All Deceased beginning with letters 'GL'

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All names beginning GL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
GLADSTON JuliusE0813214 Sep 200175RI24 35
GLADSTONE MarieE0813315 Feb 2018RF31 3
GLADSTONE MauriceE0813405 Sep 198973RL21 1
GLADSTONE MauriceE0813518 Aug 199781RK07 43
GLADSTONE PearlE0813629 Dec 201291RK07 42
GLADSTONE ReubenE0813715 Jan 199173RF31 4
GLADSTONE RoseE0813809 Jul 199780RL21 2
GLADSZTEIN MorrisE0813916 Mar 198570RK40 5
GLADZTEIN Muriel EvelynE0814005 Apr 199368RK40 6
GLAGENSKY FannyE0814121 Apr 194072RB17 21
GLAGVER Polly LeahE0814205 Apr 194175RB23 22
GLAISCOVITCH SophieE0814306 Oct 196081RD40 26
GLANTZ YettaE0814401 Apr 197169RE49 29
GLANZ RobertaE0814509 Dec 201690RA19 36
GLASER AsherE0814604 Mar 198783RJ07 35
GLASER Betty BerthaE0814710 Jan 197978RO16 41
GLASER Daniel HarryE0814809 Jul 196782RE13 12
GLASER DebbyE0814920 Apr 199284RD30 4
GLASER IsidoreE0815006 Jun 199483RD30 3
GLASER IvorE0815119 Apr 196927RH29 32
GLASER MarcusE0815211 Sep 199484RA02 11
GLASER Melvin LeslieE0815324 Oct 198839RJ22 38
GLASER MinnieE0815401 Oct 198376RJ07 34
GLASER MorrisE0815512 Jan 198771RJ22 39
GLASER NormanE0815625 Feb 199871RL24 41
GLASER RoseE0815706 Oct 201195RJ22 40
GLASER Samuel BarnettE0815804 May 195674RE13 10
GLASMAN FannieE0815921 Sep 194043RB19 21
GLASMAN HymanE0816011 Jun 196368RB19 1
GLASS A brahamE0816127 Feb 196262RG13 18
GLASS AnnieE0816228 Sep 196067RF45 6
GLASS BarnettE0816328 May 195982RF45 5
GLASS DavidE0816417 Jan 198768RD37 25
GLASS FredaE0816513 Jul 201599RG48 4
GLASS JackE0816608 Jan 201093RG48 3
GLASS KateE0816712 Dec 198181RH48 28
GLASS LouisE0816807 Feb 196365RH48 29
GLASS MarionE0816922 Feb 200682RJ14 5
GLASS RoseE0817010 Aug 199978RD53 25
GLASS SimonE0817124 May 198269RJ14 6
GLASSBERG RebeccaE0817227 Oct 195981RF43 29
GLASSCOVITCH NathanE0817312 Jan 195373RD40 25
GLASSMAN Abraham HarryE0817416 Jul 196160RE43 20
GLASSMAN Abraham IsaacE0817525 Jul 196988RF28 10
GLASSMAN BabyE0817611 Feb 19701 mthRB43 31S
GLASSMAN DeborahE0817702 Feb 196268RE44 19
GLASSMAN DoraE0817806 Mar 194376RA26 31
GLASSMAN HarryE0817902 Apr 196766RF16 7
GLASSMAN HelenE0818031 Mar 196975RF28 9
GLASSMAN IsaacE0818120 Jan 194275RA26 26
GLASSMAN JosephE0818206 Nov 197982RE54 23
GLASSMAN MaisieE0818306 May 198382RJ08 2
GLASSMAN MauriceE0818408 Jun 196865RJ08 1
GLASSMAN PhilipE0818513 Oct 196456RE43 24
GLASSMAN RayE0818604 Sep 196669RE44 23
GLASSMAN Rose MissE0818715 Aug 197582RE45 17
GLASSMAN RoseE0818807 Jul 196772RB38 15
GLASSMAN SarahE0818912 Jun 197572RF16 8
GLASSOFF MillicentE0819011 Jun 196861RI16 28
GLASSOFF RoseE0819122 Mar 198680RC03 9
GLASSOFF SydneyE0819214 Jun 198376RI16 29
GLATT SallyE0819312 Sep 194521 mthRB56 47
GLAZER AsherE0819419 Feb 196666RF17 18
GLAZER BernardE0819525 Jan 200783RL12 42
GLAZER DavidE0819616 Dec 198986RH08 30
GLAZER DinahE0819701 Sep 199590RH08 29
GLAZER DorisE0819821 May 201490RL11 44
GLAZER EstherE0819917 May 196370RF31 13
GLAZER FannyE0820018 Feb 196570RJ07 24
GLAZER GeraldE0820129 Jan 198662RO06 26
GLAZER HaroldE0820207 Aug 200572RM13 42
GLAZER Hyman HarryE0820313 May 199674RL02 33
GLAZER JacobE0820416 Nov 194273RA27 6
GLAZER JoelE0820513 Feb 197679RL20 19
GLAZER LeslieE0820617 Jul 200488RC27 28
GLAZER LilyE0820720 Mar 198678RF17 17
GLAZER Lionel LewisE0820803 Nov 197438RH08 28
GLAZER LouisE0820929 Apr 196772RF31 14
GLAZER MorrisE0821013 Apr 197378RJ07 23
GLAZER PearlE0821105 Dec 201298RC27 27
GLAZER PhoebeE0821209 Jun 201188RL02 34
