All Deceased beginning with letters 'EN'

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All names beginning EN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ENDELMAN Phyllis BeatriceE0608612 Sep 198158RN35 10
ENDELMAN SamuelE0608707 Jul 195374RD35 22
ENDELMAN SidneyE0608825 Sep 198974RN35 9
ENDLEMAN PearlE0608921 Dec 200486RI25 1
ENFIELD Lilian RebeccaE0609013 Jan 199691RK22 3
ENGELMAN Freda RitaE0609107 Aug 200779RC22 33
ENGELMAN HymanE0609212 Apr 200380RC22 32
ENGELMAN PeterE0609307 May 196667RJ11 15
ENGLANDER Marcel JamesE0609426 Jul 19431RB56 22
ENGLEMAN BarnetE0609516 Feb 196668RJ10 36
ENGLEMAN LilyE0609621 Sep 198687RJ10 37
ENGLEMAN SusanE0609730 Nov 196868RJ11 16
ENGLISH HerschelE0609808 Nov 196578RH35 5
ENGLISH KittyE0609921 Jan 199588RN09 3
ENOCH DorothyE0610023 Dec 198767RO39 27
ENOCH NormanE0610123 Jul 198976RO39 26

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