All Deceased beginning with letters 'MA'

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All names beginning MA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
MABLIN LouisE1548504 Feb 198269RO12 32
MACCABY FannyE1548603 Jan 194572RB34 23
MACDONALD Michael Max (GREENBERG)E1548708 Feb 196239RH51 27
MACFARLANE RuthE1548814 Jul 194529RB36 16
MACHABANSKI MaxE1548923 Feb 198760RO36 50
MACHABANSKI ReneE1549011 Oct 201794RO36 49
MACKAY HymanE1549117 May 197058RM22 25
MACKAY PhyllisE1549208 Dec 198978RM22 26
MACKETON DoraE1549325 Dec 199592RH07 17
MACKETON ReubenE1549416 Jan 197582RH07 16
MACKLER FlorenceE1549511 Feb 198680RO06 33
MACKLER KayE1549609 Jan 199186RO27 46
MACKLER MichaelE1549716 Sep 198274RO27 47
MACKOFSKY SarahE1549825 Apr 198577RO26 15
MADLIN GarryE1549910 Mar 201582RI37 1
MADLIN GertrudeE1550031 Oct 199792RL36 36
MADLIN LeonardE1550123 Mar 198173RL36 37
MAGALOFSKY SarahE1550213 Mar 195765RA57 32
MAGID BessieE1550301 Oct 199577RO20 2
MAGIER ChaimE1550417 Oct 198573RK41 14
MAGIER KatieE1550530 Oct 198981RK41 15
MAGNER RonyaE1550608 Jun 199582RE52 22
MAGNITSKY AlecE1550707 Jul 194567RA37 24
MAGNITSKY LeahE1550804 Dec 196178RG11 13
MAGNUS BerthaE1550912 Dec 198890RK32 39
MAGNUS Edward CecilE1551012 Nov 197975RL31 32
MAGNUS GerdaE1551123 Mar 196441RC09 27
MAGNUS HildaE1551206 Dec 199490RL31 33
MAGNUS IsaacE1551315 Jan 197167RK19 17
MAGNUS SimonE1551409 Mar 197561RM39 17
MAGNUS SophiaE1551516 Feb 198683RO26 58
MAGRILL JackE1551622 May 196776RC04 32
MAHMUT ShirleyE1551717 Jun 201483RE52 36
MAIN MorrisE1551830 Dec 198284RO29 40
MAIN PearlE1551928 Apr 200191RO29 41
MAISLER Millie MalkaE1552012 Aug 195855RF48 12
MAISTER AnnieE1552105 Jul 196270RH50 11
MAISTER HenryE1552222 Sep 198362RO30 39
MAISTER LilianE1552329 Oct 201490RO30 40
MAISTER LouisE1552408 Apr 197659RN23 8
MAISTER SarahE1552501 Oct 199483RF52 33
MAIZELLS LilyE1552608 May 198083RL06 15
MAIZELS MorrisE1552703 Mar 194178RA22 16
MAJINSKY MiriamE1552803 Feb 198374RD33 14
MAJKA RayE1552914 Sep 199590RE28 8
MAJOR Madaline CharlotteE1553019 Mar 19773 mthRB54 22
MAK DoraE1553106 Apr 198175RO27 27
MAKELEN MillieE1553224 May 194750RB41 26
MAKOLSKY Eric MontagueE1553314 Sep 19481RB55 32
MAKOLSKY Israel IsaacE1553407 Jun 196254RG14 8
MALAMOOD SamuelE1553509 Nov 197787RG18 25
MALATSKY LeahE1553602 Oct 193943RB15 10
MALIN BeatriceE1553711 Dec 201395RI45 24
MALINA DavidE1553807 Jul 196266RF49 33
MALINA Jack o/w JacobE1553924 Sep 1990100RJ07 38
MALINA MarthaE1554021 Nov 197071RJ07 37
MALINA MiriamE1554109 Aug 197379RE15 28
MALINA NancyE1554201 Jan 197275RF49 32
MALINA TobiasE1554329 Jun 195660RE15 27
MALINOFSKY LeahE1554411 Jan 196485RG25 19
MALINOFSKY SolomonE1554514 Jun 193848RA11 26
MALINOFSKY YettaE1554621 Sep 199382RM12 3
MALINS HettieE1554718 Mar 199283RI20 22
MALINS LeslieE1554821 Aug 196450RG30 21
MALINS MickE1554911 Apr 196964RI20 21
MALINS SylviaE1555015 May 200590RG30 22
MALINSKY BarnetE1555113 Jun 197667RK31 21
MALINSKY BessieE1555217 Oct 196780RI11 10
MALINSKY BettyE1555315 Nov 2013103RK32 20
MALINSKY LilyE1555401 Apr 199588RK31 20
MALINSKY MarkE1555508 Mar 194183RA24 18
MALINSKY Sarah DoraE1555629 Jun 198179RN33 36
