All Deceased beginning with letters 'CH'

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All names beginning CH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CHADWICK JosephE0349915 Feb 196973RG42 8
CHADWICK MauriceE0350025 Feb 198766RN46 12
CHADWICK RoseE0350128 Jan 196475RG25 11
CHAFIRE BrachaE0350202 Jan 194830RB43 22
CHAGINSKY FannyE0350303 Apr 194857RB44 22
CHAGINSKY Mark JacobE0350426 Dec 196272RG16 18
CHAIKEN CeliaE0350524 Mar 200093RG34 4
CHAIKEN LilyE0350612 May 197966RN29 10
CHAIKIN BenjaminE0350721 Oct 199285RN29 11
CHAIKIN GertrudeE0350812 Dec 198073RD12 2
CHAIKIN HaroldE0350919 Jul 196056RD12 1
CHAIKIN PercyE0351007 May 196250RA04 24
CHAIKIN RachelE0351118 May 197679RF32 1
CHAIKIN RaphaelE0351229 Jun 197453RK27 38
CHAIKIN RoseE0351313 Apr 196273RG13 19
CHAIKIN SylviaE0351413 Jul 200789RK27 39
CHAIRMAN MorrisE0351518 Feb 195862RE32 16
CHAIT DavidE0351626 Mar 194765RA38 30
CHAIT FayE0351708 Jan 200393RE43 34
CHAIT HermanE0351820 Feb 196152RE41 29
CHAIT NathanE0351915 Aug 196665RH28 27
CHAIT RachelE0352011 Dec 194765RA38 31
CHANDLER Hannah AnnieE0352124 Mar 198389RN20 13
CHANDLER PollyE0352220 Oct 198878RM05 8
CHANDLER SidneyE0352321 May 197548RN20 14
CHANDLER StellaE0352411 Jul 196252RG14 27
CHANDLER SydneyE0352502 Jan 200288RM05 7
CHANDOFSKY RebeccaE0352604 Sep 194372RB31 18
CHANNACK BeckyE0352723 Dec 198780RE25 26
CHANNACK HeleneE0352806 Oct 198155RN35 20
CHANNACK MiriamE0352928 Jan 197654RK08 27
CHANNACK PercyE0353027 Nov 198171RK08 26
CHANNACK SidneyE0353108 Mar 199481RN35 21
CHANNOCK LouisE0353218 Aug 195754RE25 25
CHAPKOFSKY GilbertE0353315 Jan 197569RH07 15
CHAPKOFSKY Rose RachelE0353417 Feb 196967RH15 15
CHAPKOFSKY SarahE0353513 Dec 198687RH07 14
CHAPKOFSKY/LEWISOM BessieE0353604 Jul 197077RH10 15
CHAPLIN AbrahamE0353727 Oct 198161RE54 26
CHAPLIN SidneyE0353806 Apr 198681RK26 1
CHAPLIN StellaE0353914 Nov 199786RK26 2
CHAPMAN JosephE0354019 Oct 199388RL32 41
CHAPMAN MichaelE0354107 Feb 200788RF44 9
CHAPMAN PercyE0354211 Jan 197565RI13 12
CHAPMAN SarahE0354324 Apr 198880RL32 40
CHAPPER AnneE0354404 Oct 197782RO23 28
CHARACH AbrahamE0354512 Jan 195437RD33 29
CHARACH AdeleE0354611 Jun 199450RI07 3
CHARAP AdaE0354711 May 195960RC09 17
CHARAP JacquesE0354806 Sep 194674RA35 6
CHARAP NormaE0354906 Jan 195885RC08 17
CHARATSKI EliasE0355031 Mar 193970RA15 27
CHARD BernardE0355121 Feb 197366RL16 19
CHARD EvaE0355209 Feb 197566RL16 20
CHARING AbrahamE0355304 Sep 198875RL09 40
CHARING AdelaideE0355403 Mar 1994100RN26 36
