All Deceased beginning with letters 'EN'

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All names beginning EN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ENDELMAN Phyllis BeatriceB0484312 Sep 198158N135 10
ENDELMAN SamuelA0327807 Jul 195374D135 22
ENDELMAN SidneyB0867825 Sep 198974N135 09
ENDLEMAN PearlC0355821 Dec 200486I125 01
ENFIELD Lilian RebeccaC0088413 Jan 199691K122 03
ENGELMAN Freda RitaC0410607 Aug 200779C122 33
ENGELMAN HymanC0316712 Apr 200380C122 32
ENGELMAN PeterA0748507 May 196667J11 15
ENGLANDER Marcel JamesA0120726 Jul 19431B256 22
ENGLEMAN BarnetA0737516 Feb 196668J10 36
ENGLEMAN LilyB0727421 Sep 198687J10 37
ENGLEMAN SusanA0856330 Nov 196868J11 16
ENGLISH HerschelA0724208 Nov 196578H135 05
ENGLISH KittyC0053121 Jan 199588N109 03
ENOCH DorothyB0786423 Dec 198767O39 27
ENOCH NormanB0859323 Jul 198976O39 26

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