MALKOLSLY HettieE1555712 Oct 197876RG14 9
MALLACH DavidE1555815 Oct 199575RO29 4
MALLACH EdithE1555918 Feb 200885RO29 3
MALLACK MaudeE1556007 Jan 200196RK29 34
MALLACK NathanE1556112 Mar 197569RK29 33
MALLIN MossE1556202 Oct 198269RM09 34
MALLINS MorrisE1556307 Apr 197094RD11 28
MALLOSON or MARKS LeonardE1556430 Apr 196774RG21 30
MALMAN MyerE1556516 Aug 195644RE16 7
MALMAN RoseE1556624 Jul 194229RB27 19
MALNICK CharlesE1556704 Nov 198384RO32 13
MALNICK KateE1556803 Feb 198583RO32 14
MALT Abraham JudeahE1556911 Mar 194671RA39 7
MALTER JackE1557009 Sep 198760RO39 13
MALTZ EvaE1557106 Oct 2013102RH06 10
MALTZ IsraelE1557210 Nov 196968RI24 24
MALTZ JohnE1557310 Feb 197567RH07 18
MALTZ PollyE1557430 Oct 198480RI24 23
MAMBER SophieE1557526 Sep 197469RF09 13
MANAKER AbrahamE1557607 Aug 194848RA47 10
MANASHE DavidE1557707 Jan 198569RN18 43
MANASSEH MattyE1557820 Jul 197268RC19 15
MANBER MarkusE1557924 Sep 198077RF09 14
MANCHA AbrahamE1558015 May 197470RI10 9
MANCHA AbrahamE1558106 May 198182RM10 12
MANCHA Alice EthelE1558210 Jun 198589RM10 11
MANCHA HarryE1558320 Aug 198475RO13 8
MANCHA JaneE1558412 Sep 200793RO13 9
MANCHA JosephE1558514 Feb 198169RO13 44
MANCHA LouisE1558622 Mar 198182RO13 45
MANCHA MyerE1558721 Jan 195567RD27 6
MANDEL AbrahamE1558826 Nov 197268RL17 28
MANDEL AnnieE1558930 Dec 200296RL17 29
MANDEL BenjaminE1559012 Jan 194637RA39 15
MANDEL DoraE1559116 Mar 198180RH47 19
MANDEL LeonE1559213 Mar 194683RA40 18
MANDEL Lewis AbrahamE1559306 Feb 197666RN22 7
MANDEL RebeccaE1559428 Aug 193871RB12 25
MANDEL RoseE1559501 Nov 199183RM06 25
MANDEL SamuelE1559617 Feb 195083RB18 18
MANDEL SarahE1559714 Sep 198172RL22 1
MANDEL WoolfE1559830 Mar 196364RH47 18
MANDELBAUM AbeE1559909 Sep 197869RJ30 9
MANDELBAUM BarnettE1560028 Feb 195673RC01 5
MANDELBAUM SarahE1560129 Dec 197869RJ30 10
MANDELBAUM SarahE1560201 Jan 196071RE38 21
MANDELBAUM YettaE1560304 Jul 197171 mthRC01 6
MANDELBOM MatildaE1560419 Jul 194781RB41 22
MANDELL CissieE1560513 Apr 195966RE36 20
MANDELOFSKY FannyE1560606 Apr 195277RD45 17
MANDON MorrisE1560712 Feb 196255RH51 29
MANHEIMER DoraE1560806 Jan 196882RI13 20
MANHEIMER FannyE1560913 Mar 198276RI13 29
MANHEIMER KateE1561026 Oct 196157RA05 25
MANHINE SolomonE1561110 Nov 197090RA08 30
MANIERKA JosefE1561230 Jan 196976RH16 26
MANIERKA RebeccaE1561330 Jun 196965RH14 16
MANIS ReneeE1561402 Nov 200487RH01 33
MANIS SamuelE1561503 Apr 200795RH01 32
MANKIN AnnieE1561602 Aug 194864RA46 11
MANKIN HarrisE1561712 Nov 194868RA46 10
MANKIN MiriamE1561819 Mar 194130RB23 20
MANKIN Myer LouisE1561914 Mar 194837RA46 12
MANKINE RebeccaE1562016 Nov 196269RA08 29
MANN DollyE1562123 Jul 200280RK16 40
MANN EstherE1562222 Dec 196879RD03 34
MANN FannyE1562324 Mar 193926RB14 21
MANN IsraelE1562419 Oct 196778RF14 22
MANN JennieE1562524 Feb 196358RE22 4
MANN KittyE1562615 May 197974RO15 7
MANN LeonardE1562705 Nov 199378RL25 4
MANN LouisE1562827 Feb 198990RL29 17
MANN ManieE1562919 Oct 196378RD03 35
MANN MarkE1563029 Jan 199388RE22 2
MANN MauriceE1563111 Sep 199276RK16 41
MANN MinnieE1563227 Mar 197582RF09 20
MANN PeterE1563317 Feb 197131RE22 3
MANN RoseE1563425 Jun 197877RL29 18
MANN RoseE1563528 Mar 199682RL25 3
