All Deceased beginning with letters 'GE'

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All names beginning GE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
GEBEL AnnieE0783205 Oct 194460RB33 9
GECELTER NathanE0783317 Dec 19621 mthRB31 28S
GEDAL BenjaminE0783407 Jan 198478RO27 53
GEDAL JonahE0783514 Nov 193868RA13 20
GEDAL RachelE0783613 Jan 196380RE46 15
GEDALLA BettyE0783726 Dec 200881RC26 32
GEDALLA Cecil IsaacE0783817 Sep 199670RC26 33
GEDALLA DavidE0783921 Aug 199280RC25 31
GEDALLA SecilyE0784029 Aug 199381RC25 32
GEDALOVITCH AbrahamE0784124 Sep 196278RG14 18
GEDALOVITCH Molly EileenE0784211 May 194123RB23 11
GEDDES Isaac JackE0784317 May 199768RG02 32
GEDLOVITCH BetsyE0784429 Oct 196458RF22 27
GEDLOVITCH MaryE0784502 Nov 195367RD34 24
GEDULD BenjaminE0784616 Mar 196064RE08 9
GEDULD MontagueE0784707 Nov 200282RO39 69
GEDULD Rachel LizzieE0784824 Nov 196680RF16 26
GEDULD Sarah SusanE0784927 May 196168RE08 8
GEE AlbertE0785012 Nov 199477RD54 20
GEE DavidE0785107 Apr 198670RC15 4
GEE EvaE0785223 Mar 196752RH26 13
GEE GertieE0785324 Sep 201190RC15 3
GEE Israel SydneyE0785419 Dec 199991RD36 34
GEE JackE0785530 Oct 197263RM21 22
GEE Lily RitaE0785628 Jul 201689RI38 1
GEE MichaelE0785710 Jan 198974RL04 6
GEE NathanE0785808 Jan 195437RD32 25
GEE o/w GINSBERG SimonE0785922 Jan 198776RM07 6
GEE or GINSBERG Ernest HenryE0786004 Nov 196153RE44 24
GEE SallyE0786122 Oct 198266RD32 32
GEETTES JosephE0786202 Jun 200074RL06 2
GEFEN FayE0786320 Feb 199791RO38 2
GEFFEN AdaE0786424 Nov 193964RB16 29
GEFFEN BenE0786515 Sep 197262RM32 18
GEFFEN DoraE0786627 Jun 198968RM32 19
GEFFEN HildaE0786719 Nov 199787RO31 11
GEFFEN HymanE0786806 Jun 198373RO31 12
GEFFEN MorrisE0786924 Mar 195675RB16 28
GEFFEN SidneyE0787012 Jul 199169RO38 1
GEFFIN AbrahamE0787101 Apr 197366RG36 11
GEFFIN MarieE0787219 Sep 196558RG36 12
GEHR AnitaE0787304 Dec 199760RG24 4
GEHR BarnetE0787421 Nov 197768RN14 27
GEHR SophieE0787504 Feb 199094RO40 45
GEHR ZeldaE0787615 Aug 201396RN14 28
GEIGER MoisheE0787727 May 199286RK06 3
GEIGER SylviaE0787825 Aug 200895RK06 4
GEIS LeberE0787920 Jun 200588RH35 34
GELBER LeahE0788019 Jul 193863RB11 10
GELDER PhillipE0788121 Jul 198956RO05 50
GELDER RachelE0788212 Mar 199293RK14 40
GELFAND AaronE0788320 Oct 198157RO12 17
GELFER AnnaE0788424 Jan 200496RO39 32
GELFER EitelE0788525 Aug 198882RO39 31
GELLER GloriaE0788604 May 193919 mthRA61 22
GELLER GoldaE0788721 Jun 201097RK18 11
GELLER MorrisE0788811 Feb 197159RK18 10
GELLER ReubenE0788912 Aug 198380RK12 15
GELLMAN AdaE0789010 Nov 196678RG05 27
GELLMAN Derek DavidE0789127 Oct 200574RH38 34
GELLMAN IsaacE0789230 Aug 194353RA31 24
GELMAN FannyE0789306 Apr 198874RN19 25
GELMAN HarryE0789411 Sep 197568RN19 24
GELMAN NancyE0789524 Sep 196360RH45 13
GELMAN PearlE0789630 Nov 194461RB34 21
GELSTEIN Jack IsaacE0789707 Oct 196565RH37 26
GELVAIN AnnieE0789828 Sep 194650RB40 23
GENEEN BernardE0789912 Sep 198985RM16 3
GENEEN GertrudeE0790001 Jan 198874RM16 4
GENNARD HymanE0790125 Nov 200795RH24 21
GENNARD SophieE0790213 Feb 198691RA20 6
GENNERD DinahE0790308 Jul 196752RH24 20
GENNINGS FayE0790419 Nov 197983RN24 10
GENTZLER Jack JacobE0790521 Mar 201899RC29 22
GENZ RebeccaE0790620 Nov 200193RE11 1
GEPPERT FayE0790705 Jan 196963RJ17 34
GEPPERT LewisE0790821 Apr 197773RO22 44
GEPPERT LilianE0790918 Jun 196156RE41 30
GEPPERT MichaelE0791005 Sep 199891RJ17 35
GEPPERT NormanE0791117 Apr 201579RB37 1
GERARD PhyllisE0791226 Sep 200879RG27 2
