All Deceased beginning with letters 'EA'

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All names beginning EA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EAGELL BarnetE0592008 Aug 198286RK34 35
EAGELL PaulineE0592115 Mar 199898RK34 36
EAGLE BenE0592214 Sep 199376RM18 3
EAGLE Harry LewisE0592324 Jul 196365RG20 31
EAGLE HymanE0592407 Nov 195072RA55 16
EAGLE MillieE0592529 Nov 199391RG20 30
EAGLE MillyE0592624 Dec 201696RM18 4
EAGLE YettaE0592702 Oct 193970RB16 24
EAGLES HymanE0592810 Feb 197784RH48 18
EAGLES JacobE0592902 Aug 193950RA15 30
EAGLES LeahE0593026 Dec 197488RK10 25
EAGLES RosieE0593108 Feb 196370RH48 17
EAGLES WilliamE0593227 Oct 197578RN21 25
EASTERMAN HettieE0593303 Jun 198271RN36 31
EASTERMAN MarkE0593430 Nov 198781RN36 30

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