All Deceased beginning with letters 'AN'

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All names beginning AN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ANDERS MichaelE0046506 Jul 197468RK16 11
ANDERSON Alex RobertE0046617 Apr 201395RI46 18
ANDERSON JackE0046721 Oct 199874RH46 1
ANDRESIER Betty RoseE0046804 Jun 19511 mthRB55 45
ANDRESIER JennyE0046923 May 201796RF52 31
ANDRESIER KittyE0047024 Dec 198976RK40 25
ANDRESIER LeonE0047104 Mar 200180RE44 32
ANDRESIER MorrisE0047221 Jul 198572RK40 26
ANDRESIER PhyllisE0047319 Dec 199568RE44 31
ANDRESIER Sidney IzzyE0047430 Apr 198972RF52 30
ANDREWS BarnettE0047517 Apr 198879RN37 40
ANDREWS BeatriceE0047626 Sep 196257RE45 27
ANDREWS HarryE0047711 May 199176RM34 4
ANDREWS JennyE0047806 Feb 197973RN11 30
ANDREWS Morris BertramE0047930 Jan 198568RN05 19
ANDREWS RachelE0048013 Jan 198476RN05 20
ANDREWS TheresaE0048116 Sep 198264RN37 41
ANGEL AlbertE0048228 Feb 198082RN10 7
ANGEL AmeliaE0048330 Sep 197380RJ18 9
ANGEL AnnieE0048423 May 197273RI33 8
ANGEL AnnieE0048508 Oct 198580RD09 4
ANGEL BenjaminE0048618 Feb 197068RH11 25
ANGEL CharlesE0048714 Nov 196871RJ18 10
ANGEL CissieE0048803 Oct 198574RL11 8
ANGEL DeborahE0048905 Jul 198891RG23 22
ANGEL EstherE0049027 Sep 197680RK07 20
ANGEL HarrisE0049106 Dec 197074RG46 17
ANGEL HettyE0049217 May 195247RD46 10
ANGEL HymanE0049325 Mar 194240RA25 6
ANGEL IsaacE0049421 Jun 197984RD09 3
ANGEL JennieE0049525 Oct 199388RH11 24
ANGEL LeahE0049622 May 197580RB04 22
ANGEL LewisE0049708 Jul 196062RA06 6
ANGEL Lily LeahE0049805 Mar 196155RG07 18
ANGEL Lily LeahE0049910 Jun 198075RG04 29
ANGEL MartinE0050015 Dec 201068RI44 3
ANGEL MichaelE0050114 Aug 198477RO33 18
ANGEL MillyE0050204 Oct 198785RO39 9
ANGEL MillyE0050330 Sep 200295RM17 43
ANGEL MorrisE0050407 Nov 196370RG23 21
ANGEL MorrisE0050531 Jan 198180RK07 21
ANGEL PincusE0050612 Dec 198986RO03 45
ANGEL RebeccaE0050728 Apr 196264RG07 32
ANGEL SidneyE0050812 Apr 194947RA49 24
ANGEL Simon MontagueE0050923 Mar 195953RE35 24
ANGEL Solomon SaulE0051001 Feb 197869RL11 7
ANGEL WoolfE0051110 Nov 197776RG07 33
ANGLO JeanE0051203 Jun 199780RO11 24
ANGLO WallaceE0051322 Feb 198264RO11 25
ANHALT BeatriceE0051423 Aug 198975RO27 61
ANIS Rebecca AnisE0051504 Dec 195665RE19 22
ANISH HannahE0051628 Jan 198090RF08 17
ANISH IsabellaE0051707 May 198882RO28 20
ANISH JosephE0051822 Jan 198275RO28 19
ANKER ElsieE0051903 Feb 197558RH52 21
ANKOFF AnnieE0052015 Jul 197768RL12 13
ANKOFF IsaacE0052125 Jun 198770RM08 29
ANKOFF LewisE0052227 Feb 198569RM08 30
ANNIS Miriam MarieE0052308 Dec 198780RO16 44
ANSARI Sheila BettyE0052421 Sep 197744RL13 34
ANSELL BenjaminE0052524 Apr 198276RK33 34
ANSELL DavidE0052612 May 198586RL23 37
ANSELL IsaacE0052728 Nov 197780RE11 24
ANSELL Jack IsraelE0052812 Jul 197663RO22 16
ANSELL KittyE0052930 Oct 197678RL23 36
ANSELL or ABRAHAMS RachelE0053026 Aug 195950RE37 7
ANSELL RitaE0053119 Jul 199983RK33 35
ANSELL SamuelE0053227 Jan 197480RL15 17
ANSELL VictoriaE0053330 Mar 201194RO22 15
ANSHER EsmondE0053424 May 197734RH20 32
ANSHER Sarah AnnieE0053529 Jan 201095RN39 32
ANSHER SimonE0053608 Apr 198377RN39 31
ANTCZACK NancyE0053730 Oct 198669RO36 16

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