All Deceased beginning with letters 'JU'

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All names beginning JU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
JUBER AnnieE1183928 Apr 197781RK23 9
JUBER MichaelE1184015 May 197167RK23 8
JUBER RachelE1184129 May 199483RK23 7
JUBICK DavisE1184216 Jun 197872RM13 14
JUBICK LilyE1184328 Jan 198364RM14 16
JUBICK PamelaE1184424 Feb 19392 mthRA62 17
JUDAH BeatriceE1184522 Oct 201290RG28 3
JUDAH Moses ZionE1184604 Dec 199874RG28 4
JUDELSON AnnieE1184722 Jan 194573RB34 13
JUDELSON Harvey LewisE1184812 Feb 19417RA60 20
JUDGE Mary o/w MoneyE1184915 Aug 195565RD18 15
JULIUS LewisE1185022 Apr 196687RG38 16
JULIUS LouisE1185131 Jan 195870RE31 14
JULIUS PearlE1185209 Sep 195378RD36 7
JULIUS SamuelE1185304 Aug 195371RD35 24
JULIUS SidneyE1185424 Jan 195341RD41 11
JULIUS ZipporahE1185504 Feb 197762RO19 51

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