All Deceased beginning with letters 'NU'

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All names beginning NU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NUDLER GodfreyE1757306 Oct 200784RF30 32
NUDLER JacobE1757410 Mar 197680RJ28 35
NUDLER RaieE1757519 Oct 197479RJ28 34
NUDLER SadieE1757601 Oct 201798RF30 33
NUGGIN RebeccaE1757703 Oct 198595RD21 6
NUMEROFSKY LouisE1757827 Jan 196975RJ18 23
NUMEROFSKY RoseE1757926 Sep 198180RJ18 24
NURICK MorrisE1758030 Jan 198280RM09 13
NURIK KatieE1758122 Dec 194769RB40 5
NUSENOVITVH BessieE1758217 Jun 198070RL34 21
NUSSBAUM DeborahE1758324 Feb 199284RD12 3
NUSSBAUM Gittel SchendelE1758410 Feb 197379RK25 19
NUSSBAUM GoldaE1758521 Feb 197453RK12 33
NUSSBAUM HermannE1758605 Feb 198386RK25 20
NUSSBAUM HymanE1758707 Jul 197559RK12 34
NUSSBAUM JackE1758803 Mar 198373RO10 26
NUSSBAUM LilyE1758909 Oct 199069RC24 6
NUSSBAUM LouisE1759004 Feb 198969RC24 5
NUSSDORF WolfE1759106 Feb 198889RM07 38
NUSSDORF YettaE1759204 Jan 199991RM07 39
NUTT MichaelE1759308 Apr 201494RM39 43
NUTT RoseE1759411 Mar 201290RM39 42

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