All Deceased beginning with letters 'MI'

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All names beginning MI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
MIARA AnnaE1628807 Jul 195063RB43 4
MICHAEL SollyE1628921 Sep 195850RF47 31
MICHAELS AaronE1629014 Jul 199181RJ32 37
MICHAELS Alfred BernardE1629107 Apr 198774RK44 23
MICHAELS AnnieE1629230 Dec 197060RM25 7
MICHAELS AnnieE1629303 Feb 194180RB22 16
MICHAELS AnnieE1629411 Aug 197986RM38 15
MICHAELS BessieE1629529 Oct 197665RF48 30
MICHAELS CyrilE1629616 Dec 201491RJ39 34
MICHAELS DavidE1629727 Mar 200269RH42 1
MICHAELS DavidE1629817 Aug 198178RN28 22
MICHAELS DeborahE1629927 Jan 198377RK10 16
MICHAELS EmanuelE1630006 Dec 195862RD14 23
MICHAELS EstherE1630105 Oct 196165RG10 21
MICHAELS EstherE1630226 May 200788RK44 22
MICHAELS EthelE1630302 Jan 198883RN34 31
MICHAELS FannyE1630401 Mar 194480RB31 11
MICHAELS FannyE1630527 Jun 200395RK14 14
MICHAELS FayE1630608 Jun 200481RE33 2
MICHAELS HarryE1630705 Jan 197671RN18 29
MICHAELS HarryE1630828 Apr 196074RE19 28
MICHAELS HelenE1630919 Apr 200593RJ32 38
MICHAELS HymanE1631004 Nov 197475RK10 15
MICHAELS Isaac JosephE1631105 Dec 197988RN17 6
MICHAELS IsraelE1631201 Jun 196874RE17 30
MICHAELS JacobE1631331 Oct 197375RJ28 20
MICHAELS JaneE1631408 Sep 196878RJ15 23
MICHAELS JessieE1631502 Jun 194848RB44 10
MICHAELS KevaE1631611 Feb 197649RN17 7
MICHAELS LeahE1631729 Mar 198584RN17 5
MICHAELS MillieE1631814 Feb 198583RK11 15
MICHAELS MorrisE1631929 Aug 197975RF44 21
MICHAELS MorrisE1632003 Oct 198176RN34 30
MICHAELS NathanE1632101 Jul 196776RF15 25
MICHAELS PhyllisE1632201 Jun 201389RJ39 35
MICHAELS PizerE1632308 Sep 197264RK14 13
MICHAELS RebeccaE1632401 Jun 196786RB39 3
MICHAELS Ruth IlsaE1632509 Sep 196323RF45 24
MICHAELS SadieE1632612 Feb 199682RN15 3
MICHAELS SamuelE1632720 Oct 197375RF10 13
MICHAELS SidneyE1632821 Feb 196331RG17 11
MICHAELS SolomonE1632912 Dec 197478RM38 16
MICHAELS Stella o/w EstherE1633010 Jul 195954RF45 25
MICHAELS VeraE1633107 Jan 199375RK34 7
MICHAELS WilliamE1633220 Nov 199984RE33 1
MICHAELSON AnnieE1633323 Jan 196570RE48 24
MICHAELSON Claire NancyE1633427 Sep 199187RL03 29
MICHAELSON HannahE1633520 Dec 197249RM18 36
MICHAELSON IsaacE1633609 Oct 199286RG14 23
MICHAELSON KateE1633725 Sep 196253RG14 22
MICHAELSON SylviaE1633816 Dec 200581RG17 1
MICHER o/w GOLDSTEIN HymanE1633927 Mar 194680RA40 20
MICHER RachelE1634015 May 194680RA40 21
MIDDA AnneE1634107 Jan 199999RI38 14
MIDDA FannyE1634212 Mar 200292RJ29 2
MIDDA LeonardE1634310 Feb 200575RB41 34
MIDDA LouisE1634430 Jun 199184RM08 40
MIDDA LouiseE1634513 Mar 200398RM08 41
MIDDA NathanE1634614 Nov 198885RL34 29
MIDDA SimonE1634714 Aug 197585RI38 13
MIDDLEBURGH JackE1634809 May 198780RK17 4
MIDDLEBURGH RachelE1634920 Feb 200394RK17 3
MIDDLEBURGH SidneyE1635027 Mar 200275RL30 1
