All Deceased beginning with letters 'SW'

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All names beginning SW
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SWAGER AnnieB0262221 Apr 197784M36 29
SWAGER HarryB0124526 Aug 197480K128 22
SWAGER IsraelB0110804 May 197474M36 28
SWAGER RachelC0065624 May 199597K128 21
SWAIN HettyC0019006 Feb 199482K139 19
SWAIN SamuelA0057830 Aug 194046A119 05
SWAIN Sydney LeslieB0649901 Feb 198579K139 18
SWAINE AlecC0014728 Dec 199371D102 17
SWAINE LeahA0930728 May 197074J23 13
SWAINE Lewis IsaacA0952003 Nov 197078J23 14
SWAN HarryA0536403 Aug 196147G109 21
SWANSON Albert HenryC0134711 Apr 199779F134 25
SWANSON MaisieB0612611 Apr 198464F134 26
SWARMAN EstherB0996121 Nov 199281J19 06
SWARMAN Sandra EleanorA0607317 Feb 196313G117 12
SWARMAN WoolfB0838904 Feb 198975J19 05
SWART AaronC0446817 Jun 200981N132 02
SWART BarbaraC0378112 Dec 200577N132 01
SWART EvelynC0301520 Sep 200282O33 41
SWART Joseph AaronB0954410 Nov 199168O33 40
SWART RebeccaB0644429 Dec 198463O33 39
SWAYGER JosephC0277015 Oct 200199O33 68
SWAYGER MinnieC0181705 Aug 199897O33 67
SWAYNE RachelB0825023 Oct 198882J31 29
SWAYNE WilliamC0039818 Sep 199487J31 30
SWEDEN HarryA0331326 Sep 195348D134 17
SWEDENSKY SylviaA0136927 May 194411B256 36
SWEEDEN YettaA0451026 Jul 195854D133 20
SWEENEY AlfredB0095802 Feb 197447I108 19
SWEETMAN BerthaA0713009 Aug 196585E133 20
SWEETMAN DavidA0455014 Sep 195856E133 19
SWEIGLER Emanuel MichaelA0877830 Apr 196957C113 14
SWEIGLER SarahA0654229 Mar 196457C113 13
SWERDLIN DoraA0950728 Oct 197084E249 28
SWERDLIN HarrisA0473709 Jun 195942E136 05
SWERDLIN SamuelA0809401 Dec 196781E249 07
SWERDLIN SylviaC0396126 Oct 200688D137 01
SWERDLING GustavA0846530 Aug 196865I117 19
SWERDLOFF BettyB0988203 Sep 199279O31 57
SWERDLOFF IsraelA0381003 Dec 195579B108 06
SWERDLOFF NathanB0835516 Jan 198980O31 58
SWERLING BellaC0406717 May 200797I117 18
SWERLING MichaelB0612310 Apr 198447I115 19
SWERNER AbrahamA0430030 Oct 195745C111 33
SWERNER AbrahamA0651903 Mar 196477F127 21
SWERNER CyrilA0061018 Sep 194025A119 30
SWERNER Ernestine FriedaC0498026 Sep 201292M08 03
SWERNER FannyA0684414 Dec 196479F123 12
SWERNER GertrudeC0375502 Nov 200585K104 42
SWERNER GusC0154731 Oct 199776K104 43
SWERNER IsraelA0672411 Sep 196474F123 13
SWERNER JosephC0434418 Oct 200892F127 22
SWERNER LouisA0882211 Jun 196957F127 25
SWERNER SydneyC0098616 Apr 199681M08 04
SWETLOFF AlecC0017324 Jan 199479A102 16
SWETLOFF GertrudeC0218017 Sep 199982A102 17
SWILLINGER HarryB0651008 Feb 198580L11 29
SWILLINGER MiriamB0318217 May 197873L11 24
SWINBURNE DoraB0363228 Mar 197961O25 33
SWINDON RoseC0415917 Nov 200771M01 10
SWINKIN SarahC0173121 Apr 199882I102 30
SWINKIN Simon LouisC0210011 Jun 199984I102 31
SWYER GertrudeC0138213 May 199790K126 16
SWYER MorrisB0078514 Oct 197364K126 15

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