All Deceased beginning with letters 'SY'

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All names beginning SY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SYDNEY Pinkus - PeterE2402713 Oct 194438RA35 19
SYLVAN JosephE2402825 Nov 198163RN12 7
SYLVESTER AllanE2402925 Aug 199353RH02 26
SYLVESTER BeatriceE2403031 Oct 196149RG11 9
SYLVESTER HelenE2403104 Jul 199993RH03 25
SYLVESTER JackE2403218 Sep 198883RH03 26
SYLVESTER MartinE2403310 Aug 196657RG39 13
SYLVESTER MyrnaE2403412 Jul 201077RH02 25
SYMBERLIST DavidE2403521 Mar 199581RK05 22
SYMBOLIST MyerE2403616 Mar 194061RA18 13
SYMMONDS MorrisE2403720 May 196136RE42 13
SYMONS AbrahamE2403825 Mar 195846RE32 6
SYMONS AnnieE2403922 Jul 198477RL16 24
SYMONS BeatriceE2404007 Jan 199178RF03 32
SYMONS BenjaminE2404124 Feb 196061RF42 11
SYMONS BettyE2404206 Aug 200383RL22 25
SYMONS DennisE2404310 Oct 199878RB47 34
SYMONS Elyon SidneyE2404415 Dec 199280RD25 32
SYMONS EvaE2404530 Jun 198979RN31 4
SYMONS FrancesE2404612 Dec 195858RD14 22
SYMONS HarryE2404716 Nov 197162RM28 22
SYMONS LilyE2404801 Aug 198469RM28 23
SYMONS LouisE2404929 Jun 198580RI19 19
SYMONS MarksE2405014 Jan 196471RG25 20
SYMONS MauriceE2405109 Feb 200060RI02 28
SYMONS MillieE2405219 May 199982RD25 33
SYMONS MorrisE2405317 Jun 197784RI39 12
SYMONS ReinaE2405405 Jan 196959RI19 28
SYMONS ReneE2405502 Jan 199381RF19 3
SYMONS ReneeE2405616 Mar 199753RI02 29
SYMONS ReubenE2405707 Mar 197371RL16 25
SYMONS RitaE2405806 Dec 200781RM01 14
SYMONS SimonE2405918 Apr 200190RF03 33
SYMONS Solomon SidneyE2406011 Nov 197474RL22 26
SYMONS StuartE2406107 Apr 201169RI24 22
SYMONS WilliamE2406213 May 201286RM01 13
SYMONS Zelda SarahE2406317 Feb 199674RB47 33
SYVAN or ZIWAN FredaE2406408 Feb 195169RB51 31

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