All Deceased beginning with letters 'ER'

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All names beginning ER
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EREIRA BessieE0613620 Mar 197678RG49 18
EREIRA IsaacE0613701 Apr 196874RF13 24
EREIRA PearlE0613809 Dec 197977RF13 25
ERENBERG AnneE0613928 Sep 19900RN21 15
ERENBERG JackE0614022 Aug 197569RN21 14
ERENBERG MorrisE0614101 Apr 199493RN02 25
ERGIS ClaraE0614202 May 196070RA43 7
ERGIS JosephE0614331 Mar 194764RA43 8
ERIERA MosesE0614411 Mar 197276RG49 19
ERLICH GertrudeE0614515 Nov 195657RE18 22
ERLICH Ruth SheilaE0614622 Sep 196022RC02 1
ERLICH Yenta RoseE0614713 Feb 194184RB22 10
ERLICHMAN EstherE0614828 Oct 193835RB13 10
ERLICHMAN LouisE0614925 Feb 197071RG45 24
ERLICHMAN SarahE0615024 Jun 199285RM19 3
ERLICK GertrudeE0615109 Dec 196250RH48 23
ERLICK IsaacE0615219 Mar 194458RA33 9
ERLICK IsraelE0615310 Apr 199482RF54 10
ERLICK LouisE0615416 Sep 198573RH48 24
ERLICK MarthaE0615528 May 199993RF54 9
ERLICK O/W WILLIAMS Gina AliciaE0615619 Aug 201042RE51 6
ERLICK RachelE0615728 Feb 197179RJ24 9
ERLICK Sadie BarrettE0615802 Mar 198662RI41 31
ERNILL Sonia FredaE0615921 Nov 199159RJ36 24
ERNSTONE Ian.E0616011 Jun 199549RA02 9
ERPERT SimonE0616112 Oct 197277RG49 22
ERSCOVITCH FannyE0616220 Oct 195949RF43 18

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