All Deceased beginning with letters 'FU'

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All names beginning FU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
FUGLER AlfredE0763821 Oct 198866RJ31 27
FUGLER Howard EdwardE0763908 Aug 200757RJ31 41
FUL BranaE0764009 Aug 194073RB18 16
FULBERG Lily LeahE0764108 Jan 198494RN37 8
FULLMAN RachelE0764212 Oct 196764RI11 11
FULLNAMEE0764300 0AgeYearsX00
FULLOCK JoyceE0764408 Jan 200374RG40 21
FUNTOWICZ Chaja HelenE0764504 Mar 196770RD52 18
FUNTOWICZ IcekE0764626 Nov 195155RD49 18
FURST AnnieE0764723 Dec 196576RF18 27
FURST Edward AlbertE0764819 Dec 196666RJ05 20
FURST Ethel KatieE0764910 Mar 196566RG34 21
FUTERMAN Bernard BarnettE0765023 Jun 196768RG39 5
FUTERMAN EvaE0765104 Apr 199395RG39 4

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