All Deceased beginning with letters 'SW'

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All names beginning SW
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SWAGER AnnieE2396321 Apr 197784RM36 29
SWAGER HarryE2396426 Aug 197480RK28 22
SWAGER IsraelE2396504 May 197474RM36 28
SWAGER RachelE2396624 May 199597RK28 21
SWAIN HettyE2396706 Feb 199482RK39 19
SWAIN SamuelE2396830 Aug 194046RA19 5
SWAIN Sydney LeslieE2396901 Feb 198579RK39 18
SWAINE AlecE2397028 Dec 199371RD02 17
SWAINE LeahE2397128 May 197074RJ23 13
SWAINE Lewis IsaacE2397203 Nov 197078RJ23 14
SWAN HarryE2397303 Aug 196147RG09 21
SWANSON Albert HenryE2397411 Apr 199779RF34 25
SWANSON MaisieE2397511 Apr 198464RF34 26
SWARMAN EstherE2397621 Nov 199281RJ19 6
SWARMAN Sandra EleanorE2397717 Feb 196313RG17 12
SWARMAN WoolfE2397804 Feb 198975RJ19 5
SWART AaronE2397917 Jun 200981RN32 2
SWART BarbaraE2398012 Dec 200577RN32 1
SWART EvelynE2398120 Sep 200282RO33 41
SWART Joseph AaronE2398210 Nov 199168RO33 40
SWART RebeccaE2398329 Dec 198463RO33 39
SWAYGER JosephE2398415 Oct 200199RO33 68
SWAYGER MinnieE2398505 Aug 199897RO33 67
SWAYNE RachelE2398623 Oct 198882RJ31 29
SWAYNE WilliamE2398718 Sep 199487RJ31 30
SWEDEN HarryE2398826 Sep 195348RD34 17
SWEDENSKY SylviaE2398927 May 194411 mthRB56 36
SWEEDEN YettaE2399026 Jul 195854RD33 20
SWEENEY AlfredE2399102 Feb 197447RI08 19
SWEETMAN BerthaE2399209 Aug 196585RE33 20
SWEETMAN DavidE2399314 Sep 195856RE33 19
SWEIGLER Emanuel MichaelE2399430 Apr 196957RC13 14
SWEIGLER SarahE2399529 Mar 196457RC13 13
SWERDLIN DoraE2399628 Oct 197084RE49 28
SWERDLIN HarrisE2399709 Jun 195942RE36 5
SWERDLIN SamuelE2399801 Dec 196781RE49 7
SWERDLIN SylviaE2399926 Oct 200688RD37 1
SWERDLING GustavE2400030 Aug 196865RI17 19
SWERDLOFF BettyE2400103 Sep 199279RO31 57
SWERDLOFF IsraelE2400203 Dec 195579RB08 6
SWERDLOFF NathanE2400316 Jan 198980RO31 58
SWERLING BellaE2400417 May 200797RI17 18
SWERLING MichaelE2400510 Apr 198447RI15 19
SWERNER AbrahamE2400630 Oct 195745RC11 33
SWERNER AbrahamE2400703 Mar 196477RF27 21
SWERNER CyrilE2400818 Sep 194025RA19 30
SWERNER Ernestine FriedaE2400926 Sep 201292RM08 3
SWERNER FannyE2401014 Dec 196479RF23 12
SWERNER GertrudeE2401102 Nov 200585RK04 42
SWERNER GusE2401231 Oct 199776RK04 43
SWERNER IsraelE2401311 Sep 196474RF23 13
SWERNER JosephE2401418 Oct 200892RF27 22
SWERNER LouisE2401511 Jun 196957RF27 25
SWERNER SydneyE2401616 Apr 199681RM08 4
SWETLOFF AlecE2401724 Jan 199479RA02 16
SWETLOFF GertrudeE2401817 Sep 199982RA02 17
SWILLINGER HarryE2401908 Feb 198580RL11 29
SWILLINGER MiriamE2402017 May 197873RL11 24
SWINBURNE DoraE2402128 Mar 197961RO25 33
SWINDON RoseE2402217 Nov 200771RM01 10
SWINKIN SarahE2402321 Apr 199882RI02 30
SWINKIN Simon LouisE2402411 Jun 199984RI02 31
SWYER GertrudeE2402513 May 199790RK26 16
SWYER MorrisE2402614 Oct 197364RK26 15

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