MANN SidneyE1563601 Aug 199181RO15 15
MANN ValerieE1563726 Sep 19403RB57 25
MANNER LeahE1563828 Feb 198889RJ11 22
MANNERS JohnE1563918 Jun 196677RJ11 21
MANNING AnnE1564027 Apr 197372RH23 6
MANNING BarryE1564123 Apr 200069RG40 3
MANNING HarrisE1564217 Jun 195453RD28 13
MANNING HelenaE1564311 Oct 199578RH47 3
MANNING PhilipE1564414 Apr 198778RN46 5
MANNING Sarah MyrtleE1564502 Nov 199586RN46 6
MANNING SidneyE1564627 May 200285RH47 4
MANNING WoolfE1564713 Jan 199077RM03 29
MANOFF AlickE1564817 Oct 195065RA54 25
MANOFF SarahE1564909 Jul 196373RG20 8
MANOLI Betty ElizabethE1565006 Oct 197751RD53 16
MANOVITCH MorrisE1565118 Oct 194731RB57 32
MANSELL ReginaE1565228 Mar 196879RH31 21
MANSELL SolomonE1565305 Mar 196675RH31 20
MANSFIELD AbrahamE1565418 May 199585RI30 26
MANSFIELD AlfredE1565522 Feb 199583RK06 23
MANSFIELD KittyE1565621 Apr 198475RK06 22
MANSFIELD NancyE1565720 Jun 197164RI30 27
MANSFIELD PearlE1565815 Aug 198492RI31 11
MANSOOR MaliE1565910 Sep 201254RL08 3
MANSOOR RuthE1566015 Oct 198752RL19 6
MANSOOR UriE1566103 Jan 199540RL13 3
MANSTOFF David IanE1566227 Mar 19578RA59 26
MANSTOFF Issy LeslieE1566314 Mar 201595RC28 18
MANSTOFF WiniredE1566406 Dec 201493RC28 19
MANTON JacobE1566526 Aug 196275RC03 4
MANTON RoseE1566625 Oct 197682RC03 3
MANTUS MichaelE1566707 Feb 201571RD55 12
MANTUS RebeccaE1566820 May 199285RI22 26
MANUEL JoeE1566901 Apr 198771RK44 25
MANUEL RitaE1567014 Jul 199163RK44 26
MAPPER HymanE1567113 Jul 197270RC02 15
MAPPER JackE1567207 Jan 196363RG16 31
MAPPER MarthaE1567313 Jul 195250RD45 7
MAPPER MaryE1567429 Apr 200289RC02 16
MAPPER MaryE1567506 Feb 199192RG16 32
MARANOVITCH BessieE1567601 Jan 195872RE30 21
MARCHIN O/W MARTYN David o/w DickieE1567719 Oct 200075RK29 4
MARCHIN PhyllisE1567824 Nov 199179RK28 4
MARCHINSKY JaneE1567930 Mar 196885RH20 28
MARCO AlecE1568009 Apr 196972RF31 6
MARCO GladysE1568111 May 199889RM11 41
MARCO Hyman HaroldE1568226 Jun 197471RH41 30
MARCO IsaacE1568302 Jan 197565RH41 24
MARCO JackE1568401 Dec 197166RJ03 25
MARCO or MARCOVITCH EllaE1568510 Jun 195140RB53 9
MARCO or MARKOWITZ SandraE1568619 Mar 19452 mthRB56 42
MARCO SimaE1568722 Dec 200496RJ03 26
MARCON AbrahamE1568817 Nov 196767RA07 21
MARCON SadieE1568920 Feb 199991RI35 3
MARCOVITCH AbrahamE1569003 Nov 194963RA49 7
MARCOVITCH AbrahamE1569104 Nov 197874RL10 8
MARCOVITCH AliceE1569225 Mar 197868RL10 7
MARCOVITCH AnitaE1569315 Dec 197947RK31 26
MARCOVITCH AnnieE1569431 Jan 197472RM20 20
MARCOVITCH AnnieE1569513 Apr 197085RE19 4
MARCOVITCH CarolineE1569605 Feb 197382RD23 6
MARCOVITCH CharlesE1569728 Nov 195567RD23 5
MARCOVITCH DavidE1569810 Mar 198588RH42 20
MARCOVITCH DoraE1569903 Sep 195651RE17 18
MARCOVITCH DoraE1570010 Jan 198683RF31 8
MARCOVITCH EstherE1570102 Dec 195359RD33 24
MARCOVITCH FannyE1570226 Aug 199094RC11 8
MARCOVITCH HarrisE1570308 Feb 197878RL27 37
MARCOVITCH HarrisE1570408 Feb 195680RD35 25
MARCOVITCH JanieE1570502 May 196172RD22 34
MARCOVITCH JeanetteE1570609 Jun 197176RK22 23
MARCOVITCH LewisE1570722 Oct 196268RC11 7
MARCOVITCH LionelE1570802 Mar 200577RH37 2
MARCOVITCH LouisE1570902 Sep 196776RH24 13
MARCOVITCH MarkE1571028 Nov 196057RE40 8