GERATOFSKY (GRAFF) Israel (Sidney)E0791312 Feb 193940RA14 15
GERBER / CANTY BarbaraE0791420 Feb 200667RI39 30
GERBER AnnieE0791523 Oct 199684RJ02 2
GERBER FannyE0791605 Mar 195647RE12 11
GERBER HelenE0791713 Jul 199774RH09 26
GERBER HenryE0791807 Jan 197462RJ02 1
GERBER Hyman CyrilE0791916 Jul 200679RC27 32
GERBER Jack BenjaminE0792013 Dec 197357RH09 27
GERBER MiriamE0792129 Aug 200270RC27 31
GERBER O/W GOPALL JoanE0792207 May 200869RI39 32
GERLACK AnnieE0792307 Aug 196982RI13 26
GERLACK JacobE0792402 Jan 196882RI13 27
GERLACK MillieE0792523 May 195849RB35 33
GERMANISHIK FannyE0792631 Jan 198585RK39 22
GERMANISHIK HarryE0792726 Apr 198685RK39 23
GERMANISHIK MorrisE0792822 Nov 193969RA17 26
GERMANISHIK ZeldaE0792917 Jan 195879RA16 35
GERNER Edith AdaE0793030 Mar 200396RE05 19
GERNER HermanE0793124 Jul 196863RE05 20
GERRARD AleckE0793211 Feb 199487RD52 3
GERRARD Daniel DennisE0793313 Mar 195742RE22 15
GERRARD SidneyE0793419 Sep 199179RL03 37
GERRARD SylviaE0793525 Jan 201795RD52 4
GERRARD YettaE0793613 Jan 198164RK33 21
GERRISH IssyE0793722 Aug 195738RE25 7
GERROL GertrudeE0793821 Sep 196371RF29 23
GERROL MorrisE0793924 Jan 198063RF29 22
GERSCH BarnettE0794014 Jul 195459RD27 21
GERSCH JackE0794125 Dec 201581RE47 35
GERSCH Monty MartinE0794208 Oct 197853RM13 28
GERSCH RitaE0794311 Oct 200583RH47 34
GERSCH RoseE0794413 Nov 197783RI39 27
GERSH AlfredE0794530 Jan 198782RI24 10
GERSH RebeccaE0794611 Dec 196966RI24 9
GERSHNER HymanE0794721 Oct 194390RA32 16
GERSHOLOVITZ RoseE0794818 Apr 196460RF26 31
GERSHON Alfred WilliamE0794926 Jun 196144RD12 26
GERSHON JosephE0795026 Feb 195170RA54 6
GERSHON Malvine MaureenE0795128 Jul 199089RN07 23
GERSHON PhilipE0795205 Aug 198369RO09 26
GERSHON SolomonE0795312 Jan 198283RN07 24
GERSHONBLATT SarahE0795412 May 195281RD45 13
GERSHOW BetsyE0795530 Nov 197291RI34 25
GERSHOW HettyE0795622 May 195734RD16 25
GERSHOW VictorE0795703 Mar 199182RD15 25
GERSKIN DanielE0795820 Nov 198477RN27 25
GERSKIN RebeccaE0795903 Nov 198773RN26 25
GERSKYN AnnieE0796015 Feb 200794RN29 39
GERSKYN BenjaminE0796106 May 198074RN29 38
GERSKYN JessieE0796216 Aug 197572RK30 5
GERSON EstherE0796302 Jan 196788RI08 29
GERSTEIN BarnetE0796410 Jul 196675RG39 9
GERSTEIN EthelE0796512 Apr 198868RF05 11
GERSTEIN GoldaE0796604 Nov 199871RE02 3
GERSTEIN LewisE0796706 Oct 199786RG02 13
GERSTEIN MarieE0796824 Sep 198891RD38 32
GERSTEIN MorrisE0796909 Nov 197477RK29 7
GERSTEIN RachelE0797010 Dec 197776RK29 8
GERSTEIN SidneyE0797101 Oct 200886RE02 4
GERSTEIN YettaE0797202 Aug 196969RG39 10
GERSTEN Olga (Nora)E0797311 May 196269RG13 15
GERSTENFELD JacobE0797419 Apr 194232RA27 15
GERSTYN BarbaraE0797529 Nov 198981RH53 19
GERTLER AnnieE0797618 Mar 197465RF09 7
GERTLER DeborahE0797704 Feb 200190RG34 2
GERTLER EddieE0797802 Jun 200193RG34 1
GERTLER HarrisE0797906 Jan 197288RC17 1
GERTLER HarryE0798011 Jun 194563RA37 7
GERTLER SarahE0798128 Oct 196885RC17 2
GESS AlfE0798215 Jul 198570RO09 49
GESS RebeccaE0798313 Oct 194046RB20 19
GESS TeresaE0798418 Dec 199271RO09 50
GESTETNER PaulaE0798502 Oct 194677RB40 16
GEVELB AdaE0798608 Oct 198998RJ33 2
GEVELB AlbertE0798710 Mar 200782RH07 19
GEVELB BerthaE0798803 Nov 196565RH33 25
GEVELB FrankE0798907 Mar 197175RH25 22
GEVELB LeatriceE0799022 Jul 199562RE34 3
GEVELB MarkE0799104 Feb 197978RH33 24
GEVELB MorrisE0799225 Dec 198295RJ33 1
GEVELB RachelE0799315 Apr 196766RH25 23
GEWARTZMAN CeliaE0799430 Aug 197770RL26 24

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