CHARING AnitaE0355519 May 201387RM09 4
CHARING FayE0355619 Dec 194747RB26 4
CHARING HarryE0355713 May 194144RA25 15
CHARING JackE0355816 Mar 197879RN26 35
CHARING JaneE0355924 May 200990RM36 8
CHARING LilyE0356003 Nov 200899RL09 41
CHARING LouisE0356123 May 197457RM36 9
CHARING VictorE0356228 Apr 199172RM09 3
CHARKIN DavidE0356311 Jun 194133RA20 5
CHARKIN JackE0356418 Aug 196773RJ09 28
CHARKIN SophiaE0356504 Dec 196571RJ09 27
CHARLES Deborah EstherE0356614 Nov 194655RB31 30
CHARLES MorrisE0356714 Nov 194765RB31 33
CHARLES RachelE0356809 Sep 194044RB18 8
CHARLES ReneE0356909 Sep 194017RB18 7
CHARLES ReubenE0357012 Jan 199372RJ21 40
CHARONNE LouisE0357112 Feb 198365RO27 49
CHASE RebeccaE0357206 Mar 196867RJ15 15
CHASES GoldaE0357330 Mar 198084RN10 33
CHASES WoolfE0357405 Jan 199380RN10 34
CHASIT Annie SarahE0357508 Sep 197872RN27 35
CHAYTOW IsaacE0357618 Sep 195775RE26 24
CHAYTOW KateE0357727 Oct 195773RE27 15
CHAZEN Dr. Stanley HaroldE0357822 Nov 198582RC25 29
CHAZEN FredaE0357922 Oct 199551 mthRC01 6
CHEDEKEL BerthaE0358006 Jul 195670RA15 35
CHEDEKEL JosephE0358118 May 193953RA15 22
CHELMS JosephE0358222 Jul 199184RJ34 35
CHELMS RebeccaE0358321 Jul 199786RJ34 36
CHENINSKY (CAMINSKY) EvaE0358421 Jul 19890RO27 60
CHERFAS Edward o/w Isaac JoshuaE0358508 Sep 195558RD17 17
CHERKOFF HymanE0358615 Mar 196974RG43 19
CHERKOFF LotteE0358707 Feb 199978RF06 29
CHERKOFF Louis LipmanE0358821 Feb 198063RF06 30
CHERLEY LewisE0358910 Oct 200186RK05 32
CHERLEY RoseE0359016 Apr 199574RK05 31
CHERNACK BarnettE0359123 Nov 198571RO35 17
CHERNACK KittyE0359216 Feb 199780RO35 18
CHERNESKY AngelE0359304 Oct 195472RD50 15
CHERNIASKY FannyE0359417 Oct 195170RD50 16
CHERNIKER MorrisE0359523 Sep 194334RA31 26
CHERNIKOFF LazarusE0359621 Feb 193858RA10 25
CHERNITSKY SamuelE0359726 May 196380RF33 21
CHERNOFF DavidE0359818 May 200495RK43 19
CHERNOFF DoraE0359922 Sep 198674RK43 18
CHERNOFF LeahE0360006 Nov 196369RF29 19
CHERNOFSKY EthelE0360105 Mar 198382RO10 35
CHERNOFSKY JonahE0360221 Sep 200086RN36 9
CHERNOFSKY LouisE0360318 Jun 198586RO10 34
CHERNOKOFF DeborahE0360409 Feb 199385RA05 27
CHERNOKOFF SophieE0360501 Jul 196180RA10 24
CHERRY JosephE0360605 Dec 197281RH51 6
CHESKIN AlexanderE0360725 Sep 197669RK09 1
CHESKIN DeborahE0360802 Oct 193880RB12 23
CHESKIN FannyE0360927 Oct 197764RK09 2
CHESNER StanleyE0361001 Oct 199729 mthRC01 10
CHESNEY RosalieE0361108 Jul 195255RD44 14
CHESNICK MarkE0361204 Jun 197875RO23 46
CHESS AnnieE0361307 May 199484RF12 16
CHESS JosephE0361415 Apr 197775RG31 5