MARCOVITCH MorrisE1571111 Jul 194058RA19 18
MARCOVITCH RoseE1571225 Feb 196476RF26 22
MARCOVITCH RosieE1571323 May 196460RH42 19
MARCOVITCH SophieE1571427 Sep 197077RH24 12
MARCU EllaE1571503 Sep 194844RB44 8
MARCU IsaacE1571607 Apr 195682RB44 2
MARCU MarkE1571729 Nov 199171RO26 4
MARCU PollyE1571801 Apr 195881RB44 3
MARCU RachelE1571913 May 200482RO26 3
MARCU RhondaE1572021 May 200047RO26 2
MARCU SallyE1572101 May 196555RB43 3
MARCUS AbrahamE1572218 Mar 197154RI29 29
MARCUS AbrahamE1572314 Jan 198770RJ30 25
MARCUS AlexanderE1572426 Aug 198682RO15 6
MARCUS AlfredE1572508 Nov 197169RK17 20
MARCUS AlfredE1572618 Nov 199484RD53 33
MARCUS AnnieE1572710 Dec 199691RE35 8
MARCUS Archie AbrahamE1572812 Feb 195964RE34 28
MARCUS BernardE1572930 Mar 198171RO27 17
MARCUS CharlotteE1573027 May 197975RN29 19
MARCUS DavidE1573127 Feb 195974RE35 18
MARCUS DinahE1573215 Sep 201496RH51 30
MARCUS DoraE1573305 Sep 198469RI29 28
MARCUS ElkanE1573413 Dec 201390RC29 9
MARCUS EmanuelE1573529 Nov 197872RN28 13
MARCUS EstherE1573605 Oct 195993RC08 26
MARCUS Eunice EstherE1573709 Dec 201585RI42 34
MARCUS EvelynE1573821 Oct 199487RN28 14
MARCUS FayE1573904 Feb 197470RK17 19
MARCUS FayeE1574006 Oct 199888RD53 32
MARCUS FrankE1574127 Feb 201187RI42 35
MARCUS Golda AnneE1574208 Jul 196515RG35 26
MARCUS HarryE1574305 Nov 196672RI07 5
MARCUS HettyE1574410 Aug 199383RA02 12
MARCUS IsaacE1574506 Feb 194575RA32 6
MARCUS JacobE1574629 Sep 195270RD51 16
MARCUS JessieE1574715 May 200483RL12 23
MARCUS LawrenceE1574815 Mar 200281RK21 42
MARCUS LewisE1574923 Aug 195571RD18 27
MARCUS LilyE1575019 Feb 2018RK21 43
MARCUS LottieE1575117 Nov 195966RF43 21
MARCUS MarksE1575227 Jul 193969RA16 20
MARCUS MaxE1575325 Apr 199188RN44 8
MARCUS MinnieE1575425 Jan 199782RJ30 26
MARCUS MiriamE1575511 Mar 198583RN44 7
MARCUS Montague RalphE1575623 Jul 197457RH24 27
MARCUS Morris WoolfE1575706 Nov 200287RH45 33
MARCUS MorrisE1575808 Feb 196257RH51 31
MARCUS MorrisE1575901 Jan 195258RD48 19
MARCUS NathanE1576021 Nov 197770RL12 22
MARCUS PhilipE1576103 Sep 195138RB52 26
MARCUS RebeccaE1576208 Nov 196573RD18 28
MARCUS ReneeE1576313 Oct 199181RO02 26
MARCUS RoseE1576414 Aug 194138RB24 21
MARCUS RoseE1576512 Apr 197274RM30 19
MARCUS RoseE1576614 Feb 199383RO34 8
MARCUS RoseE1576709 Feb 198785RK41 39
MARCUS SidneyE1576807 Sep 197060RM23 32
MARCUS SophieE1576914 Apr 194878RA32 5
MARCUS SophieE1577023 Jan 199588RO08 3
MARCUS YettaE1577110 Nov 200494RH47 33
MARDER AdaE1577207 Nov 196662RD03 31
MARDER LeahE1577317 Dec 196089RA28 34
MARDER MorrisE1577423 Apr 194167RA23 29
MARELL AnnieE1577504 Jan 193962RB13 25
MARGAND AlfredE1577608 Apr 195175RA57 14
MARGOFSKY AbrahamE1577712 May 194771RA44 17
MARGOFSKY EstherE1577808 Feb 197267RG26 14
MARGOFSKY JackE1577919 Feb 197167RK19 20
MARGOFSKY RoseE1578029 Jan 197777RL24 16
MARGOLIES BranaE1578128 Feb 195377RD39 15
MARGOLIES SofiaE1578213 Nov 196470RC13 24
MARGOLIS AnnieE1578303 Oct 195261RD44 28
MARGOLIS AnnieE1578425 Feb 197978RG07 5
MARGOLIS BarnettE1578504 Aug 195265RD44 29
MARGOLIS ClaraE1578601 Apr 198585RE06 27
MARGOLIS Cyril DavidE1578714 Dec 198569RN22 34
MARGOLIS EmanuelE1578830 Mar 196155RG07 6
