All Deceased beginning with letters 'WH'

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All names beginning WH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
WHELLER Lily EvaE2535403 Jul 196953RI21 12
WHIPMAN Betsy HannahE2535503 Apr 195133RB52 9
WHIPMAN PhilipE2535609 Aug 195162RA09 21
WHIPPLE LeahE2535723 Feb 197564RG06 30
WHITE Abraham JacobE2535827 Nov 196264RD07 7
WHITE Abraham MaxE2535923 Oct 197571RK22 22
WHITE AnnieE2536003 Mar 199989RM05 29
WHITE BernardE2536125 Oct 198873RE03 13
WHITE BessieE2536203 May 195177RB53 24
WHITE Charles HarryE2536305 Oct 196272RF34 11
WHITE ColemanE2536419 Aug 196774RF15 7
WHITE Cyril LeonardE2536523 Jan 197444RK12 31
WHITE DavidE2536630 Aug 196965RH49 12
WHITE DoraE2536702 Jul 197073RF15 8
WHITE DoraE2536824 Mar 196585RE31 25
WHITE ElizabethE2536903 Apr 196763RD16 15
WHITE EllisE2537011 Jan 197588RD16 14
WHITE EvaE2537105 May 198679RK42 24
WHITE FannyE2537215 Dec 197471RF34 12
WHITE FreedaE2537323 Feb 199778RL18 3
WHITE HarryE2537422 Dec 198878RM05 28
WHITE IsraelE2537528 Jan 195879RE31 24
WHITE LeahE2537606 Jun 197163RK22 21
WHITE LilyE2537708 Feb 197468RJ29 9
WHITE LilyE2537820 Aug 198692RD07 8
WHITE MichaelE2537916 Dec 196357RE31 26
WHITE MorrisE2538005 Mar 199269RJ23 3
WHITE Naomi MarilynE2538123 Oct 196220RH49 10
WHITE or BERLINSKY HarryE2538227 Feb 195959RE35 17
WHITE or WEITZ YettaE2538323 May 194873RB44 26
WHITE RobertE2538412 Dec 198376RO08 13
WHITE RoseE2538519 Feb 194450RB31 12
WHITE RoseE2538601 Aug 196856RH49 11
WHITE SallyE2538704 Dec 197974RN27 34
WHITE SheilaE2538815 Sep 199261RC17 32
WHITE SidneyE2538917 Feb 199479RL18 4
WHITE SimonE2539012 Feb 198278RJ29 10
WHITE TinaE2539121 Aug 199787RK36 41
WHITE Toby EstherE2539211 Apr 198966RO04 45
WHITE VioletE2539325 Feb 198975RE03 14
WHITEBLOOM CharlesE2539415 Jul 194352RA25 31
WHITEBLOOM DoraE2539504 Mar 196473RF26 21
WHITEBLOOM HarryE2539623 Mar 201694RE50 8
WHITEBLOOM Morris Eli DavidE2539718 Mar 194932RA48 29
WHITEHILL (WIESBERG) FrancesE2539811 Jun 201690RJ36 14
WHITEHILL(WEISBERG) Alfred MichaelE2539914 Sep 19910RJ36 13
WHITEHOLME FannyE2540006 May 195470RD29 11
WHITEHOLME IsraelE2540124 Jan 197389RD29 10
WHITESON LewisE2540215 Nov 199785RE52 33
WHITMAN BerthaE2540320 Oct 195272RD42 21
WHITTON Alan HarveyE2540413 Apr 201382RI46 11
WHITTON EstelleE2540528 Jan 198450RO12 51
WHITTON Josephine RuthE2540627 Oct 200763RE24 1
WHYTE AlexanderE2540704 May 198391RB10 34
WHYTE JosephE2540824 Aug 198380RN40 21
WHYTE RenaE2540918 Feb 199176RN40 22

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