CHESS RebeccaE0361507 Feb 196562RG31 6
CHESS SadieE0361608 Aug 197646RK08 33
CHESSES FayE0361725 Aug 197077RG45 9
CHESTER AnneE0361809 Dec 197871RO16 32
CHESTER HymanE0361930 Oct 196962RG44 25
CHESTER MarkE0362005 Apr 195557RD21 7
CHEVERN FrankE0362126 Nov 197265RK25 9
CHEVERN LilyE0362225 May 200291RK25 10
CHEVINSKY AsherE0362314 Dec 195186RA15 4
CHEVINSKY MarksE0362402 Jun 193926RA15 5
CHIBOWSKI DavisE0362519 May 194771RA37 5
CHICK EdithE0362622 Mar 198564RO34 10
CHICK ElizabethE0362709 Jul 198182RD04 14
CHICK JackE0362815 Aug 198274RN06 23
CHICK MarionE0362901 Jul 201371RH05 11
CHICK MorrisE0363014 Sep 198870RO34 9
CHICK RoyE0363105 Jul 201779RH05 10
CHICK SadieE0363213 Jan 199986RN06 46
CHICKENOVSKY TamahE0363327 Apr 197386RH17 10
CHILDS DorisE0363402 Mar 198270RN35 35
CHILDS IsaacE0363526 Jul 199078RN35 36
CHILISCHKOWSKI MontyE0363621 Feb 194856RA46 14
CHILKES BenjaminE0363713 Oct 197083RM24 17
CHILKEVITCH BenjaminE0363817 Jul 196293RD20 33
CHILKEVITCH LeahE0363928 Mar 196883RD20 32
CHIMOLEFSKY BrendaE0364005 May 197781RO22 51
CHININ RachelE0364129 Oct 198172RL38 34
CHINKIN DavidE0364202 Apr 196079RB15 35
CHINKIN Golda JulieE0364312 Jun 193951RB15 26
CHINMAN AnnieE0364401 Nov 199489RK37 4
CHINMAN MichaelE0364511 May 199285RK37 3
CHINMAN MorrisE0364623 Oct 198383RK37 7
CHINMAN NitaE0364711 Jun 200570RK38 4
CHINMAN RachelE0364820 Jun 199191RK37 8
CHINMAN SarahE0364919 Jun 195991RA07 27
CHINMIN SamuelE0365006 Mar 193870RA10 17
CHINSKY AnnaE0365123 Jul 196375RG14 26
CHIPLEVITCH IsaacE0365215 Nov 197186RM28 21
CHIPLOVITCH SophiaE0365307 Sep 196370RH45 21
CHIPLOVITZ JaneE0365408 Mar 194764RB30 6
CHISICK HaroldE0365527 May 200475RI17 1
CHISICK RitaE0365601 Sep 201487RI17 2
CHISSICK AnnieE0365725 Sep 198081RJ24 14
CHISSICK SolomonE0365808 Sep 197075RJ24 13
CHISWICK HymanE0365926 May 198673RF06 21
CHISWICK NancyE0366024 Jan 199683RF06 20
CHISWICK Peter MartinE0366102 Jul 199070RM03 40
CHIZICK Leah RifkaE0366204 Feb 197683RO21 39
CHIZICK SamuelE0366303 Aug 198165RE54 25
CHODAK AnitaE0366420 Apr 197976RO17 54
CHODICK DeborahE0366514 Sep 198486RD14 28
CHODICK SidneyE0366611 Jul 195624RD16 28
CHOPPING Sarah PhyllisE0366712 May 199381RJ38 12
CHOWCAT FredaE0366828 Jul 200178RF49 35
CHOWCAT MyerE0366920 Oct 200889RF49 34
CHOWCAT PollyE0367014 Jul 196354RG20 28
CHRISTIE AnnieE0367121 Feb 198073RL10 10
CHRISTIE BarnetE0367230 Dec 200190RL10 9
CHUTNER HildaE0367312 May 197767RL13 19
CHUTNER PaulaE0367420 Aug 195884RF48 29

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