MARGOLIS GeraldineE1578918 Dec 200864RI21 34
MARGOLIS HarryE1579002 Jan 196779RI07 15
MARGOLIS John JackE1579122 Jul 199385RO11 4
MARGOLIS LeahE1579209 Jun 198884RG31 13
MARGOLIS LewisE1579322 Nov 196463RG31 12
MARGOLIS MarkE1579410 Feb 197067RI25 15
MARGOLIS MauriceE1579509 Apr 197350RI28 6
MARGOLIS MillieE1579618 Feb 196370RH47 15
MARGOLIS MorrisE1579712 Nov 194676RA42 11
MARGOLIS Ray ZenaE1579809 Jun 195929RE36 15
MARGOLIS RobertE1579913 Sep 196663RE06 26
MARGOLIS SarahE1580025 Mar 198995RM17 2
MARGOLIS SidneyE1580113 Jun 199887RM06 10
MARGOLIS Sylvia AdaE1580220 Mar 199591RI25 32
MARGOLIS SylviaE1580323 Sep 197750RI29 7
MARGOLIS William NathanE1580403 Jun 197987RM17 1
MARGOLOVSKY HarryE1580528 Aug 194926RA50 7
MARGOLOVSKY JacobE1580625 Oct 196174RA50 1
MARGOLOVSKY RebeccaE1580716 Jul 196880RA50 2
MARGRIE SadieE1580805 Sep 194127RB24 14
MARGULEFSKY AaronE1580915 Aug 198181RJ12 22
MARGULEFSKY AnnieE1581004 Sep 196361RE47 7
MARGULEFSKY RoseE1581130 Oct 196659RJ12 21
MARGULIES HarryE1581206 Dec 195362RD33 28
MARGULIES JohnE1581322 Nov 198277RN06 7
MARGULIES MillieE1581416 Aug 198885RN06 8
MARIENSTRAUSS FannyE1581507 Aug 195889RF48 23
MARK BenjaminE1581614 Dec 198764RL25 5
MARK EvaE1581727 Jul 199874RL25 6
MARK KathleenE1581815 Mar 201694RE50 5
MARKHAM HenryE1581922 Dec 199379RJ07 4
MARKHAM IsidoreE1582011 May 200687RC23 32
MARKHAM MaylechE1582119 Dec 199296RC03 23
MARKHAM RoseE1582211 Sep 200099RC03 22
MARKHAM SallyE1582325 Jul 200083RJ07 3
MARKHAM SylviaE1582412 May 201792RC23 33
MARKIEWICZ Maritz MorrisE1582509 Oct 196879RB14 35
MARKIEWICZ MarthaE1582606 May 197480RB14 34
MARKIEWICZ RuthE1582730 Apr 19390RB14 29
MARKIN AnnieE1582810 Mar 195778RE22 19
MARKIN RaphaelE1582926 Jan 196676RF18 26
MARKINSON SamuelE1583024 Jul 193830RA12 17
MARKLES RachelE1583101 Dec 195975RD14 8
MARKO Arthur JosephE1583225 Nov 195642RE19 18
MARKOFSKY BellaE1583314 Jan 198992RO25 60
MARKOFSKY MyerE1583421 May 196874RI16 31
MARKOFSKY SarahE1583522 Apr 194075RB17 6
MARKOVITCH AnnieE1583606 Aug 194864RB45 13
MARKOVITCH Barnett DavidE1583706 Aug 199276RF05 4
MARKOVITCH DinaE1583802 Apr 199190RL27 36
MARKOVITCH EdithE1583920 Apr 198663RD22 32
MARKOVITCH FannyE1584017 May 199884RF05 3
MARKOVITCH HarryE1584123 Jun 196363RF31 7
MARKOVITCH IsraelE1584216 Jul 200383RD22 33
MARKOVITCH JosephE1584326 Dec 201386RI46 26
MARKOVITCH KateE1584404 Jan 194156RB19 31
MARKOVITCH KittyE1584522 Sep 200373RN13 46
MARKOVITCH LazarusE1584624 May 195169RA57 28
MARKOVITCH LeahE1584707 Mar 195080RB50 19
MARKOVITCH MorrisE1584815 Apr 196562RH38 30
MARKOVITCH MorrisE1584906 Mar 197085RD22 35
MARKOVITCH MyerE1585020 Dec 197053RG46 16
MARKOVITCH SamuelE1585124 Feb 196381RE19 3
MARKOVITS HenryE1585231 Jul 195775RE25 15
MARKOVITS KlaraE1585302 Aug 196376RE25 14
MARKOVITZ RosaE1585414 Sep 198574RN12 23
MARKOVITZ WoolfE1585507 Feb 195668RE11 6
MARKOWITZ Hyman LouisE1585631 Jan 194767RA36 6
MARKOWITZ LeahE1585716 Feb 195776RA36 5
MARKOWITZ SiegfriedE1585811 Nov 199981RO35 68
MARKS AbrahamE1585907 May 199186RC23 26
MARKS AlanE1586031 Mar 198346RN39 20
MARKS AlanE1586105 Dec 200072RL09 43
MARKS AlecE1586207 Dec 195255RD41 24
MARKS AlecE1586311 Jul 199086RO02 30
