All Deceased beginning with letters 'GL'

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All names beginning GL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
GLADSTON JuliusC0275014 Sep 200175I124 35
GLADSTONE MauriceB0865505 Sep 198973L21 01
GLADSTONE MauriceC0146518 Aug 199781K107 43
GLADSTONE PearlC0502029 Dec 201291K107 42
GLADSTONE ReubenB0921415 Jan 199173F131 04
GLADSTONE RoseC0143109 Jul 199780L21 02
GLADSZTEIN MorrisB0656916 Mar 198570K140 05
GLADZTEIN Muriel EvelynB1013105 Apr 199368K140 06
GLAGENSKY FannyA0051321 Apr 194072B117 21
GLAGVER Polly LeahA0080705 Apr 194175B123 22
GLAISCOVITCH SophieA0508006 Oct 196081D140 26
GLANTZ YettaA0975701 Apr 197169E249 29
GLASER AsherB0748004 Mar 198783J07 35
GLASER Betty BerthaB0350710 Jan 197978O16 41
GLASER Daniel HarryA0795309 Jul 196782E113 12
GLASER DebbyB0974520 Apr 199284D130 04
GLASER IsidoreC0030706 Jun 199483D130 03
GLASER IvorA0876619 Apr 196927H129 32
GLASER MarcusC0039311 Sep 199484A102 11
GLASER Melvin LeslieB0825624 Oct 198839J22 38
GLASER MinnieB0583601 Oct 198376J07 34
GLASER MorrisB0740812 Jan 198771J22 41
GLASER NormanC0166725 Feb 199871L24 41
GLASER RoseC0482706 Oct 201195J22 42
GLASER Samuel BarnettA0391804 May 195674E113 10
GLASMAN FannieA0061821 Sep 194043B119 21
GLASMAN HymanA0622311 Jun 196368B119 01
GLASS A brahamA0561027 Feb 196262G113 18
GLASS AnnieA0507428 Sep 196067F245 06
GLASS BarnettA0472928 May 195982F245 05
GLASS DavidB0741117 Jan 198768D137 25
GLASS FredaC0539613 Jul 201599G248 04
GLASS JackC0455508 Jan 201093G248 03
GLASS KateB0497012 Dec 198181H248 28
GLASS LouisA0604707 Feb 196365H248 29
GLASS MarionC0383922 Feb 200682J14 05
GLASS RoseC0214510 Aug 199978D253 25
GLASS SimonB0520424 May 198269J14 06
GLASSBERG RebeccaA0483527 Oct 195981F243 29
GLASSCOVITCH NathanA0315612 Jan 195373D140 25
GLASSMAN Abraham HarryA0534516 Jul 196160E243 20
GLASSMAN Abraham IsaacA0886925 Jul 196988F128 10
GLASSMAN BabyA0915411 Feb 19701B243 31S
GLASSMAN DeborahA0557502 Feb 196268E244 19
GLASSMAN DoraA0113906 Mar 194376A126 31
GLASSMAN HarryA0784702 Apr 196766F116 07
GLASSMAN HelenA0875331 Mar 196975F128 09
GLASSMAN IsaacA0094020 Jan 194275A126 26
GLASSMAN JosephB0395606 Nov 197982E254 23
GLASSMAN MaisieB0568406 May 198382J08 02
GLASSMAN MauriceA0837008 Jun 196865J08 01
GLASSMAN PhilipA0675313 Oct 196456E243 24
GLASSMAN RayA0761004 Sep 196669E244 23
GLASSMAN Rose MissB0176015 Aug 197582E245 17
GLASSMAN RoseA0794807 Jul 196772B138 15
GLASSMAN SarahB0168012 Jun 197572F116 08
GLASSOFF MillicentA0837411 Jun 196861I116 28
GLASSOFF RoseB0704822 Mar 198680C103 09
GLASSOFF SydneyB0572514 Jun 198376I116 29
GLATT SallyA0160712 Sep 194521B256 47
GLAZER AsherA0737619 Feb 196666F117 18
GLAZER BernardC0400725 Jan 200783L12 42
GLAZER DavidB0879016 Dec 198986H108 30
GLAZER DinahC0074501 Sep 199590H108 29
GLAZER DorisC0523221 May 201490L11 44
GLAZER EstherA0618817 May 196370F131 13
GLAZER FannyA0694118 Feb 196570J07 24
GLAZER GeraldB0696229 Jan 198662O06 26
GLAZER HaroldC0370507 Aug 200572M13 42
GLAZER Hyman HarryC0100113 May 199674L02 33
GLAZER JacobA0108316 Nov 194273A127 06
GLAZER JoelB0204013 Feb 197679L20 19
GLAZER LeslieC0347917 Jul 200488C127 28
GLAZER LilyB0703920 Mar 198678F117 17
GLAZER Lionel LewisB0133303 Nov 197438H108 28
GLAZER LouisA0787929 Apr 196772F131 14
GLAZER MorrisB0058213 Apr 197378J07 23
GLAZER PearlC0500305 Dec 201298C127 27
GLAZER PhoebeC0477009 Jun 201188L02 34
GLAZER RachelA0166912 Jan 194685B138 18
