All Deceased beginning with letters 'AD'

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All names beginning AD
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ADAMS BanrnetE0024130 Jan 196861RI14 31
ADAMS HildaE0024205 Sep 199891RI14 30
ADAMS JackE0024313 Aug 196583RJ09 15
ADAMS SarahE0024423 Oct 197887RJ09 16
ADDESS ChayaE0024520 Sep 196678RC15 26
ADDESS JackE0024616 Jan 197088RC15 27
ADELMAN AnnieE0024713 Dec 198389RF24 18
ADELMAN HarryE0024801 Nov 197261RM32 34
ADELMAN HymanE0024906 Oct 194742RA45 16
ADELMAN IsaacE0025027 Mar 195358RD38 31
ADELMAN MatildaE0025124 Jan 195651RE11 25
ADELMAN MaxE0025228 Feb 196186RG08 7
ADELMAN MinnieE0025329 May 199272RM32 41
ADELMAN MorrisE0025404 Feb 196268RF41 3
ADELMAN or EDELMAN SarahE0025502 Jun 194658RB39 15
ADELMAN RebeccaE0025622 Nov 195178RA09 24
ADELMAN Sarah RachelE0025703 Jul 199195RF41 4
ADELMAN WoolfE0025814 Sep 194132RA25 23
ADELSTEIN LenaE0025924 Mar 198478RO08 35
ADLER AlecE0026016 Jan 196468RG25 21
ADLER ChaskelE0026124 Oct 198281RH13 12
ADLER DeborahE0026205 Apr 196879RJ15 16
ADLER Dr. JosephE0026315 Feb 198584RC08 35
ADLER HenryE0026412 Dec 197484RI26 5
ADLER HymanE0026516 Jan 194141RA23 15
ADLER JuliaE0026616 May 197889RL10 25
ADLER KeeverE0026705 Aug 194364RA31 20
ADLER KiwaE0026819 Jun 200092RG35 3
ADLER LottieE0026903 Sep 197573RK30 9
ADLER MiriamE0027008 Nov 198484RO33 29
ADLER ReginaE0027127 Oct 196971RH13 13
ADLER Rosa ChayaE0027208 Jun 195276RC08 34
ADLER Szoel NoahE0027327 Aug 195865RF48 5

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