All Deceased beginning with letters 'RA'

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All names beginning RA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
RABBINOWITZ RebeecaE1882410 Nov 195290RD49 9
RABBINOWITZ Sarah RebeccaE1882528 Nov 194171RB24 8
RABBOW BabyE1882624 Jan 19661 mthRB33 19S
RABBOW BabyE1882720 Sep 19671 mthRB35 18S
RABBOW HarryE1882817 Nov 196978RF23 1
RABBOW LeahE1882925 Aug 198285RF23 2
RABEN Bernard HarryE1883002 Feb 195845RB09 3
RABEROFF AnnieE1883110 Apr 196886RB08 8
RABIN AnneE1883223 Feb 198779RM07 16
RABIN AnnieE1883303 Jan 194862RB21 3
RABIN AnnieE1883425 May 196373RD07 13
RABIN BlancheE1883526 May 198283RD06 15
RABIN FannyE1883627 Dec 197873RG04 14
RABIN Harry TheodoreE1883707 Feb 198076RG04 13
RABIN HarryE1883808 Jul 197055RI27 29
RABIN HarryE1883911 Dec 198982RF03 17
RABIN JosephE1884005 May 196557RH37 29
RABIN JudahE1884125 Jun 194246RA27 9
RABIN KittyE1884203 May 197466RI36 26
RABIN Lewis MyerE1884301 Jun 198173RL36 32
RABIN LouisE1884401 Aug 197674RK29 15
RABIN MarkE1884514 Feb 196670RD06 14
RABIN MillyE1884619 May 200988RO30 2
RABIN MyerE1884720 Jul 197865RO17 24
RABIN RalphE1884813 Jul 200386RO30 1
RABIN RaphaelE1884922 Mar 198885RM07 17
RABIN RebeccaE1885009 Dec 197479RK29 16
RABIN ReneE1885121 Jul 201494RF03 18
RABIN Renee FredaE1885221 Jun 201189RF01 24
RABIN Robert BasilE1885315 Jun 198259RN06 13
RABIN SamE1885412 Jun 197966RN11 37
RABIN Samuel J.E1885523 Jul 199189RI36 27
RABIN SarahE1885619 Nov 198975RO17 26
RABIN SolomonE1885705 Mar 196376RD07 12
RABIN SophieE1885813 Oct 198374RO09 33
RABINOVITCH BlancheE1885910 May 195760RD12 30
RABINOVITCH DavidE1886030 Dec 194066RA22 10
RABINOVITCH EstherE1886125 Nov 197975RO23 27
RABINOVITCH HannahE1886214 Apr 194990RB47 23
RABINOVITCH LewisE1886309 Oct 199688RK45 38
RABINOVITCH PaulineE1886406 Dec 195266RD41 15
RABINOVITCH RachelE1886501 Apr 194163RA22 6
RABINOVITCH RachelE1886617 Jun 195576RD18 18
RABINOVITCH RoseE1886722 Sep 196685RF16 17
RABINOVITCH SamuelE1886830 Dec 196568RJ09 33
RABINOVITCH SarahE1886922 Sep 198780RK45 37
RABINOVITCH SolomonE1887029 Oct 196679RB05 23
RABINOVITCH TobaE1887126 Apr 197778RJ09 34
RABINOVITZ HenryE1887222 Apr 194160RA21 6
RABINOVITZ Jennie (Zelda)E1887317 Aug 194661RB40 20
RABINOVITZ JosephE1887409 Dec 194167RA26 19
RABINOWITCH SamuelE1887515 Jun 197591RM40 13
RABINOWITCH SarahE1887601 Oct 198571RM40 14
RABINOWITZ AnnieE1887724 Sep 197381RC20 12
RABINOWITZ ClaraE1887808 Dec 196566RB38 33
