All Deceased beginning with letters 'GI'

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All names beginning GI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
GIBBER EstherE0799523 Nov 196577RG33 6
GIBBER HarrisE0799608 Dec 196679RG33 5
GIBEON BlancheE0799706 Nov 200487RL27 10
GIBEON MorrisE0799813 Jan 197863RL27 9
GIBSON LeahE0799930 Nov 198591RK41 19
GIBSON MarkE0800030 Sep 196557RF21 7
GIBSON MiriamE0800128 Jan 198069RF21 8
GIEN MorrisE0800222 Jan 197977RO16 40
GIES BellaE0800318 Mar 200896RG21 14
GIES JosephE0800402 Aug 196356RG21 15
GILBERG PaulineE0800531 Mar 198075RO13 25
GILBERRY or GOLDBERG PhilipE0800623 Jul 196048RF40 16
GILBERT Albert Alfred CecilE0800713 Feb 198050RO26 27
GILBERT AnnieE0800829 Mar 196567RJ08 13
GILBERT BeckyE0800915 Apr 200789RM02 36
GILBERT BellaE0801010 Jul 196459RG27 29
GILBERT BenjaminE0801127 Dec 198488RN44 31
GILBERT BessieE0801214 Feb 199884RL21 19
GILBERT David BarryE0801330 Mar 197627RN22 33
GILBERT DinahE0801404 May 193842RB11 25
GILBERT DoraE0801524 Apr 199074RA41 35
GILBERT DorisE0801629 May 199874RJ11 4
GILBERT EdwardE0801721 Sep 195856RD16 33
GILBERT ErnestE0801819 Feb 200487RL09 9
GILBERT EstherE0801928 Mar 197078RA40 33
GILBERT HarryE0802005 Aug 197586RN19 17
GILBERT Henry GeorgeE0802114 Jan 194656RA38 28
GILBERT IsaacE0802204 Feb 196476RF28 5
GILBERT Israel BarnettE0802331 May 199783RM02 37
GILBERT JackE0802412 Jun 200281RJ11 3
GILBERT JacobE0802528 Feb 198974RM13 4
GILBERT LeahE0802620 Aug 196874RG41 8
GILBERT LeahE0802719 Apr 199497RL39 33
GILBERT LeonardE0802803 Jul 200784RG02 17
GILBERT LilianE0802906 Sep 199776RG02 16
GILBERT LilyE0803019 May 199490RN45 31
GILBERT LilyE0803123 Oct 201292RK40 2
GILBERT LouisE0803217 Sep 195461RD26 14
GILBERT LouisE0803322 Nov 197067RL21 18
GILBERT Max LeonardE0803427 Mar 199978RK40 1
GILBERT MiriamE0803524 Oct 196787RF28 6
GILBERT PaulE0803626 Apr 198154RN32 26
GILBERT PercyE0803718 May 194730RA40 30
GILBERT Philip DavidE0803830 Oct 199572RJ39 33
GILBERT ReubenE0803919 Jul 196764RA03 10
GILBERT SamuelE0804006 Oct 197187RJ08 14
GILBERT Sarah leahE0804114 Jul 194263RB24 6
GILBERT SarahE0804202 Sep 197787RN19 16
GILBERT SolomonE0804330 Nov 195849RE33 30
GILBERT SophiaE0804431 Jan 197865RL24 38
GILBERT SylviaE0804530 Jul 197857RL09 10
GILBERT SylviaE0804612 Jun 200783RN32 25
GILBERT WoolfE0804720 Dec 198191RL39 32
GILBEY ReginaE0804812 Mar 195374RD38 23
GILLAN DavidE0804920 Oct 195036RA55 17
GILLARY JaneE0805014 Sep 199883RK46 21
GILLARY SophieE0805101 Jun 199078RK46 20
GILLER ALFREDE0805227 Dec 199981RD35 1
GILLER AnnieE0805305 Jun 195074RB49 29
GILLER BarnetE0805423 Nov 197468RK29 17
GILLER DoraE0805520 Apr 198078RN30 33
GILLER HildaE0805612 Apr 201190RD35 2
GILLER PollyE0805701 Apr 199789RK29 18
GILLERY Denis IsidoreE0805829 Jan 200380RL21 42
GILLERY Eva RebeccaE0805903 Mar 196673RI04 23
GILLERY MaureenE0806016 Nov 198262RM09 23
GILLEY CeliaE0806112 Feb 198769RM07 12