MIDDLEBURGH TobyE1635113 Dec 201688RL30 2
MIDDONICK SophieE1635221 May 197480RB53 16
MIDGEN JackE1635302 Jun 199292RL09 32
MIDGEN RachelE1635430 Nov 197879RL09 33
MIDLOURSKY John FrantzE1635525 Feb 195485RD30 22
MIEL George JoshuaE1635616 Jan 196962RH17 5
MIEL RoseE1635709 Dec 199787RH17 6
MIEL Stuart DavidE1635823 Apr 194617 mthRB55 23
MIGDAL LouisE1635925 Mar 194558RA36 14
MIGDAL MatildaE1636008 May 196667RI05 23
MIGDOLL JeanE1636115 Aug 193932RB14 4
MIILER BettyE1636210 Feb 194926RB46 23
MILBOUR FlorenceE1636325 Jul 196663RH29 17
MILBOUR PhilipE1636409 Oct 198287RH29 18
MILDENER AlfredE1636507 Aug 195021RA51 31
MILDENER AnnieE1636625 Apr 198173RL37 16
MILDENER HarryE1636701 Dec 198272RL38 33
MILDENER MinnieE1636814 Oct 198171RL38 32
MILDENER MorrisE1636907 Nov 198375RL37 15
MILDENER SarahE1637020 May 196857RG41 14
MILDENER SarahE1637103 Mar 195362RD39 23
MILDERNER TheresaE1637204 Feb 194479RB30 12
MILDINER CharlesE1637322 May 196562RF20 18
MILDINER HildaE1637423 Aug 195048RB44 4
MILDINER MarieE1637513 Mar 201379RI44 15
MILDINER MauriceE1637608 Jul 197151RJ03 17
MILDINER TrevorE1637701 Sep 201080RI44 16
MILEBERG GoldaE1637807 Feb 194474RB31 27
MILEBERG SolomonE1637908 May 201577RD55 17
MILES JohnE1638017 Jun 200175RO29 54
MILES MaxE1638106 Jul 198553RO29 53
MILES WilliamE1638210 Apr 198567RN45 17
MILGROM AnnaE1638323 Nov 195571RE09 24
MILGROM JacobE1638414 Nov 193872RA13 24
MILIKOSKI or MYERS Myer or MorrisE1638524 Jan 194359RA29 10
MILKOVITCH JanieE1638612 Oct 198483RI36 14
MILKOVITCH JosephE1638722 Apr 197475RI36 13
MILLAR HarryE1638824 Nov 197480RJ26 1
MILLAR JennyE1638910 Jun 197988RL14 37
MILLAR PollyE1639002 Feb 198385RJ26 2
MILLAR RebeccaE1639120 Oct 199085RJ13 20
MILLENBACH BarnetE1639212 Mar 199276RJ33 3
MILLENBACH EstherE1639329 Sep 199980RJ33 4
MILLENBACH IsraelE1639412 Feb 198774RK44 13
MILLER Abraham ArthurE1639501 Nov 194041RA21 18
MILLER Abraham JackE1639603 May 195555RD20 22
MILLER AbrahamE1639723 Mar 197859RL28 26
MILLER AbrahamE1639811 Oct 197162RI31 18
MILLER AbrahamE1639901 Dec 196771RH52 18
MILLER AbrahamE1640021 Aug 197679RH46 24
MILLER AdaE1640111 Nov 198471RM31 26
MILLER AlanE1640214 Jun 199951RJ24 42
MILLER AlexanderE1640308 Jun 197771RK32 21
MILLER Alfred AlanE1640426 Jan 201595RI18 3
MILLER AlfredE1640521 Feb 196373RB21 2
MILLER AliceE1640624 Jun 196461RG29 15
MILLER AnnE1640705 May 196155RG06 9
MILLER AnneE1640802 Jan 198480RE50 22
MILLER AnneE1640917 Mar 199081RO25 57
MILLER AnnieE1641009 Feb 194354RB23 31
MILLER AnnieE1641107 May 198070RL06 19
MILLER AnnieE1641227 Apr 197173RF32 12
MILLER AnnieE1641309 Apr 199891RO35 3
MILLER Barbara JoyceE1641415 Apr 19492RB55 36
MILLER BarnetE1641524 May 196462RH43 7
MILLER BenjaminE1641609 Nov 196275RF33 9
MILLER BenjaminE1641725 Aug 199993RK17 44
MILLER Betty ZenaE1641814 Oct 199473RI18 4