MARKS Alfred MichaelE1586406 Feb 194842RA46 15
MARKS AlfredE1586516 Nov 194740RA45 22
MARKS Anna RachelE1586602 Dec 196961RM21 12
MARKS AnnieE1586706 Sep 196353RG21 29
MARKS AnnieE1586825 Mar 197473RK11 33
MARKS AnnieE1586911 Feb 198385RK35 33
MARKS CeciliaE1587015 Jun 200684RK22 31
MARKS DeborahE1587123 Feb 197168RA52 28
MARKS ElizabethE1587206 May 197462RD17 8
MARKS EmanuelE1587325 Sep 197468RK11 34
MARKS EmanuelE1587411 Jan 199880RO25 63
MARKS EmanuelE1587504 Oct 199183RJ36 37
MARKS ErnestE1587606 Sep 195842RF47 19
MARKS EsthelleE1587706 Oct 199162RO25 62
MARKS EstherE1587808 Apr 197473RM36 16
MARKS EvaE1587904 Jan 198077RC23 27
MARKS EvaE1588025 Dec 199385RJ36 38
MARKS FannyE1588103 Nov 197468RL22 23
MARKS FannyE1588202 Apr 196687RA27 1
MARKS FrederickE1588327 Nov 196155RE11 33
MARKS HaroldE1588418 Apr 199138RI41 6
MARKS HarryE1588519 Jul 197161RK22 30
MARKS HarryE1588611 Apr 197975RH04 19
MARKS HarryE1588716 Aug 200979RK12 44
MARKS HarryE1588828 Jun 198188RF14 26
MARKS HildaE1588914 Sep 201585RL09 42
MARKS Hyman WoolfE1589026 May 199481RL03 41
MARKS HymanE1589130 Sep 198384RL22 24
MARKS HymanE1589226 Sep 199494RJ39 7
MARKS IsidoreE1589305 Aug 200886RE02 33
MARKS JackE1589402 Mar 198771RM08 7
MARKS JackE1589504 Oct 197776RM36 17
MARKS JackE1589601 Nov 200780RG20 34
MARKS JackE1589716 Jul 198981RO04 3
MARKS JaneE1589817 Dec 196557RH32 11
MARKS JeanneE1589923 Apr 199066RN43 46
MARKS JennieE1590003 Feb 198680RD52 24
MARKS JosephE1590111 Jul 195343RD36 11
MARKS JosephE1590204 Jan 198478RH32 10
MARKS Joshua DavidE1590324 Apr 198162RO13 49
MARKS JulieE1590410 Jan 196174RE07 7
MARKS KatieE1590520 Aug 197270RJ26 13
MARKS LilyE1590616 Jul 198682RN39 29
MARKS MarthaE1590725 Aug 199092RM39 11
MARKS MauriceE1590829 Apr 196964RJ19 16
MARKS MauriceE1590923 Jul 198669RO36 17
MARKS Max NormanE1591023 Feb 197225RM22 11
MARKS MaxE1591106 Jan 197882RJ26 14
MARKS MinnieE1591222 Nov 197164RG47 8
MARKS MiriamE1591304 May 198483RN42 29
MARKS MorrisE1591407 Aug 197471RK27 22
MARKS MorrisE1591513 Nov 198573RO29 57
MARKS NancyE1591628 Apr 199986RB05 2
MARKS NathanE1591705 Jun 196766RG38 6
MARKS NettieE1591829 Aug 199682RC02 12
MARKS or YACOBOVITCH MorrisE1591927 Jul 197875RF42 25
MARKS PhilipE1592031 Jan 196374RE25 3
MARKS PollyE1592111 Jan 198891RM07 37
MARKS RachelE1592221 Dec 196776RF14 25
MARKS RachelE1592326 Jul 198476RO11 51
MARKS RachelE1592409 Apr 200085RI03 32
MARKS RebeccaE1592522 Apr 195676RE13 11
MARKS ReneeE1592618 Jul 199984RE02 32
MARKS RoseE1592721 Apr 197467RK27 21
MARKS RoseE1592817 Jun 199177RH04 18
MARKS RoseE1592929 Jul 199782RO29 58
MARKS RoseE1593024 Feb 199688RO04 4
MARKS SadieE1593127 Jan 195942RD12 25
MARKS SadieE1593207 Mar 198780RO04 25
MARKS SamuelE1593324 Sep 196749RE49 8
MARKS SamuelE1593431 Jan 195050RA51 27
MARKS SamuelE1593516 Jun 194267RA27 10
MARKS SamuelE1593608 Jan 199479RI03 31
MARKS SamuelE1593727 Feb 197579RM39 12
MARKS SamuelE1593815 Apr 198381RN39 30
MARKS SamuelE1593922 Dec 199890RB05 1
MARKS SarahE1594009 Jan 193975RB11 5
MARKS SarahE1594118 Sep 196885RJ15 24
MARKS SarahE1594213 Nov 199287RJ19 15
MARKS SarahE1594318 Feb 199599RJ39 8
MARKS ShirleyE1594409 Jan 201585RJ39 1