RABINOWITZ HymanE1887907 Mar 197062RJ23 7
RABINOWITZ JessieE1888025 Feb 194641RB38 21
RABINOWITZ JulieE1888105 Aug 197988RK34 8
RABINOWITZ LeahE1888217 Sep 198078RB39 35
RABINOWITZ NathanE1888310 Sep 195347RD34 19
RABINOWITZ PaulineE1888406 Feb 197774RJ23 8
RABINOWITZ Rebecca RoseE1888505 Jun 194769RB38 31
RABINOWITZ Rev. IsraelE1888622 Nov 195175RB38 32
RABINOWITZ RoseE1888704 Jun 194571RB35 26
RABSON JanetE1888809 Nov 200979RC01 14
RABSON RoseE1888911 Jun 198586RC01 14
RABSON WilliamE1889024 Dec 198185RC01 13
RABSTAFF LilyE1889126 Nov 197159RI31 9
RACK AlfredE1889213 Jul 198173RN34 13
RACK HarrisE1889329 Oct 195479RD27 25
RACKE SarahE1889421 Oct 196988RM20 11
RACKOW PhilipE1889510 Aug 197968RL07 21
RADAMSKY Sergei SamuelE1889628 Jan 197382RM33 35
RADER AnnieE1889713 Feb 194666RA20 25
RADER FannyE1889818 Oct 198480RB03 26
RADER JaneE1889931 Jan 194172RB18 6
RADER WoolfE1890030 Jan 194472RB29 8
RADNOR EphraimE1890111 Mar 196877RC15 10
RADNOR RosaE1890206 Jul 197075RC15 9
RADOM GoldaE1890320 May 199996RI28 3
RADOM IsaacE1890430 Sep 197190RB30 33
RADOM MaxE1890504 Apr 198584RF51 12
RADOM Samuel DavidE1890616 Apr 195854RF51 13
RADOMSKY FannyE1890726 Jan 194870RB30 32
RADSTONE Bryan FrankE1890827 Dec 201468RI47 25
RADSTONE IsraelE1890928 Dec 199482RH09 20
RADSTONE Matilda TobyE1891006 Mar 197461RH09 21
RADSTONE Maurice MichaelE1891103 May 195239RD45 14
RADSTONE Shelley VanessaE1891206 Jan 19554RA59 24
RADZVILLAR FannyE1891326 Aug 194976RB47 30
RADZWILLAR KittyE1891429 Jul 198482RF10 11
RADZWILLER GeorgeE1891508 Jan 197474RF10 12
RAEBURN LilyE1891622 Feb 196856RH21 26
RAEBURN MorrisE1891721 May 198377RH21 25
RAEN Sarah RachelE1891828 Jun 197275RK15 12
RAEN WoolfE1891923 Nov 197373RK15 11
RAEYNER MichaelE1892031 Dec 198766RH03 31
RAFF AmeliaE1892123 Mar 195067RB50 21
RAFF SolomonE1892216 Jul 194462RA34 24
RAFFE HarryE1892328 Jun 199266RF06 3
RAFFE HelenE1892406 Aug 200068RF06 4
RAGER HermineE1892505 Dec 199064RJ24 37
RAGER Hilda HannahE1892612 Dec 199884RI43 33
RAGER LawrenceE1892729 Jun 200284RI43 32
RAGHER SylviaE1892804 Oct 200491RD12 18
RAGOL LEVY HaroldE1892910 May 200778RK01 23
RAGOL-LEVY BarbaraE1893001 Jun 200676RK01 22
RAGOL-LEVY FannyE1893111 Sep 199593RK10 3
RAGOL-LEVY IsraelE1893205 Jan 198586RK10 2
RAINBERGER CharlesE1893323 Jun 199482RD46 33
RAINBERGER MarksE1893407 Nov 193860RA13 9
RAINBERGER MillieE1893504 Sep 195468RA08 26
RAINE EstherE1893623 Nov 195554RE09 11
RAINER HettyE1893722 Feb 199886RK02 21
