All Deceased beginning with letters 'GU'

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All names beginning GU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
GUABARSKY HarryE1011623 Mar 194022RA18 14
GUDLEVSKY HarrisE1011716 Nov 195569RE09 12
GUDLEVSKY SarahE1011816 Nov 196074RE09 15
GUINES IvanE1011924 Mar 201790RG50 3
GUISH DysiaE1012013 Nov 201187RK40 11
GUISH HenryE1012126 Jun 198564RK40 12
GULLOVITCH BellaE1012228 Aug 196055RE39 10
GULLOVITCH GershonE1012313 Dec 197170RM28 37
GUMBINER DollyE1012420 Aug 198588RO26 35
GUMBINER MorrisE1012528 Jun 198080RO26 34
GUNDLASH EstherE1012616 Mar 199683RA03 3
GUNDLASH Nathan MyerE1012720 Jan 199079RA03 4
GUNTHER Julian JozefE1012817 Mar 198159RO27 18
GURNER DoreenE1012915 Jul 201282RI45 23
GUSH RoseE1013029 Sep 196674RG05 15
GUT Mathilda SaraE1013104 Apr 195578RD20 31
GUTFRIEND JennieE1013217 Feb 194974RB37 32
GUTHOLC GerdaE1013331 May 199685RK04 34
GUTHOLC Mossek BensionE1013429 Aug 197572RO20 16
GUTHOLC NechiemiazE1013523 Apr 200394RK04 35
GUTREICH CzarneE1013609 Jun 196068RE28 10
GUTREICH LeiserE1013705 Nov 195779RE28 11
GUTSZNIT SamuelE1013826 Dec 195447RD24 26
GUTTENBERG JennieE1013915 Mar 195353RD43 11
GUTTENBERG SolomonE1014026 Mar 193947RA63 31
GUY EugeneE1014105 Jul 197557RH43 12
GUZZAN AlecE1014226 Dec 200182RF02 27
GUZZAN BarnetE1014323 Aug 199977RB02 5
GUZZAN BettyE1014418 Mar 199381RF02 28
GUZZAN FredaE1014501 Jun 197186RJ05 29
GUZZAN JennyE1014603 Feb 198258RO28 32
GUZZAN RebeccaE1014707 Feb 199880RB02 6

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