All Deceased beginning with letters 'EA'

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All names beginning EA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EAGELL BarnetB0528208 Aug 198286K134 35
EAGELL PaulineC0168615 Mar 199898K134 36
EAGLE BenC0003114 Sep 199376M18 03
EAGLE Harry LewisA0626524 Jul 196365G120 31
EAGLE HymanA0264807 Nov 195072A255 16
EAGLE MillieC0010629 Nov 199391G120 30
EAGLE YettaA0039502 Oct 193970B116 24
EAGLES HymanB0254410 Feb 197784H248 18
EAGLES JacobA0036602 Aug 193950A115 30
EAGLES LeahB0141626 Dec 197488K110 25
EAGLES RosieA0604808 Feb 196370H248 17
EAGLES WilliamB0185327 Oct 197578N121 25
EASTERMAN HettieB0521603 Jun 198271N136 31
EASTERMAN MarkB0781530 Nov 198781N136 30

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