RAINES MichaelE1893807 Jun 198678RO05 41
RAINGOLD AbrahamE1893919 Nov 199183RF35 22
RAINGOLD AnnieE1894013 Aug 198483RF08 21
RAINGOLD Bradley JackE1894108 Feb 196224RF35 23
RAINGOLD LouisE1894225 Jan 198685RF08 21A
RAINGOLD MarieE1894315 Nov 201499RF35 21
RAINGOLD MaryE1894425 Nov 197880RE32 24
RAINGOLD MaxE1894513 Mar 195856RE32 23
RAININE RachelE1894602 Dec 194863RB24 4
RAININE ReuvinE1894706 May 197589RB24 3
RAININE SamuelE1894817 Sep 198573RB06 23
RAININE SarahE1894915 Oct 197074RG46 27
RAINS AdaE1895018 Apr 200891RL02 35
RAINS AlecE1895121 Aug 199684RL02 36
RAKUSEN HerbertE1895213 Jul 197557RN19 10
RALLIS ElaineE1895311 Sep 200559RE51 2
RALSTON AnitaE1895421 Aug 200386RN15 30
RALSTON Benjamin BrahamE1895516 Oct 198110RN15 29
RALSTON HarryE1895622 Jul 197762RN15 31
RAMOST AnnetteE1895717 Nov 197067RG46 20
RANDALL AnnieE1895808 Aug 199884RO30 34
RANDALL MichaelE1895922 Oct 199680RO30 33
RANK LawrenceE1896014 Mar 20040RJ37 8
RANKOFF AbrahamE1896117 Jun 199472RE33 33
RANKOFF DorisE1896218 Dec 199882RB03 34
RANKOFF GertrudeE1896311 Jan 201279RG14 1
RANKOFF HarryE1896422 Jan 200170RG14 2
RANKOFF HarryE1896503 Apr 198286RN07 39
RANKOFF JaneE1896603 Sep 199395RN07 40
RANKOFF JosephE1896703 Apr 197629RN18 37
RANKOFF Samuel ErnestE1896803 Mar 199980RB03 35
RANKOFF SophieE1896931 Jan 197654RN18 38
RANLY AnneE1897008 Jan 200689RG43 21
RANTOR/JACOBSON SerenaE1897125 Feb 200055RL08 2
RAPAPORT AnnieE1897215 Feb 195673RA07 17
RAPAPORT Henry JohnE1897308 Nov 19383 mthRA62 19
RAPERPORT EdwardE1897422 Apr 196771RE06 21
RAPERPORT HermineE1897521 Sep 196666RE06 22
RAPHAEL AbrahamE1897625 Sep 196179RE43 17
RAPHAEL AlexanderE1897715 Aug 201281RG49 31
RAPHAEL ColemanE1897827 Jun 196374RH46 7
RAPHAEL EstherE1897909 Mar 197986RH46 8
RAPHAEL MaisieE1898017 Feb 201084RG49 30
RAPHAEL MauriceE1898111 Feb 197262RK16 25
RAPOPORT AbrahamE1898230 Sep 194275RA28 11
RAPOPORT SarahE1898323 Jul 194264RB27 14
RAPP (MCKENNA) AdaE1898416 Jul 197972RL32 32
RAPP StanleyE1898517 Mar 194034RA18 6
RAPPAPORT AnitaE1898623 Jul 199873RM40 33
RAPPAPORT AnnieE1898713 Aug 196969RF11 13
RAPPAPORT AnnieE1898809 Aug 193972RB15 17
RAPPAPORT BarnettE1898912 Oct 197779RG37 20
RAPPAPORT Bessie EstherE1899012 Jul 198977RH21 18
RAPPAPORT EmanuelE1899107 Mar 198581RO34 13
RAPPAPORT EvaE1899208 Dec 197072RG37 19
RAPPAPORT IvanE1899329 Mar 201588RE47 34
RAPPAPORT JackE1899429 Dec 196536RG37 14
RAPPAPORT JosephE1899523 Nov 194582RA37 27
RAPPAPORT LeahE1899605 Jul 198978RL04 21
