All Deceased beginning with letters 'GI'

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All names beginning GI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
GIBBER EstherA0725823 Nov 196577G133 06
GIBBER HarrisA0771508 Dec 196679G133 05
GIBEON BlancheC0353306 Nov 200487L27 10
GIBEON MorrisB0299513 Jan 197863L27 09
GIBSON LeahB0687630 Nov 198591K241 19
GIBSON MarkA0718730 Sep 196557F121 07
GIBSON MiriamB0407728 Jan 198069F121 08
GIEN MorrisB0352522 Jan 197977O16 40
GIES BellaC0423718 Mar 200896G121 14
GIES JosephA0627402 Aug 196356G121 15
GILBERG PaulineB0417931 Mar 198075O13 25
GILBERRY or GOLDBERG PhilipA0502023 Jul 196048F140 16
GILBERT Albert Alfred CecilB0410413 Feb 198050O26 27
GILBERT AnnieA0698529 Mar 196567J08 13
GILBERT BeckyC0405415 Apr 200789M02 36
GILBERT BellaA0666610 Jul 196459G127 29
GILBERT BenjaminB0643727 Dec 198488N244 31
GILBERT BessieC0165414 Feb 199884L21 19
GILBERT David BarryB0212230 Mar 197627N122 33
GILBERT DinahA0005404 May 193842B111 25
GILBERT DoraB0895024 Apr 199074A241 35
GILBERT DorisC0176329 May 199874J11 04
GILBERT EdwardA0455521 Sep 195856D116 33
GILBERT ErnestC0337319 Feb 200487L09 09
GILBERT EstherA0922828 Mar 197078A140 33
GILBERT HarryB0174005 Aug 197586N119 17
GILBERT Henry GeorgeA0166514 Jan 194656A138 28
GILBERT IsaacA0647704 Feb 196476F128 05
GILBERT Israel BarnettC0139431 May 199783M02 37
GILBERT JackC0295112 Jun 200281J11 03
GILBERT JacobB0842328 Feb 198974M13 04
GILBERT LeahA0845420 Aug 196874G241 08
GILBERT LeahC0026019 Apr 199497L39 33
GILBERT LeonardC0408903 Jul 200784G102 17
GILBERT LilianC0149006 Sep 199776G102 16
GILBERT LilyC0029319 May 199490N245 31
GILBERT LilyC0498823 Oct 201292K140 02
GILBERT LouisA0353517 Sep 195461D126 14
GILBERT LouisA0954322 Nov 197067L21 18
GILBERT Max LeonardC0204727 Mar 199978K140 01
GILBERT MiriamA0805224 Oct 196787F128 06
GILBERT PaulB0466926 Apr 198154N132 26
GILBERT PercyA0194918 May 194730A140 30
GILBERT Philip DavidC0079130 Oct 199572J39 33
GILBERT ReubenA0796119 Jul 196764A103 10
GILBERT SamuelA1000406 Oct 197187J08 14
GILBERT Sarah leahA0103914 Jul 194263B124 06
GILBERT SarahB0280602 Sep 197787N119 16
GILBERT SolomonA0459430 Nov 195849E133 30
GILBERT SophiaB0302531 Jan 197865L24 38
GILBERT SylviaB0327630 Jul 197857L09 10
GILBERT SylviaC0408012 Jun 200783N132 25
GILBERT WoolfB0498520 Dec 198191L39 32
GILBEY ReginaA0320312 Mar 195374D138 23
GILLAN DavidA0264520 Oct 195036A255 17
GILLARY JaneC0186514 Sep 199883K246 21
GILLARY SophieB0898001 Jun 199078K246 20
GILLER ALFREDC0226827 Dec 199981D135 01
GILLER AnnieA0257305 Jun 195074B249 29
GILLER BarnetB0136423 Nov 197468K129 17
GILLER DoraB0419920 Apr 198078N130 33
GILLER HildaC0475312 Apr 201190D135 02
GILLER PollyC0133701 Apr 199789K129 18
GILLERY Denis IsidoreC0310829 Jan 200380L21 42
GILLERY Eva RebeccaA0739203 Mar 196673I104 23
GILLERY MaureenB0541316 Nov 198262M09 23
GILLEY CeliaB0745312 Feb 198769M07 12