MILLER BettyE1641920 Mar 194130RB21 24
MILLER CarrieE1642001 Apr 196176RG07 17
MILLER Cissie (Sarah)E1642123 Aug 199080RA04 34
MILLER CyrilE1642226 Jan 199777RN02 39
MILLER DavidE1642313 Mar 199985RE05 4
MILLER DoraE1642412 Sep 196677RF51 4
MILLER DoreenE1642511 Feb 199355RE05 3
MILLER EdnaE1642621 Jan 199880RK33 20
MILLER EmmanuelE1642703 May 195835RF50 16
MILLER Estelle (Stella)E1642803 May 201593RG44 1
MILLER EthelE1642908 Oct 201295RM16 10
MILLER EvaE1643004 Mar 195858RE31 9
MILLER FannyE1643126 Oct 196780RI12 23
MILLER FrancesE1643206 Jun 199360RJ37 33
MILLER Gary EugeneE1643304 Oct 19562RB55 6
MILLER GertieE1643414 Mar 197773RF40 29
MILLER GoldaE1643503 May 198582RO31 42
MILLER GussE1643615 Jan 199686RA04 35
MILLER HannahE1643726 Jul 2017102RG01 15
MILLER HarrisE1643808 Jan 194169RA23 18
MILLER HarryE1643909 Mar 196850RI14 23
MILLER HarryE1644007 Aug 196060RF40 30
MILLER HarryE1644128 Aug 196765RG06 10
MILLER HarryE1644228 Feb 196072RF41 21
MILLER HarryE1644328 Jul 197272RM31 27
MILLER HarryE1644429 Mar 198773RN14 3
MILLER HarryE1644531 Dec 196775RI12 14
MILLER HarryE1644608 Apr 198283RM21 14
MILLER HarryE1644707 Nov 200091RG08 35
MILLER HenryE1644820 Feb 195957RA53 35
MILLER HenryE1644930 Apr 199478RK05 15
MILLER HermanE1645029 Jan 196883RH22 6
MILLER HettieE1645102 Jan 197972RI18 26
MILLER HettieE1645229 Apr 201290RN02 40
MILLER HettyE1645305 May 198870RI42 12
MILLER HettyE1645425 Aug 198073RI31 17
MILLER IsaacE1645512 Feb 197969RL31 20
MILLER IsaacE1645619 May 196985RJ19 24
MILLER IsadoreE1645712 Sep 197458RM16 9
MILLER Israel MauriceE1645831 Mar 200085RO09 36
MILLER IsraelE1645925 Nov 196179RF51 3
MILLER IvanE1646017 Jun 19417RA60 17
MILLER JackE1646122 Dec 196858RI18 27
MILLER JackE1646205 Mar 198078RL33 31
MILLER JackE1646320 Jun 200390RB47 35
MILLER Jacob SamE1646411 Feb 198374RO10 6
MILLER JacobE1646513 Oct 195651RE17 25
MILLER JessieE1646608 Jan 196055RF42 24
MILLER JessieE1646701 Dec 196962RM21 13
MILLER JessieE1646807 Oct 200289RN14 4
MILLER JohnE1646907 Aug 201092RG44 2
MILLER Joseph AlanE1647005 Nov 201468RI47 31
MILLER JosephE1647111 Jul 198370RO09 13
MILLER JosetteE1647218 Jan 194416 mthRB56 28
MILLER Julius GeoffreyE1647303 Feb 19412 mthRA61 12
MILLER KittyE1647406 Aug 199391RA53 34
MILLER Leah MaryE1647529 Oct 194273RA23 4
MILLER LeahE1647618 Aug 197983RF38 20
MILLER Leonard StanleyE1647724 Dec 200970RO34 64
MILLER LeslieE1647801 May 199487RO31 43
MILLER LewE1647921 Dec 197564RG07 24
MILLER LewisE1648006 Feb 193962RA14 14
MILLER LouisE1648113 Jan 198875RF05 13
MILLER MarieE1648214 Oct 198374RO09 35
MILLER MaxE1648308 Mar 197071RH11 26
MILLER MichaelE1648427 Jun 195770RD16 11
MILLER MillieE1648504 Aug 199070RL28 25
MILLER MillieE1648609 Oct 200092RH43 2
MILLER MillieE1648722 May 201098RK17 43
MILLER MillyE1648824 Jul 196173RF41 22
MILLER MinnieE1648931 Jul 196562RF20 12
