All Deceased beginning with letters 'KU'

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All names beginning KU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
KUBEL Abraham IsaacE1317610 Feb 198982RH26 5
KUBEL LilyE1317718 Aug 196761RH26 6
KUBELAN Dora DinahE1317824 Feb 196077RF42 15
KUBELAN MaxE1317907 Feb 197084RM21 23
KUBER AlecE1318013 Feb 198579RK16 1
KUBER AnneE1318109 Dec 200398RK16 2
KUBER HarryE1318213 Mar 198480RI33 26
KUBER PhoebeE1318317 May 197265RI33 25
KUBEROFSKY ReubenE1318424 Nov 196588RH33 16
KUBEROFSKY SophyE1318516 Jul 194259RB27 17
KUCZYNSKI LeonE1318604 Feb 200185RG19 32
KUCZYNSKI ZeldaE1318721 Apr 199479RG19 33
KUDAK AnnieE1318806 Jul 194258RB27 16
KULICOFSKY HarrisE1318914 Nov 196895RF19 14
KULICOFSKY SarahE1319013 Aug 196582RF19 13
KUNDLE MichaelE1319109 May 196882RJ15 18
KUNE AnneE1319227 Nov 199392RO25 21
KUNE LeonE1319318 Feb 197974RO25 22
KUPFBERG HymanE1319417 Nov 196276RG15 26
KUPFERBERG MillieE1319519 Mar 196675RG15 25
KUPFERBLATT HarrisE1319616 Feb 195077RA51 8
KUPFLASZ SarahE1319719 Jul 194680RB40 17
KUPLER Isaac JudahE1319821 Mar 200586RH35 1
KUPLER MaryE1319902 Sep 201293RH35 2
KUPPERBLATT DoraE1320029 Sep 195886RA51 7
KUPPERBLATT Woolf DavidE1320126 Nov 196768RA06 17
KURASCH FannyE1320229 May 196585RA27 11
KURASCH JosephE1320315 Jun 194242RA27 12
KURLANDER LeslieE1320401 Jun 196974RH15 6
KURLANDER RaynerE1320518 Feb 197664RH15 4
KURSBATT SarahE1320625 Mar 196785RI09 29
KURSTON SophiaE1320731 Mar 197486RI14 16
KURT MyerE1320828 Oct 199073RO39 15
KURT Rebecca OliviaE1320918 Sep 201696RG50 30
KURTZ BarnettE1321002 Mar 194343RA29 7
KURTZ CecilyE1321102 Jul 201479RJ25 19
KURTZ RebeccaE1321211 Mar 197686RB04 26
KURTZ RosettaE1321314 May 195581RD28 14
KURTZ WoolfE1321413 Nov 195048RA55 21
KURZFIELD EstherE1321524 Feb 198371RL13 37
KURZFIELD NymanE1321631 Jan 197769RL13 38
KUSHACK JacobE1321721 Jan 196971RD15 27
KUSHELEFSKY HannahE1321812 Jun 196585RF20 21
KUSHELEVSKY Abraham JackE1321918 Jan 196889RC12 5
KUSHELEVSKY VeraE1322022 Feb 196379RC12 6
KUSHIN HarryE1322120 Feb 198284RL06 34
KUSHIN JessieE1322220 Nov 198079RL06 35
KUSHMARK PollyE1322301 Jul 196376RE47 10
KUSHNER AbrahamE1322428 Aug 198063RI36 19
KUSHNER AnneE1322527 Nov 199485RM26 41
KUSHNER BenE1322607 Dec 198786RJ21 24
KUSHNER BessieE1322730 Mar 197477RI35 6
KUSHNER EstherE1322806 Jul 196565RH37 9
KUSHNER FloraE1322931 May 197452RI36 20
KUSHNER HenryE1323009 Nov 198681RH37 10
KUSHNER Lewis AbrahamE1323111 May 197161RM26 12
KUSHNER LilyE1323204 Sep 197470RD22 20
KUSHNER PollyE1323307 Dec 194076RB21 16
KUSHNER RoseE1323419 Oct 196968RJ21 23
KUSHNER SamuelE1323517 Feb 197855RO24 21
KUSHNER SymonE1323609 Jul 194481RB21 4
KUSMIERSKY EstherE1323717 Aug 197578RN19 21
KUTAS JackE1323829 Oct 196965RG44 30
KUTCHINSKY BarnetE1323918 Dec 197082RM21 25
KUTCHINSKY HarryE1324030 Jul 195874RF48 21
KUTCHINSKY Helen LeahE1324123 Aug 199678RJ40 1
KUTCHINSKY HettieE1324203 May 198996RK30 26
KUTCHINSKY JacobE1324319 Dec 197593RK30 25
KUTCHINSKY PhoebeE1324415 Feb 197697RF48 22
KUTCHINSKY SarahE1324524 Feb 197080RM21 24
KUTCHINSKY SolomonE1324609 Jul 200291RJ40 2
KUTNER AaronE1324721 Sep 197762RL26 15
KUTNER AnneE1324809 Feb 197458RF29 29
KUTNER BrianE1324903 Jul 201577RD55 13
KUTNER EstherE1325009 Dec 197569RN18 17
KUTNER IsaacE1325128 Feb 194370RA28 29
KUTNER MauriceE1325224 Mar 198375RN39 17
KUTNER MichaelE1325318 Aug 198882RF05 15
KUTNER MillieE1325411 Jul 198983RN39 18
KUTNER PhoebeE1325520 Feb 199187RF05 16
KUTNER SamuelE1325605 Sep 198277RO26 46
KUTTNER AlbertE1325723 Jan 198867RL31 5
KUTTNER DavidE1325804 Feb 196774RH26 24
KUTTNER FannyE1325922 Dec 196873RH26 25
KUTTNER FredaE1326007 Mar 200081RL31 6
KUTTNER MaryE1326105 Jan 197573RI37 31
KUTTNER Menashe (Ben)E1326217 Aug 199592RI37 30
KUZNITZOFF (HARRIS) SadieE1326316 Aug 201090RL17 9
KUZNITZOFF AbrahamE1326410 Feb 197261RL17 10
KUZNITZOFF AnnaE1326513 Jun 199578RN02 36
KUZNITZOFF PhilipE1326624 Oct 195853RD10 33

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