All Deceased beginning with letters 'YU'

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All names beginning YU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
YUDE GoodmanB0883213 Jan 199084M03 24
YUDE RoseC0081616 Nov 199589M03 25
YUDIN KateA0411312 Feb 195770E121 15
YUDINSKY IsraelA0722901 Nov 196575F133 03
YUDINSKY MaryA0579119 Jul 196272F133 04
YUDINSKY SarahB0876603 Dec 198996M03 21
YUDT HannahB0054322 Mar 197389J05 06
YUDT PincusA0766926 Oct 196684J05 07
YURMAN MyraA0072904 Jan 19414A260 21
YUROVITCH HarryB0230318 Aug 197663E123 25
YUROVITCH IsaacA0090210 Nov 194140A125 27
YUROVITCH MarkA0416826 Apr 195771E123 22
YUROVITCH RebeccaA0433003 Dec 195791A123 35
YUROVITCH SarahB0175612 Aug 197588E123 23
YUSUF RuthC0531804 Jan 201574E251 36

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