 197648RN23 12
TOPOL MorrisE2443118 Sep 198884RO03 35
TOPPER JosephE2443219 Aug 195223RC07 29
TOPPER RebeccaE2443325 Apr 198285RC07 27
TOPPER SamuelE2443431 Jan 197275RC07 28
TORGOWITZ AnneE2443512 Mar 196372RA43 3
TORRENCE RachelE2443622 Dec 199692RF21 5
TORRENCE YettaE2443721 Aug 200094RF21 6
TORSCH RachelE2443804 Mar 197581RJ20 9
TORSH Alf (Abraham)E2443928 Mar 199774RK04 12
TORSH LesleyE2444018 May 201566RK04 7
TORSH SarahE2444129 Jan 200784RK04 11
TOSH Bella CeliaE2444202 Jun 199586RK29 5
TOSH MiriamE2444323 May 198976RK29 6
TOSHMAN HaroldE2444405 Jul 199363RL09 31
TOSHMAN PhilipE2444523 Jul 196230RF35 6
TOSHMAN RachaelE2444607 Dec 198884RL10 36
TOSHMAN WolfE2444710 Nov 197875RL10 35
TOTTENBERG AnnieE2444806 Aug 195449RD34 6
TOTTENBERG BarnettE2444910 Dec 195160RD49 22
TOTTENBERG DoraE2445015 Jun 194067RB17 18
TOUCHE Esther MillieE2445115 Jun 196469RH42 15
TOUCHE LeonE2445209 Dec 196469RH42 16
TOWNSEND SamuelE2445317 Nov 197164RI31 15
TOYBER NathanE2445410 Mar 197971RN29 7

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