All Deceased beginning with letters 'OL'

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All names beginning OL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OLAFF KateE1769130 Sep 197692RF42 4
OLAFF MarkE1769229 Jan 196285RF42 3
OLDMAN DavidE1769328 Jul 197873RK33 10
OLDMAN EstherE1769401 Apr 199989RK33 9
OLDSTEIN AmeliaE1769504 Apr 197782RH06 22
OLDSTEIN HarryE1769603 Jun 197680RH06 21
OLDSTEIN IsaacE1769717 Jan 199281RJ37 27
OLDSTEIN LeonardE1769829 May 200774RM30 42
OLDSTEIN RosieE1769926 Apr 196469RD50 35
OLDUCK HenryE1770031 Aug 198372RN40 9
OLDUCK IsaacE1770125 Aug 198679RM40 15
OLDUCK ReubenE1770217 Sep 194666RA41 7
OLDUCK YettaE1770330 Aug 198669RM40 16
OLIN BessieE1770428 Aug 201680RG50 29
OLIVECK AaronE1770518 Dec 200289RM17 16
OLIVECK Alexander AleckE1770615 May 198271RO12 35
OLIVECK GertieE1770723 Mar 197366RM17 15
OLIVER AnnieE1770823 Jan 198079RL33 12
OLIVER DeborahE1770921 Feb 198982RH32 34
OLIVER EstherE1771013 May 197864RE13 4
OLIVER HettyE1771116 May 199184RL33 11
OLIVER MauriceE1771226 Jan 196061RA06 19
OLIVER YettaE1771314 Nov 198683RA06 20
OLKES EdithE1771429 Sep 200084RD28 4
OLKES SimonE1771519 Jul 199279RD28 3
OLOFSKY LewisE1771619 May 197383RJ28 13
OLOMUDSKY SimonE1771728 Dec 195368RD32 17
OLSHINETSKY SimonE1771824 Nov 194059RA19 6

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