All Deceased beginning with letters 'ER'

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All names beginning ER
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EREIRA BessieB0210820 Mar 197678G249 18
EREIRA IsaacA0826901 Apr 196874F113 24
EREIRA PearlB0400709 Dec 197977F113 25
ERENBERG AnneB0909628 Sep 19900N121 15
ERENBERG JackB0177222 Aug 197569N121 14
ERENBERG MorrisC0024001 Apr 199493N102 25
ERGIS ClaraA0496802 May 196070A243 07
ERGIS JosephA0192631 Mar 194764A243 08
ERIERA MosesB0000111 Mar 197276G249 19
ERLICH GertrudeA0404815 Nov 195657E118 22
ERLICH Ruth SheilaA0506622 Sep 196022C102 01
ERLICH Yenta RoseA0077213 Feb 194184B122 10
ERLICHMAN EstherA0016728 Oct 193835B113 10
ERLICHMAN LouisA0918425 Feb 197071G245 24
ERLICHMAN SarahB0981924 Jun 199285M19 03
ERLICK GertrudeA0594209 Dec 196250H248 23
ERLICK IsaacA0133919 Mar 194458A133 09
ERLICK IsraelC0025010 Apr 199482F254 10
ERLICK LouisB0679116 Sep 198573H248 24
ERLICK MarthaC0209428 May 199993F254 09
ERLICK O/W WILLIAMS Gina AliciaC0465519 Aug 201042E251 06
ERLICK RachelA0969128 Feb 197179J24 09
ERLICK Sadie BarrettB0701202 Mar 198662I241 31
ERNILL Sonia FredaB0955921 Nov 199159J36 24
ERNSTONE Ian.C0067211 Jun 199549A102 09
ERPERT SimonB0028112 Oct 197277G249 22
ERSCOVITCH FannyA0482720 Oct 195949F243 18

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