MARKS SidneyE1594519 May 197368RK20 38
MARKS SophieE1594612 Mar 19920RO02 29
MARKS SophieE1594730 Jul 198376RD53 8
MARKS StanleyE1594813 Jul 201386RJ39 2
MARKS SydneyE1594906 May 199287RD12 24
MARKS SylviaE1595012 Mar 200791RM11 12
MARKS ThomasE1595112 Aug 197286RE07 8
MARKS WillieE1595209 Jun 198776RC02 11
MARKS WoolfE1595324 Oct 200188RM21 11
MARKS YettaE1595418 Apr 197269RG21 28
MARKS YettaE1595513 Feb 195576RD22 23
MARKS YettaE1595622 Feb 200692RL03 40
MARKS YetteE1595722 Oct 200188RI28 22
MARKUS GoldaE1595821 May 199280RO27 16
MARLOW MillicentE1595909 Apr 198575RM20 19
MARLOW SamuelE1596024 Dec 196965RM20 18
MARLOW SarahE1596107 Apr 197065RM21 33
MARLOW SidneyE1596217 Dec 197882RM21 32
MARLOWE Stella DinahE1596323 Sep 201689RG50 28
MAROFSKY GertrudeE1596421 Apr 194655RB38 8
MARON Abraham AlfredE1596528 Sep 198674RN08 4
MARON AbrahamE1596606 Nov 194361RA32 15
MARON ClaraE1596716 Mar 199887RN08 2
MARRON BettyE1596820 Nov 198788RD17 25
MARRON ElizabethE1596928 Aug 199792RL32 21
MARRON HymanE1597014 Oct 195555RD17 24
MARRON RachelE1597115 Apr 198690RD38 28
MARRON Robert ReubenE1597225 Jun 197972RL32 20
MARRON ZiskindE1597325 Mar 195370RD38 27
MARSDEN BarnetE1597410 Mar 197470RE47 29
MARSDEN JennyE1597510 Sep 196351RE47 28
MARSH DoraE1597605 Jul 197670RN17 36
MARSH EstherE1597720 Jan 200083RF07 11
MARSH GabrielE1597809 Apr 198468RF07 12
MARSH JennyE1597901 Nov 194131RB24 11
MARSH ReubenE1598001 May 197159RH21 28
MARSHALL AnnieE1598101 Apr 196668RE06 5
MARSHALL BenjaminE1598219 Apr 197152RI29 15
MARSHALL BettyE1598303 May 200290RG09 24
MARSHALL FredaE1598417 Jan 199380RI29 32
MARSHALL HettyE1598502 Jan 198562RI29 14
MARSHALL Lionel markE1598622 Jun 196148RG09 25
MARSHALL SimonE1598730 Nov 199377RI29 33
MARSHALL SolomonE1598814 Nov 197784RI29 21
MARSHOM EvaE1598915 Jan 197271RM29 24
MARSHOM Henry MauriceE1599014 Aug 197476RM29 25
MARSLACK JackE1599124 Jan 199171RJ34 13
MARSLACK RoseE1599209 Feb 199676RJ34 14
MARTIN (LIPSHITZ) NancyE1599322 Mar 199687RJ08 12
MARTIN AdaE1599425 Aug 197062RB04 12
MARTIN AnitaE1599501 Aug 198783RK45 24
MARTIN AnnieE1599612 Dec 198766RN35 4
MARTIN Arthur RichardE1599720 Oct 198882RB04 11
MARTIN CyrilE1599822 Mar 201792RD14 4
MARTIN DavidE1599905 Jul 201594RF52 8
MARTIN FloraE1600004 Jul 198780RO13 26
MARTIN FrederickE1600123 Sep 198865RF04 13
MARTIN HarryE1600212 Feb 200594RE39 35
MARTIN Helen AnnE1600323 Aug 201488RD14 3
MARTIN HenryE1600408 Aug 199894RK45 23
MARTIN HildaE1600523 Mar 200478RF04 14
MARTIN HymanE1600621 Mar 196559RJ08 11
MARTIN Jimmy IsaacE1600703 Oct 197873RM13 23
MARTIN LilyE1600809 Nov 199878RJ32 26
MARTIN LilyE1600920 Nov 200386RE24 35
MARTIN MaryE1601026 Mar 200687RM13 22
MARTIN Max MathewE1601112 Apr 197968RO23 52
MARTIN MichaelE1601231 Oct 198874RJ32 25
MARTIN MurielE1601315 Oct 201688RE48 26
MARTIN MyraE1601425 Mar 198962RF52 7
MARTIN o/w PELTZ MorrisE1601509 Mar 197748RD44 3
MARTIN Paul MalcolmE1601613 Nov 19433RB56 27
MARTIN Percy (Bob)E1601705 Jul 200688RE24 34
MARTIN RachelE1601821 Jan 197668RA26 22
MARTIN RalphE1601912 Nov 199674RN35 3
MARTIN SadieE1602009 Mar 198568RO23 53
MARTIN VeraE1602101 Apr 200285RE39 34