MILLER MinnieE1649029 May 198873RO09 12
MILLER Morris AaronE1649126 Jan 197974RO17 48
MILLER MorrisE1649230 Oct 196261RE45 5
MILLER MorrisE1649316 May 194563RA37 17
MILLER MorrisE1649405 Nov 196066RF38 19
MILLER MorrisE1649514 Dec 197966RK33 19
MILLER MorrisE1649623 Feb 196770RJ13 19
MILLER MorrisE1649728 Jun 200173RE51 32
MILLER MorrisE1649807 Nov 197882RN12 29
MILLER MosesE1649907 Aug 194976RA31 33
MILLER MyerE1650028 Nov 198266RM09 29
MILLER NancyE1650127 Mar 195361RD42 9
MILLER PearlE1650227 Nov 196561RE49 16
MILLER PhyllisE1650301 Sep 200490RK05 14
MILLER RebeccaE1650405 Aug 1989101RD16 10
MILLER RebeccaE1650510 Oct 198891RH52 17
MILLER ReubenE1650629 Jan 199381RL06 20
MILLER RitaE1650706 May 200177RO32 70
MILLER RoseE1650828 Sep 196580RA03 14
MILLER RoseE1650929 Nov 197083RJ19 23
MILLER RoseE1651007 Apr 199584RO10 5
MILLER Sadie LeahE1651112 Jul 195945RF45 12
MILLER Sadie SarahE1651216 Nov 19910RM09 28
MILLER SamuelE1651328 Jan 196949RI19 18
MILLER SamuelE1651418 Jan 197362RM33 18
MILLER SamuelE1651528 Mar 196468RG27 19
MILLER SamuelE1651615 Jan 194870RA45 7
MILLER Sarah SophiaE1651704 Dec 195982RF43 20
MILLER SarahE1651811 Sep 2011101RG08 34
MILLER SarahE1651913 Jul 194963RB43 32
MILLER SarahE1652025 Jun 196765RG40 20
MILLER SarahE1652124 Aug 198582RL33 30
MILLER SarahE1652226 Jun 197585RF33 12
MILLER Sidney SolomonE1652319 Dec 200583RO32 71
MILLER SidneyE1652402 Sep 194835RA48 17
MILLER SidneyE1652501 Jun 198577RO25 56
MILLER SophieE1652630 Nov 195968RF43 19
MILLER SophieE1652714 Mar 197179RA37 16
MILLER SophieE1652821 Sep 199788RL10 3
MILLER SophyE1652930 Mar 196367RH46 23
MILLER SylviaE1653009 Feb 197452RI23 25
MILLER William JohnE1653111 Jan 196371RF32 11
MILLER WoolfE1653220 Oct 200293RO34 70
MILLER YettaE1653303 Oct 199391RE45 6
MILLER YvonneE1653404 May 199855RO34 63
MILLER ZipporahE1653517 Oct 200588RL31 21
MILLETT AnnE1653607 Dec 197080RA04 26
MILLETT JosephE1653705 Dec 198676RA02 23
MILLETT PercyE1653809 Sep 194028RA19 29
MILLIN DavidE1653927 Aug 200085RM23 1
MILLIN DoreenE1654030 Sep 200994RM23 2
MILLIN MargaretE1654116 Nov 200043RO37 66
MILLIN PearlE1654227 Apr 199173RH26 33
MILLIN SamuelE1654327 Jul 198096RH26 32
MILLIN Sarah RoseE1654416 Jan 196774RH26 29
MILLIN WoolfE1654521 Dec 198470RM08 12
MILLINGTON AnnaE1654611 Jan 19811RL36 28
MILLINGTON David RogerE1654724 Jan 198131RL36 25
MILLINGTON Jonathan Elliott RaymondE1654811 Jan 19815RL36 27
MILLINGTON MarilynE1654911 Jan 198132RL36 26
MILLIS DavidE1655025 Jun 201259RC29 5
MILLLER LeahE1655126 Feb 195262RD51 7
MILLMAN BeatriceE1655229 Dec 200595RE03 25
MILLMAN JackE1655306 Dec 197776RL27 7
MILLMAN MauriceE1655423 Feb 199387RE03 24
MILLMAN MinnieE1655510 Sep 199991RL27 8
MILLS BarnettE1655619 Jun 199189RN15 25
MILLS BettyE1655709 Feb 198249RO18 56
MILLS HenryE1655819 Sep 198755RM26 4
