All Deceased beginning with letters 'AR'

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All names beginning AR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ARANZULO DinahE0058310 Jan 198969RO33 4
ARBAITMAN DoraE0058416 Nov 196166RG11 26
ARBAITMAN HarryE0058520 Nov 197288RG11 27
ARBESFELD Sarah DavisE0058614 Nov 193955RB16 19
ARBESFIELD EdwardE0058722 Oct 198761RO39 22
ARBISMAN AlfredE0058808 Nov 200591RM05 1
ARBISMAN EveE0058914 Jan 199979RM05 2
ARBISMAN HannahE0059024 Apr 199280RD16 3
ARBISMAN LouisE0059111 Jun 195673RE14 30
ARBISMAN NathanE0059210 Nov 199983RO34 69
ARBISMAN RoseE0059316 Jan 197487RE14 31
ARBISMAN StuartE0059417 Jun 201375RH39 2
ARCHER NathanE0059512 Jan 197986RH14 7
ARCHER RoseE0059624 Sep 196970RH14 8
ARDEMAN ArnoldE0059716 Jul 201569RE42 2
ARDEMAN MarkE0059812 Oct 197260RK15 34
ARDEMAN PhillipE0059902 Aug 19432 mthRB56 23
ARDEMAN RoseE0060015 Sep 199787RK15 35
ARDEN BenjaminE0060112 Aug 198981RM04 33
ARDEN RoseE0060210 Jun 199583RM04 34
ARDITTI JoshuahE0060308 Dec 196555RG33 31
ARDITTI MillieE0060403 Feb 200085RG31 32
ARENOW Helena Gloria FlorenceE0060516 Jan 197040RC17 15
ARENSON LilianE0060605 Feb 198372RO10 15
ARENSON SamuelE0060709 Jan 198982RO10 16
ARGUSH MorrisE0060825 Aug 194666RA41 27
ARIEL GertrudeE0060911 Mar 200390RK36 12
ARIEL Isaac JackE0061005 Mar 198370RK36 11
ARKUS HymanE0061103 Jan 196952RI19 31
ARMGLASS JosephE0061215 Sep 196572RE49 17
ARNDT EstherE0061316 Dec 197165RG48 28
ARNOLD AnnieE0061422 Dec 194040RB21 22
ARNOLD ArnoldE0061520 Nov 198177RK09 27
ARNOLD AshleyE0061621 Feb 201259RE05 32
ARNOLD BessieE0061728 Jul 196874RH20 11
ARNOLD Cecil DavidE0061815 Jan 200985RJ38 2
ARNOLD CeliaE0061905 Apr 197570RK09 28
ARNOLD EstherE0062022 Jun 199173RJ31 38
ARNOLD HarryE0062126 Jun 199578RO34 37
ARNOLD HymanE0062221 Dec 200077RE06 34
ARNOLD JosephE0062330 Apr 199085RE34 12
ARNOLD MaryE0062424 Apr 201694RJ38 1
ARNOLD PhilipE0062516 Jul 197764RH05 30
ARNOLD RoseE0062613 Nov 195851RE33 11
ARNOLD SadieE0062704 Mar 197153RK19 24
ARNOLD SidneyE0062829 Mar 200992RK18 44
ARONIN DavidE0062924 Sep 195770RE26 8
ARONOW YettaE0063031 Mar 195666RE12 5
AROTSKY LouisE0063110 Aug 196567RF19 11
AROTSKY MaryE0063230 Mar 197877RH10 29
AROTSKY or LEWIS RaeE0063326 Mar 198080RF19 12
AROTSKY RebeccaE0063407 Jan 196893RH22 11
AROTSKY VictorE0063527 May 197074RH10 30
ARRANOWITZ Julia.E0063601 Jan 199685RF29 32
ARRONOWITZ DavidE0063711 Feb 196354RF32 22

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