MARZELL MaryE1602220 Jan 198675RK41 23
MARZELL MorrisE1602317 Jul 200294RK41 22
MASBAUM HelenaE1602402 May 197687RD09 6
MASBAUM MarkE1602518 Sep 196174RD09 5
MASIDLOVER IsraelE1602625 Mar 200396RO06 24
MASIDLOVER NathanE1602705 Nov 194554RA38 12
MASIDLOVER PollyE1602806 Feb 198680RO06 25
MASLIN Joseph LouisE1602903 Sep 196965RF32 4
MASLIN Sybil DorisE1603008 Aug 199889RE02 17
MASON Alfred DavidE1603111 Aug 198461RO33 16
MASON ArthurE1603224 Feb 198959RN04 42
MASON HettyE1603328 Mar 201289RO33 15
MASON JackE1603425 Jun 198879RL37 6
MASON LeahE1603501 Dec 197870RO20 9
MASON MinnieE1603610 Mar 200183RM22 18
MASON NormanE1603708 Jun 200571RM31 1
MASON o/w CARMELL JeanE1603827 Jun 198577RH06 15
MASON ReneeE1603922 Sep 198881RL37 5
MASON ReubenE1604015 Apr 196486RF25 25
MASON RoseE1604106 Jul 196880RF25 24
MASON SidneyE1604203 May 197060RM22 17
MASON WilliamE1604305 Feb 198683RN37 45
MASSEL Helen JenniferE1604427 Nov 19492 mthRB55 38
MASSER BarnettE1604512 Nov 194545RA38 10
MASSER RuthE1604623 May 19417RA60 18
MASSING ArnoldE1604720 Aug 197964RM12 25
MASSING BellaE1604817 Aug 200690RM12 24
MASSING EstherE1604925 Jan 198378RO14 51
MASTERS AnneE1605019 Jul 201275RC27 35
MASTERS BenjaminE1605108 Jan 197159RJ24 22
MASTERS CeliaE1605209 Dec 199590RK05 17
MASTERS CissieE1605309 Sep 197866RJ24 23
MASTERS EstherE1605428 Feb 196968RE05 17
MASTERS JohnE1605524 Sep 198769RO39 5
MASTERS SamuelE1605631 Dec 199993RE05 18
MATHER LeonardE1605717 Nov 196145RG11 23
MATHER SolomonE1605802 Aug 195557RD45 6
MATHEWS JacobE1605917 Dec 195776RC10 28
MATHEWS MorrisE1606002 Jan 200375RE51 28
MATLIN Jack LouisE1606123 Dec 198471RN05 36
MATLIN RoseE1606215 Feb 200486RN05 37
MATLOCK MorrisE1606303 Dec 197160RM28 39
MATLOCK RachelE1606413 Sep 199877RM28 38
MATTEY KatieE1606512 Aug 193949RB15 16
MATTEY SamuelE1606609 Sep 195568RD17 21
MATTHEWS Pearl PollyE1606711 Mar 198284RC10 27
MATTHEWS RachelE1606828 Apr 199476RC11 32
MATTLESON EstherE1606923 Nov 194253RB28 24
MATZ David IsadorE1607010 May 197251RK24 13
MATZ EvaE1607112 Sep 196980RD18 13
MATZ RubinE1607211 Sep 195567RD18 12
MAUTNER Arthur JacobE1607327 Mar 198571RK40 13
MAUTNER YettaE1607417 Jan 200693RK40 14
MAX MendelE1607520 Jan 196585RJ06 33
MAX or NASILAVITZ RachelE1607622 Dec 197486RJ06 34
MAX RachelE1607717 Mar 196366RB06 12
MAX RoseE1607827 Dec 200387RE39 1
MAXWELL GodfreyE1607927 Sep 197372RK12 20
MAXWELL Israel SydneyE1608024 Oct 197665RL14 25
MAXWELL SophieE1608126 Oct 197360RK12 21
MAY CyrilE1608209 Apr 201081RE45 35
MAY GeorgeE1608321 Apr 195852RF51 31
MAY LionelE1608423 Jan 201481RG36 1
MAY Lotte KarolineE1608516 Jul 201292RI45 26
MAY Margaret GretaE1608624 Jan 198064RO13 18
MAYBAUM MichaelE1608726 Oct 198556RO32 51
MAYES JulianE1608825 Mar 198280RM17 29
MAYLE LouisE1608924 Jul 193954RA16 18
MAYOVER WoolfE1609017 Sep 195245RD51 22
MAYS GeorgeE1609105 Oct 197267RK13 5
MAYS GertrudeE1609203 Aug 198682RK13 6
MAZIER Zigmond o/w JacobE1609331 Jan 194875RA45 6
MAZURE GertrudeE1609421 Apr 197184RL19 38
MAZURE Samuel DavidE1609520 Jan 197380RL19 39
MAZZER AnnieE1609617 Aug 197987RM12 21
MAZZER HymanE1609701 Sep 198998RM12 20

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