GILLEY DavidC0069208 Jul 199578M07 11
GILLMAN JosephB0294810 Dec 197784O24 05
GILLMAN RebeccaB0410313 Feb 198082O24 06
GILMONT Rachel SusannaB0572817 Jun 19838B254 20
GILMONT RachelB*****08 Jun 19831B254 20S
GILMORE ArnoldB0997201 Dec 199259L24 15
GILMORE Gabriel ArmandC0530628 Dec 201479I247 22
GILMORE SamuelB0247031 Dec 197677L24 19
GILMOUR MorrisA0422925 Jul 195751E125 31
GILSON LeonardA0877324 Apr 196952I121 28
GILSON ReneeB0814912 Aug 198863I121 29
GILSON ZenaA0674810 Oct 196457F242 22
GIMBLE TobyA0445908 May 195890F250 15
GIMMACK RayB0241217 Nov 197684L23 38
GIMMACK SamuelB0546719 Dec 198290L23 39
GIMPLE MiriamC0252024 Nov 200081F250 35
GIMPLE MossC0343002 May 200491F250 34
GINDIN JackB0086810 Dec 197373M35 11
GINGOLD DoraA0099518 Apr 194256B116 33
GINSBERG AdolphC0235806 Apr 200084F118 04
GINSBERG Alan DerekC0470707 Jan 201166E255 28
GINSBERG AnnieA0141310 Aug 194457B133 22
GINSBERG AnnieC0144119 Jul 199785K243 36
GINSBERG AnnieC0238923 May 200088G124 03
GINSBERG BetsyA0743127 Mar 196692H130 17
GINSBERG CissieA0125331 Oct 194337B130 26
GINSBERG DavidC0190809 Nov 199891K243 35
GINSBERG EvaB0160521 Apr 197580H117 28
GINSBERG FannyA0300313 Apr 195278D246 14
GINSBERG FloraA0358304 Dec 195475D128 29
GINSBERG GoldaB0776217 Oct 198787J16 17
GINSBERG HildaB0167509 Jun 197579F244 34
GINSBERG HymanA0422724 Jul 195753B245 33
GINSBERG IrvingB0119709 Jul 197443I136 08
GINSBERG JacobA0214727 Apr 194878A247 18
GINSBERG JacobB0910709 Oct 199095L05 05
GINSBERG JohnA0835627 May 196872J16 18
GINSBERG KittyA0770022 Nov 196669J05 17
GINSBERG LeahA0784801 Apr 196775H125 27
GINSBERG MaryA0251907 Mar 195047B245 32
GINSBERG Max SolomonA0882816 Jun 196976J05 18
GINSBERG MillieA0536230 Jul 196188A105 15
GINSBERG MorrisA0848724 Sep 196875H117 27
GINSBERG NathanA0058006 Sep 194064A120 15
GINSBERG RachelA0258123 Jun 195054B250 10
GINSBERG RachelA0610607 Mar 196382G117 27
GINSBERG RoseB0820220 Sep 198887L05 06
GINSBERG SamuelB0377411 Jul 197968M21 40
GINSBERG SarahB0995919 Nov 199281F118 03
GINSBERG SarahC0361309 Mar 200589M21 41
GINSBERG SidneyA0753429 Jun 196665F244 35
GINSBURG BabyC0007705 Nov 19930B254 15
GINSBURG JackB1013613 Apr 199375C126 25
GINSBURG MinnieB0946728 Aug 199192I115 23
GINSBURY GertrudeB1022008 Jul 199383K133 12
GINSBURY Harvey or Hyman MichaelB0361212 Mar 197968K133 13
GINSBURY MauriceA0831324 Apr 196871I115 22
GINZEL EstherC0177511 Jun 199896N125 40
GINZEL JacobB0274616 Jul 197777N125 41
GIRSH AbrahamB0064109 Jun 197373M34 17
GISH HymanA0004623 Apr 193869A110 22
GISH RachelA0155119 May 194581B135 25
GISH SarahA0131712 Feb 194437B131 13
GITLIN BerthaB0902924 Jul 199084K136 40
GITLIN DavidB0633502 Oct 198478K136 39
GITLIN Lewis Cyril (AKA Mark)C0426817 May 200875E251 17
GITTELMAN NathanA0790522 May 196776C105 16
GITTELMAN RachelB0370417 May 197981C122 07
GITTER FannyB0529518 Sep 198289N123 34
GITTER IsraelB0233521 Sep 197692N123 35

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