MILLS JaneE1655905 Jun 194870RB44 9
MILLS LouisE1656012 Sep 198690RJ12 30
MILLS RosaE1656102 Jul 197775RN15 24
MILLS SadieE1656206 May 196773RJ12 29
MILLSTEIN AlfredE1656319 Feb 199385RE04 32
MILLSTONE CecilE1656417 Sep 200184RI07 35
MILLSTONE DavidE1656523 Mar 197565RK09 29
MILLSTONE OlgaE1656609 Oct 199988RK09 30
MILNE o/w MELNICK DenaE1656702 Mar 196647RI04 25
MILNE PinchasE1656826 Dec 201493RI04 24
MILNER DavidE1656904 Jan 195019 mthRB55 39
MILNER DavisE1657020 Jul 194769RA44 23
MILNER DinahE1657107 Jul 197866RO18 54
MILNER FredaE1657214 Jun 200489RF24 4
MILNER HarryE1657303 Feb 196554RH39 13
MILNER HarryE1657402 Aug 199279RM27 3
MILNER HettyE1657530 Aug 198978RM31 32
MILNER NathanE1657624 May 197361RM31 34
MILNER Robin StewartE1657729 Jan 19452RB56 38
MILNER SamuelE1657805 Nov 195070RB51 12
MILNER SarahE1657919 Jan 195877RA44 24
MILNER SolomonE1658003 Mar 199179RF24 3
MILNER YettaE1658115 Apr 195060RB50 13
MILROOD JacobE1658223 Oct 200080RI05 34
MILROY BenjaminE1658310 Apr 198276RO29 5
MILROY DeborahE1658407 Nov 199487RO29 6
MILSTEIN AdaE1658521 Mar 200895RE04 33
MILSTEIN LewisE1658614 Mar 196076RE10 32
MILSTEIN LilyE1658715 Apr 197791RE10 33
MILTON John LeonE1658823 Jul 198460RN42 44
MINCOVITCH LazarusE1658911 Apr 195058RA52 25
MINDEL JuliusE1659017 Feb 197370RF43 27
MINDLE Harold RussellE1659128 Apr 200270RE16 35
MINDLE LeahE1659211 Nov 195959RF43 28
MINIESKY JackE1659318 Mar 199888RD03 12
MINIESKY Sarah LeahE1659409 Feb 199187RD03 13
MININSKY Bella YettaE1659515 Feb 196391RA04 20
MININSKY MarkE1659617 Mar 194064RA18 18
MINKIN HymanE1659722 Jan 196889RI13 15
MINKIN SarahE1659822 May 195471RD29 30
MINKOFF AbrahamE1659911 May 199180RJ34 15
MINKOFF MarianE1660021 May 200792RJ35 10
MINKOFF MaxE1660109 Aug 199175RJ35 9
MINKOVITCH AnnieE1660225 Dec 195058RB51 8
MINNER Hildegard Hedwig JohannaE1660308 Jan 200789RI42 2
MINSKI Mordka MonasE1660416 Dec 194777RA34 32
MINSKY AdaE1660517 Mar 195165RB52 10
MINSKY HymanE1660619 Jan 194765RA43 24
MINSKY JacobE1660708 Sep 196490RF23 14
MINSKY Martin DavidE1660802 Jun 19422 mthRA62 35
MINSKY MaryE1660930 Oct 194777RB43 16
MINSKY SolomonE1661030 Jan 195141RA56 25
MINSTER LeslieE1661110 Sep 198763RC25 26
MINTZ BenjaminE1661210 Sep 196058RE39 5
MINTZ BernardE1661301 Jan 197557RI37 13
MINTZ BerthaE1661423 Nov 196679RJ04 7
MINTZ DeborahE1661525 Aug 196871RJ16 36
MINTZ DoraE1661625 May 198478RO33 12
MINTZ EstherE1661709 Mar 197985RM29 10
MINTZ EvaE1661826 Jan 196181RE39 4
MINTZ FrederickE1661910 Jul 200375RH02 34
MINTZ GertrudeE1662020 Oct 196481RA06 33
MINTZ IvorE1662106 Mar 200073RE39 6
MINTZ Joseph HenryE1662204 Jun 196654RH30 15
MINTZ JosephE1662311 Apr 198090RJ04 8
MINTZ LilyE1662422 Feb 197071RE40 9
MINTZ MaxE1662506 Oct 197485RJ16 35
MINTZ MinnieE1662612 Dec 199872RD15 30
MINTZ MorrisE1662705 Feb 199272RJ31 5
