All Deceased beginning with letters 'NY'

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All names beginning NY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NYGATE DavidC0035928 Jul 199491O12 06
NYGATE EstherB0472607 Jun 198169O12 05
NYMAN AbrahamA0913520 Jan 197075G245 27
NYMAN AliceA0532729 Jun 196144E135 07
NYMAN AnnieB0442229 Oct 198082K111 31
NYMAN AsherA0699030 Mar 196564H138 26
NYMAN BenjaminA0768809 Nov 196662G139 18
NYMAN BessieA0389724 Mar 195673E112 29
NYMAN David AlanC0059828 Mar 199539K105 34
NYMAN David PhillipB0957030 Nov 19910L36 41
NYMAN David SolomonA0470208 Apr 195951E135 06
NYMAN DavidA0900008 Nov 196979H113 17
NYMAN DeborahB0068824 Jul 197383F118 30
NYMAN EstherC0201127 Feb 199983K114 15
NYMAN FayB0592705 Dec 198384O31 35
NYMAN HettieA0566508 Apr 196262H251 07
NYMAN HildaA0022619 Jan 193926B113 23
NYMAN IsaacA0083710 May 194149A124 23
NYMAN IsaacA0740811 Mar 196682F118 31
NYMAN JackB0589005 Nov 198377K137 09
NYMAN JaneB0610431 Mar 198472N241 17
NYMAN JosephA0192325 Mar 194774A140 06
NYMAN Lily LeahB0607819 Mar 198482F106 26
NYMAN MannyC0263105 Apr 200193K113 10
NYMAN MarkB0418809 Apr 198083L06 18
NYMAN MauriceC0205303 Apr 199973K105 33
NYMAN MaxA0147409 Jan 194561A135 08
NYMAN MorrisA0803505 Oct 196784E112 30
NYMAN MyerA0437214 Jan 195851E130 07
NYMAN NormaC0270703 Jul 200165E253 17
NYMAN PhillipB0960422 Dec 199178B252 34
NYMAN PollyA0645216 Jan 196468G125 17
NYMAN Rebecca BettyB0032517 Nov 197266K113 09
NYMAN ReneeC0517405 Dec 201390J39 41
NYMAN ReubenA0513812 Dec 196059F138 22
NYMAN RifkaA0310719 Oct 195285D249 17
NYMAN RitaB0889607 Mar 199080L36 40
NYMAN RoseA0272131 Jan 195161B251 30
NYMAN SadieB0772217 Sep 198780D111 10
NYMAN SamuelB0097914 Feb 197476K111 32
NYMAN SidneyB0004913 Apr 197265G248 06
NYMAN SolomonA0564519 Mar 196252E113 29
NYMAN Sura MalkaB0642621 Dec 198478K137 10
NYMAN TamorA0400406 Sep 195681E117 19
NYMAN YettaB0203011 Feb 197679H113 16
NYMAN-FITZGERALD ThelmaC0467422 Oct 201061N245 51

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