All Deceased beginning with letters 'AN'

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All names beginning AN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ANDERS MichaelB0119106 Jul 197468K116 11
ANDERSON Alex RobertC0507717 Apr 201395I246 18
ANDERSON JackC0189421 Oct 199874H246 01
ANDRESIER Betty RoseA0280804 Jun 19511B255 45
ANDRESIER KittyB0880624 Dec 198976K140 25
ANDRESIER LeonC0260504 Mar 200180E244 32
ANDRESIER MorrisB0673721 Jul 198572K140 26
ANDRESIER PhyllisC0085019 Dec 199568E244 31
ANDRESIER Sidney IzzyB0850730 Apr 198972F252 30
ANDREWS BarnettB0802417 Apr 198879N137 40
ANDREWS BeatriceA0585426 Sep 196257E245 27
ANDREWS HarryB0935811 May 199176M34 04
ANDREWS JennyB0355706 Feb 197973N111 30
ANDREWS Morris BertramB0649630 Jan 198568N105 19
ANDREWS RachelB0599013 Jan 198476N105 20
ANDREWS TheresaB0533116 Sep 198264N137 41
ANGEL AlbertB0412428 Feb 198082N110 07
ANGEL AmeliaB0077030 Sep 197380J18 09
ANGEL AnnieB0008423 May 197273I133 08
ANGEL AnnieB0681308 Oct 198580D109 04
ANGEL BenjaminA0916818 Feb 197068H111 25
ANGEL CharlesA0854814 Nov 196871J18 10
ANGEL CissieB0681103 Oct 198574L11 08
ANGEL DeborahB0811105 Jul 198891G123 22
ANGEL EstherB0234827 Sep 197680K107 20
ANGEL HarrisA0957606 Dec 197074G246 17
ANGEL HettyA0303017 May 195247D246 10
ANGEL HymanA0097925 Mar 194240A125 06
ANGEL IsaacB0374321 Jun 197984D109 03
ANGEL JennieC0006425 Oct 199388H111 24
ANGEL LeahB0164822 May 197580B104 22
ANGEL LewisA0500808 Jul 196062A106 06
ANGEL Lily LeahA0521405 Mar 196155G107 18
ANGEL Lily LeahB0424810 Jun 198075G104 29
ANGEL MartinC0469515 Dec 201068I244 03
ANGEL MichaelB0627814 Aug 198477O33 18
ANGEL MillyB0774304 Oct 198785O39 09
ANGEL MillyC0302030 Sep 200295M17 43
ANGEL MorrisA0636407 Nov 196370G123 21
ANGEL MorrisB0455231 Jan 198180K107 21
ANGEL PincusB0878112 Dec 198986O03 45
ANGEL RebeccaA0569028 Apr 196264G107 32
ANGEL SidneyA0234212 Apr 194947A249 24
ANGEL Simon MontagueA0468723 Mar 195953E135 24
ANGEL Solomon SaulB0301901 Feb 197869L11 07
ANGEL WoolfB0288610 Nov 197776G107 33
ANGLO JeanC0139803 Jun 199780O11 24
ANGLO WallaceB0508722 Feb 198264O11 25
ANHALT BeatriceB0863923 Aug 198975O27 61
ANIS Rebecca AnisA0406504 Dec 195665E119 22
ANISH HannahB0407428 Jan 198090F108 17
ANISH IsabellaB0805207 May 198882O28 20
ANISH JosephB0504222 Jan 198275O28 19
ANKER ElsieB0148103 Feb 197558H252 21
ANKOFF AnnieB0274015 Jul 197768L12 13
ANKOFF IsaacB0762025 Jun 198770M08 29
ANKOFF LewisB0653727 Feb 198569M08 30
ANNIS Miriam MarieB0783608 Dec 198780O16 44
ANSARI Sheila BettyB0282621 Sep 197744L13 34
ANSELL BenjaminB0517124 Apr 198276K133 34
ANSELL DavidB0665212 May 198586L23 37
ANSELL IsaacB0292628 Nov 197780E111 24
ANSELL Jack IsraelB0225012 Jul 197663O22 16
ANSELL KittyB0239230 Oct 197678L23 36
ANSELL or ABRAHAMS RachelA0479226 Aug 195950E137 07
ANSELL RitaC0212819 Jul 199983K133 35
ANSELL SamuelB0094527 Jan 197480L15 17
ANSELL VictoriaC0474630 Mar 201194O22 15
ANSHER EsmondB0267524 May 197734H120 32
ANSHER Sarah AnnieC0456829 Jan 201095N139 32
ANSHER SimonB0563708 Apr 198377N139 31
ANTCZACK NancyB0732030 Oct 198669O36 16

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