RAPPAPORT LouisE1899730 Mar 199283RL04 30
RAPPAPORT MauriceE1899806 Mar 195584RD20 18
RAPPAPORT MillieE1899902 Dec 198585RM39 30
RAPPAPORT RaniaE1900012 Sep 199279RO34 14
RAPPAPORT SamuelE1900125 Mar 196861RH21 17
RAPPAPORT SamuelE1900206 Mar 196987RA07 16
RAPPOPORT AaronE1900310 Dec 197777RF11 12
RAPPOPORT IsaacE1900418 Mar 197576RM39 29
RAPPOPORT LewisE1900515 Mar 195264RD46 23
RAPPORT AnnieE1900626 Nov 199688RO24 38
RAPPORT Edward HenryE1900716 May 197869RO24 37
RASBASH BarnetE1900821 Sep 197865RO17 38
RASBASH MartaisE1900916 Jan 195579RD23 17
RASHBASH SolomonE1901017 Feb 199678RN04 3
RASHBASS DanielE1901120 Jun 198479RJ30 21
RASHBASS NathanielE1901213 Jan 197472RC20 17
RASHBASS SidneyE1901315 Apr 197971RC18 17
RATNER HarryE1901425 Jul 193962RA15 24
RATSKER HaroldE1901503 Jan 199767RO21 3
RATTINI Benjamin DisraeliE1901611 Aug 196345RE47 8
RATTINI RebeccaE1901716 May 195259RD45 30
RATTINI RoseE1901814 Jan 198163RO25 52
RATTINI WoolfE1901914 Jan 195333RD40 28
RATZIN SamuelE1902030 Mar 196865RH21 12
RATZKER DinahE1902101 Apr 197073RH52 25
RATZKER HymanE1902201 Feb 196770RH52 26
RATZKER IsraelE1902312 Nov 196262RD04 33
RATZKER MaudeE1902426 Mar 199184RD04 32
RAUCH MajirE1902517 Jan 198571RK39 16
RAUCH SophieE1902614 Sep 199174RK39 15
RAUCHMAN AnnieE1902707 Jun 197273RI25 14
RAUCHMAN BernardE1902812 Feb 197468RI26 13
RAUCHMAN FannyE1902913 Dec 193869RB13 14
RAUF GukaE1903016 Mar 194086RB17 24
RAVEN AnnieE1903104 Dec 196160RG05 17
RAVEN DebbyE1903203 Jan 196265RF36 9
RAVEN JulieE1903306 Jun 197281RG05 25
RAVEN MillyE1903431 May 196168RG06 17
RAVEN Ronald SidneyE1903504 Nov 19481 mthRB55 34
RAVER GertieE1903616 Apr 199378RK06 35
RAVER JackE1903713 Nov 198781RK06 36
RAVER SophiaE1903824 May 198581RL18 33
RAVINSKY CharlesE1903921 Jan 195027RA51 10
RAVINSKY SarahE1904023 Jul 196363RG21 9
RAY AnthonyE1904123 Nov 199864RF53 18
RAY JuliaE1904222 Aug 198989RF53 19
RAYMOND Basil JosephE1904329 Mar 199272RB06 32
RAYMOND CarolineE1904409 Mar 200177RB06 31
RAYMOND Daniel MichaelE1904517 Mar 197563RI37 10
RAYMOND MauriceE1904626 Mar 201165RG41 2
RAYMOND MozelleE1904722 Oct 201699RI43 7
RAYNE BloomahE1904810 Mar 197287RM18 12
RAYNER BessieE1904904 Nov 197580RA03 17
RAYNER DavidE1905009 Jul 198874RG13 22
RAYNER JackE1905106 Apr 194958RA49 12
RAYNER RachelE1905201 Mar 193886RB10 20
RAYNER RebeccaE1905315 Feb 196348RG17 22
RAYNER RoseE1905404 Jul 196667RH29 8

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