All Deceased beginning with letters 'JU'

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All names beginning JU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
JUBER AnnieB0263728 Apr 197781K123 09
JUBER MichaelA0983215 May 197167K123 08
JUBER RachelC0030429 May 199483K123 07
JUBICK DavisB0323016 Jun 197872M13 14
JUBICK LilyB0552528 Jan 198364M14 16
JUBICK PamelaA0026424 Feb 19396A262 17
JUDAH BeatriceC0498722 Oct 201290G128 03
JUDAH Moses ZionC0192504 Dec 199874G128 04
JUDELSON AnnieA0148022 Jan 194573B134 13
JUDELSON Harvey LewisA0077012 Feb 19417A260 20
JUDGE Mary o/w MoneyA0374715 Aug 195565D118 15
JULIUS LewisA0746622 Apr 196687G138 16
JULIUS LouisA0438931 Jan 195870E131 14
JULIUS PearlA0330309 Sep 195378D136 07
JULIUS SamuelA0328604 Aug 195371D135 24
JULIUS SidneyA0316824 Jan 195341D241 11
JULIUS ZipporahB0253704 Feb 197762O19 51

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