MINTZ NathanE1662828 Feb 194059RA16 33
MINTZ PhilipE1662927 Jan 195676RE11 13
MINTZ SallyE1663014 May 195348RD37 15
MINTZ StellaE1663115 Dec 199979RJ31 6
MINTZBERG JackE1663209 Mar 193921RA15 11
MIODOWNIK IsaacE1663326 Sep 195363RB53 15
MIROTCHNIK RebeccaE1663412 Jun 194449RB32 24
MIROVITCH CharlesE1663531 Mar 197876RL11 20
MIROVITCH SarahE1663627 Nov 198884RL11 21
MISEL AnnieE1663714 Apr 198876RM06 22
MISELL David AlbertE1663825 Jan 198556RK38 35
MISELL DavidE1663908 Dec 195778RE29 9
MISELL HarryE1664001 Feb 199077RO40 41
MISELL LilyE1664109 Apr 200393RO40 42
MISELL ReneeE1664218 Oct 199069RO33 61
MISHKIN AlexanderE1664305 Aug 197172RK23 19
MISHKIN AnnieE1664423 Nov 197471RK15 6
MISHKIN AustinE1664511 Dec 198267RO10 13
MISHKIN Betty RifkaE1664616 Jun 200587RG16 4
MISHKIN HymanE1664709 Nov 199879RG16 3
MISHKIN MaryE1664829 Sep 199780RO10 14
MISHKIN NettaE1664913 Jun 199672RO26 36
MISHKIN SydneyE1665030 Sep 198057RO26 37
MISHKIN WoolfE1665131 Dec 193974RA17 6
MISKIN o/w LEWIS SarahE1665222 Feb 198478RO08 36
MITCHELL AlfredE1665312 Oct 195470RD25 17
MITCHELL AnnieE1665411 Jun 195477RA22 26
MITCHELL Charles SydneyE1665525 Apr 201190RG27 4
MITCHELL EdithE1665604 May 197373RH40 14
MITCHELL EstherE1665723 Nov 199878RG27 3
MITCHELL HarrisE1665819 Jan 194176RA22 27
MITCHELL LewisE1665924 Nov 196458RH40 15
MITCHELL LilyE1666003 Feb 198387RH18 33
MITCHELL MitchelE1666114 Jul 197673RO19 39
MITCHELL o/w GOTHELF LeahE1666208 Oct 198772RI32 18
MITCHELL RachelE1666327 Apr 194739RB41 25
MITCHELL RebeccaE1666412 Sep 199886RL26 17
MITCHELL RebeccaE1666528 Mar 199599RL02 19
MITCHELL RoseE1666608 Apr 197583RD25 16
MITCHELL SarahE1666727 Oct 197863RO16 8
MITCHELL SarahE1666809 May 198982RO19 40
MITCHELL SidneyE1666913 Oct 197767RL26 18
MITCHELL VictorE1667028 Jan 201889RE13 25
MITELMAN EdelE1667128 Mar 198070RN10 10
MITELMAN EstherE1667227 Dec 198776RN10 9
MITELMAN FrancesE1667322 Jun 200488RK35 4
MITELMAN RuthE1667425 May 201470RI47 15
MITTALMAN LilyE1667508 Apr 197460RK27 29
MITTALMAN ZangwillE1667618 Feb 200589RK27 28
MITTELMAN PercyE1667720 Mar 199472RK35 3
MITTLEMAN EvelynE1667826 Feb 201083RG02 9
MITTLEMAN Jacob SolomonE1667901 Feb 199877RG02 10
MITTLEMAN MillieE1668014 Jan 196044RB07 15
MITZMAKER HarrisE1668120 Feb 197189RD32 28
MITZMAKER LeahE1668212 Jan 195468RD32 27
MITZMAN JosephE1668306 Aug 198472RO24 55
MITZMAN RebeccaE1668413 Dec 198672RO24 56
MIZEL George GershonE1668503 Jun 198158RK34 12
MIZEL RoseE1668610 Jul 195880RF48 18
MIZEL S. B.E1668731 Jan 19621 mthRB31 11S
MIZEL SadieE1668828 Dec 199066RK34 11
MIZEL SamuelE1668914 Jun 198069RN10 30
MIZELAS CissyE1669003 Nov 19910RF02 15
MIZELAS MordecaiE1669119 Nov 199684RF02 16
MIZLER EstherE1669203 Mar 199178RK38 12
MIZLER JudahE1669317 Jun 199085RK38 11
MIZZI YettaE1669425 Oct 197774RI39 19

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