GILLEY DavidE0806208 Jul 199578RM07 11
GILLMAN JosephE0806310 Dec 197784RO24 5
GILLMAN RebeccaE0806413 Feb 198082RO24 6
GILMONT Rachel SusannaE0806517 Jun 19832 mthRB54 20
GILMONT RachelE0806608 Jun 19831 mthRB54 20S
GILMORE ArnoldE0806701 Dec 199259RL24 15
GILMORE Gabriel ArmandE0806828 Dec 201479RI47 22
GILMORE SamuelE0806931 Dec 197677RL24 19
GILMOUR MorrisE0807025 Jul 195751RE25 31
GILSON LeonardE0807124 Apr 196952RI21 28
GILSON ReneeE0807212 Aug 198863RI21 29
GILSON ZenaE0807310 Oct 196457RF42 22
GIMMACK RayE0807417 Nov 197684RL23 38
GIMMACK SamuelE0807519 Dec 198290RL23 39
GIMPLE MiriamE0807624 Nov 200081RF50 35
GIMPLE MossE0807702 May 200491RF50 34
GIMPLE TobyE0807808 May 195890RF50 15
GINDIN JackE0807910 Dec 197373RM35 11
GINGOLD DoraE0808018 Apr 194256RB16 33
GINSBERG AdolphE0808106 Apr 200084RF18 4
GINSBERG Alan DerekE0808207 Jan 201166RE55 28
GINSBERG AnnieE0808310 Aug 194457RB33 22
GINSBERG AnnieE0808419 Jul 199785RK43 36
GINSBERG AnnieE0808523 May 200088RG24 3
GINSBERG BetsyE0808627 Mar 196692RH30 17
GINSBERG CissieE0808731 Oct 194337RB30 26
GINSBERG DavidE0808809 Nov 199891RK43 35
GINSBERG EvaE0808921 Apr 197580RH17 28
GINSBERG FannyE0809013 Apr 195278RD46 14
GINSBERG FloraE0809104 Dec 195475RD28 29
GINSBERG GoldaE0809217 Oct 198787RJ16 17
GINSBERG HildaE0809309 Jun 197579RF44 34
GINSBERG HymanE0809424 Jul 195753RB45 33
GINSBERG IrvingE0809509 Jul 197443RI36 8
GINSBERG JacobE0809627 Apr 194878RA47 18
GINSBERG JacobE0809709 Oct 199095RL05 5
GINSBERG JohnE0809827 May 196872RJ16 18
GINSBERG KittyE0809922 Nov 196669RJ05 17
GINSBERG LeahE0810001 Apr 196775RH25 27
GINSBERG MaryE0810107 Mar 195047RB45 32
GINSBERG Max SolomonE0810216 Jun 196976RJ05 18
GINSBERG MillieE0810330 Jul 196188RA05 15
GINSBERG MorrisE0810424 Sep 196875RH17 27
GINSBERG NathanE0810506 Sep 194064RA20 15
GINSBERG RachelE0810623 Jun 195054RB50 10
GINSBERG RachelE0810707 Mar 196382RG17 27
GINSBERG RoseE0810820 Sep 198887RL05 6
GINSBERG SamuelE0810911 Jul 197968RM21 40
GINSBERG SarahE0811019 Nov 199281RF18 3
GINSBERG SarahE0811109 Mar 200589RM21 41
GINSBERG SidneyE0811229 Jun 196665RF44 35
GINSBURG BabyE0811305 Nov 19930RB54 15
GINSBURG JackE0811413 Apr 199375RC26 25
GINSBURG MauriceE0811524 Apr 196871RI15 22
GINSBURG MinnieE0811628 Aug 199192RI15 23
GINSBURY GertrudeE0811708 Jul 199383RK33 12
GINSBURY Harvey or Hyman MichaelE0811812 Mar 197968RK33 13
GINZEL EstherE0811911 Jun 199896RN25 40
GINZEL JacobE0812016 Jul 197777RN25 41
GIRSH AbrahamE0812109 Jun 197373RM34 17
GISH HymanE0812223 Apr 193869RA10 22
GISH RachelE0812319 May 194581RB35 25
GISH SarahE0812412 Feb 194437RB31 13
GITLIN BerthaE0812524 Jul 199084RK36 40
GITLIN DavidE0812602 Oct 198478RK36 39
GITLIN Lewis Cyril (AKA Mark)E0812717 May 200875RE51 17
GITTELMAN NathanE0812822 May 196776RC05 16
GITTELMAN RachelE0812917 May 197981RC22 7
GITTER FannyE0813018 Sep 198289RN23 34
GITTER IsraelE0813121 Sep 197692RN23 35

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