All Deceased beginning with letters 'NY'

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All names beginning NY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NYGATE DavidE1759528 Jul 199491RO12 6
NYGATE EstherE1759607 Jun 198169RO12 5
NYMAN AbrahamE1759720 Jan 197075RG45 27
NYMAN AliceE1759829 Jun 196144RE35 7
NYMAN AnnieE1759929 Oct 198082RK11 31
NYMAN AsherE1760030 Mar 196564RH38 26
NYMAN BenjaminE1760109 Nov 196662RG39 18
NYMAN BessieE1760224 Mar 195673RE12 29
NYMAN David AlanE1760328 Mar 199539RK05 34
NYMAN David PhillipE1760430 Nov 19910RL36 41
NYMAN David SolomonE1760508 Apr 195951RE35 6
NYMAN DavidE1760608 Nov 196979RH13 17
NYMAN DeborahE1760724 Jul 197383RF18 30
NYMAN EstherE1760827 Feb 199983RK14 15
NYMAN FayE1760905 Dec 198384RO31 35
NYMAN HettieE1761008 Apr 196262RH51 7
NYMAN HildaE1761119 Jan 193926RB13 23
NYMAN IsaacE1761210 May 194149RA24 23
NYMAN IsaacE1761311 Mar 196682RF18 31
NYMAN JackE1761405 Nov 198377RK37 9
NYMAN JaneE1761531 Mar 198472RN41 17
NYMAN JosephE1761625 Mar 194774RA40 6
NYMAN JosephE1761718 Nov 201696RJ39 42
NYMAN Lily LeahE1761819 Mar 198482RF06 26
NYMAN MannyE1761905 Apr 200193RK13 10
NYMAN MarkE1762009 Apr 198083RL06 18
NYMAN MauriceE1762103 Apr 199973RK05 33
NYMAN MaxE1762209 Jan 194561RA35 8
NYMAN MorrisE1762305 Oct 196784RE12 30
NYMAN MyerE1762414 Jan 195851RE30 7
NYMAN NormaE1762503 Jul 200165RE53 17
NYMAN PhillipE1762622 Dec 199178RB52 34
NYMAN PollyE1762716 Jan 196468RG25 17
NYMAN Rebecca BettyE1762817 Nov 197266RK13 9
NYMAN ReneeE1762905 Dec 201390RJ39 41
NYMAN ReubenE1763012 Dec 196059RF38 22
NYMAN RifkaE1763119 Oct 195285RD49 17
NYMAN RitaE1763207 Mar 199080RL36 40
NYMAN RoseE1763331 Jan 195161RB51 30
NYMAN SadieE1763417 Sep 198780RD11 10
NYMAN SamuelE1763514 Feb 197476RK11 32
NYMAN SidneyE1763613 Apr 197265RG48 6
NYMAN SolomonE1763719 Mar 196252RE13 29
NYMAN Sura MalkaE1763821 Dec 198478RK37 10
NYMAN TamorE1763906 Sep 195681RE17 19
NYMAN YettaE1764011 Feb 197679RH13 16
NYMAN-FITZGERALD ThelmaE1764122 Oct 201061RN45 51

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