All Deceased beginning with letters 'AS'

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All names beginning AS
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ASCHER DeborahA0004926 Apr 193840B110 07
ASH Abraham HarryB0295418 Dec 197782L27 23
ASH AnnC0385828 Mar 200681B102 14
ASH ArlineA0302008 May 195217D247 10
ASH DavidB0330426 Aug 197865I139 14
ASH EdithB0792124 Jan 198881D253 11
ASH GoldaC0192126 Nov 199888I139 15
ASH HymanB0637304 Nov 198486M13 21
ASH IsaacB0650401 Feb 198582O07 13
ASH LilyB0720524 Jul 198690L27 22
ASH LouisC0170020 Mar 199878B102 13
ASH SamuelB0503724 Jan 198276D253 10
ASH SarahB0964619 Jan 199284O07 14
ASH Stella EstherB0347521 Dec 197878M13 20
ASHBUL LilyB0661821 Apr 198578N139 28
ASHCOVITCH FannyA0895809 Oct 196983I123 13
ASHCOVITCH Nathan AshA0970004 Mar 197185I123 14
ASHEIM SarahA0435822 Dec 195742E130 09
ASHER AmeliaA0631622 Sep 196357H245 14
ASHER AnneB0931025 Mar 199188O10 43
ASHER BetsyA0040421 Oct 193966B116 22
ASHER CharlesB0565219 Apr 198384O10 42
ASHER LottieB0635315 Oct 198485O33 33
ASHER Nathan (Woolf)A0178626 Aug 194674B116 21
ASHER RoseA0305611 Jul 195249D244 13
ASHKEN JoshuaB0222518 Jun 197668F108 27
ASHKENAZI BenjaminA0395220 Jun 195638E115 18
ASHMAN LewisA0517321 Jan 196156G108 22
ASHMAN SarahA0233807 Apr 194984B247 22
ASHTON HettyB0501410 Jan 198272E254 27
ASHTON MorrisB0384422 Aug 197969O15 35
ASHTON QueenieC0424226 Mar 200896O15 34
ASPESS AbrahamB0578108 Aug 198389O10 45
ASRELOWITCH AbrahamA0994525 Aug 197179J24 34
ASRELWITCH MillyC0086129 Dec 199595J24 35
ASSENHEIM RoseA0136625 May 194433B132 23
ASTLEY MauriceC0432413 Jun 200864F104 01

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