All Deceased beginning with letters 'OL'

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All names beginning OL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OLAFF KateB0235330 Sep 197692F242 04
OLAFF MarkA0556729 Jan 196285F242 03
OLDMAN DavidB0327228 Jul 197873K133 10
OLDMAN EstherC0205001 Apr 199989K133 09
OLDSTEIN AmeliaB0260104 Apr 197782H106 22
OLDSTEIN HarryB0220903 Jun 197680H106 21
OLDSTEIN IsaacB0964717 Jan 199281J37 27
OLDSTEIN LeonardC0407729 May 200774M30 42
OLDSTEIN RosieA0658626 Apr 196469D250 35
OLDUCK HenryB0580631 Aug 198372N140 09
OLDUCK IsaacB0724925 Aug 198679M40 15
OLDUCK ReubenA0180017 Sep 194666A241 07
OLDUCK YettaB0725230 Aug 198669M40 16
OLIVECK AaronC0306918 Dec 200289M17 16
OLIVECK Alexander AleckB0519215 May 198271O12 35
OLIVECK GertieB0054523 Mar 197366M17 15
OLIVER AnnieB0406723 Jan 198079L33 12
OLIVER DeborahB0841221 Feb 198982H132 34
OLIVER EstherB0317413 May 197864E113 04
OLIVER HettyB0936216 May 199184L33 11
OLIVER MauriceA0489526 Jan 196061A106 19
OLIVER YettaB0733314 Nov 198683A106 20
OLKES EdithC0247729 Sep 200084D128 04
OLKES SimonB0983919 Jul 199279D128 03
OLOFSKY LewisB0061319 May 197383J28 13
OLOMUDSKY SimonA0336528 Dec 195368D132 17
OLSHINETSKY SimonA0069624 Nov 194059A119 06

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