GLAZER RachelE0821312 Jan 194685RB38 18
GLAZER RebeccaE0821427 May 195580RD20 7
GLAZER Rose ReizelE0821529 Jul 197073RL20 18
GLAZERMAN AnnieE0821620 Apr 194144RA24 16
GLAZERMAN EmanuelE0821718 Oct 198372RO31 22
GLAZERMAN IsaacE0821820 Apr 194145RA24 17
GLAZERMAN IsidoreE0821931 Jan 195733RE20 27
GLAZERMAN RebeccaE0822021 Nov 196574RA42 33
GLAZERMAN SamuelE0822112 Jan 194956RA42 32
GLAZERMAN TillyE0822222 Jan 198873RO31 23
GLAZIER MontagueE0822303 Dec 201488RI47 21
GLAZIER SarahE0822423 Dec 195077RB52 21
GLAZIN FannyE0822503 Jan 196980RI04 15
GLAZIN NathanE0822618 Mar 196681RI04 14
GLEICHER WilliamE0822719 Oct 199781RG17 32
GLEITZMAN MorrisE0822806 Feb 194061RA10 3
GLESS AnnieE0822906 Jun 197358RK25 39
GLICHER AbrahamE0823028 Mar 196780RD52 31
GLICHER RebeccaE0823119 Nov 196072RD52 30
GLICK AnnieE0823215 Dec 196580RG37 15
GLICK EllisE0823320 Nov 197768RO23 36
GLICK Harry HymanE0823413 Apr 197981RO17 49
GLICK HarryE0823520 Apr 194144RA23 6
GLICK LottieE0823619 May 197987RC05 28
GLICK MorrisE0823730 Jul 196673RC05 29
GLICK SophieE0823803 Jul 194343RA23 3
GLICK ZeldaE0823922 Jan 199585RO23 37
GLICKMAN BarnetE0824031 Dec 196173RE28 33
GLICKMAN LeslieE0824127 Feb 201168RI44 21
GLICKSMAN BettyE0824211 Aug 200254RN18 1
GLICKSMAN DavidE0824313 Mar 196461RF27 31
GLICKSMAN DorisE0824407 Apr 2003RF02 6
GLICKSMAN EstherE0824516 Dec 198581RF27 30
GLICKSMAN HymanE0824613 Aug 197956RL31 35
GLICKSMAN IsraelE0824709 Nov 197160RM28 17
GLICKSMAN JackE0824807 Jul 200884RG26 35
GLICKSMAN MillieE0824919 Mar 196684RF17 16
GLICKSMAN Morris AaronE0825023 Sep 198771RN07 3
GLICKSMAN RachelE0825114 May 197374RE28 32
GLICKSMAN RebeccaE0825230 Aug 199782RN07 4
GLICKSMAN Sender LeibE0825313 Sep 199170RF02 5
GLICKSMAN Sidney SollyE0825411 Mar 196857RF18 16
GLICKSMAN YettaE0825521 Jul 199081RM28 16
GLIKOUSKI MoszekE0825630 Aug 194849RA47 8
GLIMBOTSKI MillieE0825705 Apr 193988RB14 8
GLISS FannyE0825812 Oct 199083RJ28 24
GLISS HarryE0825930 Oct 197368RJ28 25
GLISS JennyE0826009 Oct 197267RD08 17
GLISS MorrisE0826122 Jan 196359RD08 16
GLOBUS MinnieE0826215 May 196085RF41 27
GLOSKY FannyE0826314 May 194125RB21 7
GLUCK NathanE0826406 Nov 194369RA32 21
GLUCK RachelE0826510 Sep 193975RB15 13
GLUCK SarahE0826617 Dec 194674RB40 8
GLUCKMAN MauriceE0826721 Sep 196955RI23 22
GLUCKMAN RosaE0826816 Jun 201390RI23 21
GLUCKSTEIN Ann LesleyE0826925 Oct 201564RF53 20
GLUCKSTEIN BessieE0827015 Apr 199791RK03 24
GLUCKSTEIN BettyE0827115 Feb 200575RH27 2
GLUCKSTEIN EthelE0827228 Jan 198387RH34 19
GLUCKSTEIN HannahE0827313 Oct 198961RM03 8
GLUCKSTEIN HymanE0827424 Mar 196165RG07 29
GLUCKSTEIN Leah LilyE0827513 Nov 196363RF29 28
GLUCKSTEIN LewE0827605 Sep 1996103RF27 33
GLUCKSTEIN LilianE0827702 Dec 200386RI04 33
GLUCKSTEIN MorrisE0827831 Mar 198969RF52 21
GLUCKSTEIN PercyE0827910 Sep 197161RI09 30
GLUCKSTEIN Sally SadieE0828005 Jan 199678RF53 21
GLUCKSTEIN Sidney JosephE0828120 Aug 200680RH27 1
GLUCKSTEIN SollyE0828201 Aug 199975RM03 7
GLUCKSTEIN SolomonE0828329 Oct 196574RH34 20
GLUSHANOFF JosephE0828425 Jan 194771RA38 29
GLUTMAN AbrahamE0828501 Sep 196361RF30 25
GLUTMAN EstherE0828614 Oct 199281RF30 24
GLUTMAN NathanE0828725 Feb 194742RA38 6
GLUTMAN RebeccaE0828808 Oct 195676RA50 29
GLUTMAN SolomonE0828902 Dec 194973RA50 28
GLYNN MaxE0829029 Nov 197265RM33 14
GLYNN SarahE0829106 Aug 2006102RM36 23
GLYNN Solomon SydneyE0829208 Nov 196663RG05 26
GLYNNE RachelE0829303 Dec 201097RM05 10
GLYNNE SamuelE0829431 Oct 198883RM05 9
GLYNNE YvetteE0829503 Jul 200976RJ22 4

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