All Deceased beginning with letters 'WH'

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All names beginning WH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
WHELLER Lily EvaA0884903 Jul 196953I121 12
WHIPMAN Betsy HannahA0276503 Apr 195133B252 09
WHIPMAN PhilipA0284709 Aug 195162A109 21
WHIPPLE LeahB0151023 Feb 197564G106 30
WHITE Abraham JacobA0592427 Nov 196264D107 07
WHITE Abraham MaxB0184723 Oct 197571K122 22
WHITE AnnieC0201403 Mar 199989M05 29
WHITE BernardB0825225 Oct 198873E103 13
WHITE BessieA0279203 May 195177B253 24
WHITE Charles HarryA0586105 Oct 196272F134 11
WHITE ColemanA0799019 Aug 196774F115 07
WHITE Cyril LeonardB0093923 Jan 197444K112 31
WHITE DavidA0890730 Aug 196965H249 12
WHITE DoraA0698324 Mar 196585E131 25
WHITE DoraA0934602 Jul 197073F115 08
WHITE ElizabethA0784903 Apr 196763D116 15
WHITE EllisB0144511 Jan 197588D116 14
WHITE EvaB0710405 May 198679K242 24
WHITE FannyB0139815 Dec 197471F134 12
WHITE FreedaC0130123 Feb 199778L18 03
WHITE HarryB0832022 Dec 198878M05 28
WHITE IsraelA0438628 Jan 195879E131 24
WHITE LeahA0985806 Jun 197163K122 21
WHITE LilyB0097108 Feb 197468J29 09
WHITE LilyB0724620 Aug 198692D107 08
WHITE MichaelA0640616 Dec 196357E131 26
WHITE MorrisB0969505 Mar 199269J23 03
WHITE Naomi MarilynA0587623 Oct 196220H249 10
WHITE or BERLINSKY HarryA0467427 Feb 195959E135 17
WHITE or WEITZ YettaA0216023 May 194873B244 26
WHITE RobertB0593912 Dec 198376O08 13
WHITE RoseA0132419 Feb 194450B131 12
WHITE RoseA0842601 Aug 196856H249 11
WHITE SallyB0399504 Dec 197974N127 34
WHITE SheilaB0989015 Sep 199261C117 32
WHITE SidneyC0020217 Feb 199479L18 04
WHITE SimonB0507212 Feb 198278J29 10
WHITE TinaC0147221 Aug 199787K136 41
WHITE Toby EstherB0848511 Apr 198966O04 45
WHITE VioletB0841625 Feb 198975E103 14
WHITEBLOOM CharlesA0120015 Jul 194352A125 31
WHITEBLOOM DoraA0652204 Mar 196473F126 21
WHITEBLOOM HarryC0547023 Mar 201694E250 08
WHITEBLOOM Morris Eli DavidA0232518 Mar 194932A248 29
WHITEHILL (WIESBERG) FrancesC0549511 Jun 201690J36 14
WHITEHILL(WEISBERG) Alfred MichaelB0949114 Sep 19910J36 13
WHITEHOLME FannyA0345506 May 195470D129 11
WHITEHOLME IsraelB0045024 Jan 197389D129 10
WHITESON LewisC0156815 Nov 199785E252 33
WHITMAN BerthaA0310820 Oct 195272D242 21
WHITTON Alan HarveyC0507413 Apr 201382I246 11
WHITTON EstelleB0601728 Jan 198450O12 51
WHITTON Josephine RuthC0414927 Oct 200763E124 01
WHYTE AlexanderB0567704 May 198391B110 34
WHYTE JosephB0579924 Aug 198380N140 21
WHYTE RenaB0926318 Feb 199176N140 22

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