All Deceased beginning with letters 'SY'

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All names beginning SY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SYDNEY Pinkus - PeterA0144113 Oct 194438A135 19
SYLVAN JosephB0495225 Nov 198163N112 07
SYLVESTER AllanC0001125 Aug 199353H102 26
SYLVESTER BeatriceA0544431 Oct 196149G111 09
SYLVESTER HelenC0211504 Jul 199993H103 25
SYLVESTER JackB0820018 Sep 198883H103 26
SYLVESTER MartinA0758210 Aug 196657G139 13
SYLVESTER MyrnaC0464012 Jul 201077H102 25
SYMBERLIST DavidC0059021 Mar 199581K105 22
SYMBOLIST MyerA0049116 Mar 194061A118 13
SYMMONDS MorrisA0529120 May 196136E242 13
SYMONS AbrahamA0442525 Mar 195846E132 06
SYMONS AnnieB0624922 Jul 198477L16 24
SYMONS BeatriceB0920107 Jan 199178F103 32
SYMONS BenjaminA0491724 Feb 196061F242 11
SYMONS BettyC0323206 Aug 200383L22 25
SYMONS DennisC0188210 Oct 199878B247 34
SYMONS Elyon SidneyB0999015 Dec 199280D125 32
SYMONS EvaB0856630 Jun 198979N131 04
SYMONS FrancesA0460312 Dec 195858D114 22
SYMONS HarryA1005616 Nov 197162M28 22
SYMONS LilyB0626301 Aug 198469M28 23
SYMONS LouisB0671529 Jun 198580I119 19
SYMONS MarksA0644614 Jan 196471G125 20
SYMONS MauriceC0231409 Feb 200060I102 28
SYMONS MillieC0208619 May 199982D125 33
SYMONS MorrisB0271217 Jun 197784I139 12
SYMONS ReinaA0862305 Jan 196959I119 28
SYMONS ReneB1001402 Jan 199381F119 03
SYMONS ReneeC0132316 Mar 199753I102 29
SYMONS ReubenB0052607 Mar 197371L16 25
SYMONS RitaC0417006 Dec 200781M01 14
SYMONS SimonC0263918 Apr 200190F103 33
SYMONS Solomon SidneyB0134711 Nov 197474L22 26
SYMONS StuartC0475207 Apr 201169I124 22
SYMONS WilliamC0492813 May 201286M01 13
SYMONS Zelda SarahC0092117 Feb 199674B247 33
SYVAN or ZIWAN FredaA0272708 Feb 195169B251 31

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