All Deceased beginning with letters 'NU'

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All names beginning NU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NUDLER GodfreyC0414206 Oct 200784F130 32
NUDLER JacobB0208910 Mar 197680J28 35
NUDLER RaieB0130719 Oct 197479J28 34
NUGGIN RebeccaB0680803 Oct 198595D121 06
NUMEROFSKY LouisA0865127 Jan 196975J18 23
NUMEROFSKY RoseB0485926 Sep 198180J18 24
NURICK MorrisB0504730 Jan 198280M09 13
NURIK KatieA0207022 Dec 194769B140 05
NUSENOVITVH BessieB0426117 Jun 198070L34 21
NUSSBAUM DeborahB0968524 Feb 199284D112 03
NUSSBAUM Gittel SchendelB0048810 Feb 197379K125 19
NUSSBAUM GoldaB0098921 Feb 197453K112 33
NUSSBAUM HermannB0554205 Feb 198386K125 20
NUSSBAUM HymanB0171407 Jul 197559K112 34
NUSSBAUM JackB0558503 Mar 198373O10 26
NUSSBAUM LilyB0910809 Oct 199069C124 06
NUSSBAUM LouisB0838704 Feb 198969C124 05
NUSSDORF WolfB0793206 Feb 198889M07 38
NUSSDORF YettaC0195604 Jan 199991M07 39
NUTT MichaelC0521908 Apr 201494M39 43
NUTT RoseC0489911 Mar 201290M39 42

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