GLAZER RebeccaA0371327 May 195580D120 07
GLAZER Rose ReizelA0937429 Jul 197073L20 18
GLAZERMAN AnnieA0082320 Apr 194144A124 16
GLAZERMAN EmanuelB0586718 Oct 198372O31 22
GLAZERMAN IsaacA0082320 Apr 194145A124 17
GLAZERMAN IsidoreA0410231 Jan 195733E120 27
GLAZERMAN RebeccaA0726021 Nov 196574A242 33
GLAZERMAN SamuelA0226412 Jan 194956A242 32
GLAZERMAN TillyB0791422 Jan 198873O31 23
GLAZIER"03 Dec 201488I247 21
GLAZIER SarahA0268623 Dec 195077B252 21
GLAZIN FannyA0861403 Jan 196980I104 15
GLAZIN NathanA0741818 Mar 196681I104 14
GLEICHER WilliamC0153819 Oct 199781G117 32
GLEITZMAN MorrisA0045306 Feb 194061A110 03
GLESS AnnieB0063606 Jun 197358K125 39
GLICHER AbrahamA0784228 Mar 196780D252 31
GLICHER RebeccaA0512119 Nov 196072D252 30
GLICK AnnieA0729315 Dec 196580G137 15
GLICK EllisB0290120 Nov 197768O23 36
GLICK Harry HymanB0365213 Apr 197981O17 49
GLICK HarryA0081620 Apr 194144A123 06
GLICK LottieB0370619 May 197987C105 28
GLICK MorrisA0757030 Jul 196673C105 29
GLICK SophieA0119903 Jul 194343A123 03
GLICK ZeldaC0052722 Jan 199585O23 37
GLICKMAN BarnetA0552331 Dec 196173E128 33
GLICKMAN LeslieC0473327 Feb 201168I244 21
GLICKSMAN BettyC0298811 Aug 200254N118 01
GLICKSMAN DavidA0652913 Mar 196461F127 31
GLICKSMAN DorisC0316407 Apr 200380F102 06
GLICKSMAN EstherB0689316 Dec 198581F127 30
GLICKSMAN HymanB0382613 Aug 197956L31 35
GLICKSMAN IsraelA1004409 Nov 197160M28 17
GLICKSMAN JackC0429007 Jul 200884G126 35
GLICKSMAN MillieA0742119 Mar 196684F117 16
GLICKSMAN Morris AaronB0773123 Sep 198771N107 03
GLICKSMAN RachelB0060714 May 197374E128 32
GLICKSMAN RebeccaC0148330 Aug 199782N107 04
GLICKSMAN Sender LeibB0948713 Sep 199170F102 05
GLICKSMAN Sidney SollyA0823711 Mar 196857F118 16
GLICKSMAN YettaB0902821 Jul 199081M28 16
GLIKOUSKI MoszekA0220630 Aug 194849A247 08
GLIMBOTSKI MillieA0030205 Apr 193988B114 08
GLISS FannyB0911712 Oct 199083J28 24
GLISS HarryB0081030 Oct 197368J28 25
GLISS JennyB0026809 Oct 197267D108 17
GLISS MorrisA0601422 Jan 196359D108 16
GLOBUS MinnieA0497815 May 196085F241 27
GLOSKY FannyA0083614 May 194125B121 07
GLUCK NathanA0125606 Nov 194369A132 21
GLUCK RachelA0038510 Sep 193975B115 13
GLUCK SarahA0184417 Dec 194674B140 08
GLUCKMAN MauriceA0893621 Sep 196955I123 22
GLUCKMAN RosaC0511216 Jun 201390I123 21
GLUCKSTEIN Ann LesleyC0542125 Oct 201564F253 20
GLUCKSTEIN BessieC0135015 Apr 199791K103 24
GLUCKSTEIN BettyC0359215 Feb 200575H127 02
GLUCKSTEIN EthelB0553128 Jan 198387H134 19
GLUCKSTEIN HannahB0870113 Oct 198961M03 08
GLUCKSTEIN HymanA0523624 Mar 196165G107 29
GLUCKSTEIN Leah LilyA0637013 Nov 196363F129 28
GLUCKSTEIN LewC0109605 Sep 1996103F127 33
GLUCKSTEIN LilianC0331502 Dec 200386I104 33
GLUCKSTEIN MorrisB0846731 Mar 198969F252 21
GLUCKSTEIN PercyA0997010 Sep 197161I109 30
GLUCKSTEIN Sally SadieC0087705 Jan 199678F253 21
GLUCKSTEIN Sidney JosephC0393520 Aug 200680H127 01
GLUCKSTEIN SollyC0213901 Aug 199975M03 07
GLUCKSTEIN SolomonA0722429 Oct 196574H134 20
GLUSHANOFF JosephA0187325 Jan 194771A138 29
GLUTMAN AbrahamA0629801 Sep 196361F130 25
GLUTMAN EstherB0992114 Oct 199281F130 24
GLUTMAN NathanA0189825 Feb 194742A138 06
GLUTMAN RebeccaA0402008 Oct 195676A250 29
GLUTMAN SolomonA0246102 Dec 194973A250 28
GLYNN MaxB0035229 Nov 197265M33 14
GLYNN SarahC0392606 Aug 2006102M36 23
GLYNN Solomon SydneyA0768708 Nov 196663G105 26
GLYNNE RachelC0468803 Dec 201097M05 10
GLYNNE SamuelB0826231 Oct 198883M05 09
GLYNNE YvetteC0447203 Jul 200976J22 04

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