All Deceased beginning with letters 'AS'

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All names beginning AS
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ASCHER DeborahE0063826 Apr 193840RB10 7
ASH Abraham HarryE0063918 Dec 197782RL27 23
ASH AnnE0064028 Mar 200681RB02 14
ASH ArlineE0064108 May 195217RD47 10
ASH DavidE0064226 Aug 197865RI39 14
ASH EdithE0064324 Jan 198881RD53 11
ASH GoldaE0064426 Nov 199888RI39 15
ASH HymanE0064504 Nov 198486RM13 21
ASH IsaacE0064601 Feb 198582RO07 13
ASH LilyE0064724 Jul 198690RL27 22
ASH LouisE0064820 Mar 199878RB02 13
ASH SamuelE0064924 Jan 198276RD53 10
ASH SarahE0065019 Jan 199284RO07 14
ASH Stella EstherE0065121 Dec 197878RM13 20
ASHBUL LilyE0065221 Apr 198578RN39 28
ASHCOVITCH FannyE0065309 Oct 196983RI23 13
ASHCOVITCH Nathan AshE0065404 Mar 197185RI23 14
ASHEIM SarahE0065522 Dec 195742RE30 9
ASHER AmeliaE0065622 Sep 196357RH45 14
ASHER AnneE0065725 Mar 199188RO10 43
ASHER BetsyE0065821 Oct 193966RB16 22
ASHER CharlesE0065919 Apr 198384RO10 42
ASHER LottieE0066015 Oct 198485RO33 33
ASHER Nathan (Woolf)E0066126 Aug 194674RB16 21
ASHER RoseE0066211 Jul 195249RD44 13
ASHKEN JoshuaE0066318 Jun 197668RF08 27
ASHKENAZI BenjaminE0066420 Jun 195638RE15 18
ASHMAN LewisE0066521 Jan 196156RG08 22
ASHMAN SarahE0066607 Apr 194984RB47 22
ASHTON HettyE0066710 Jan 198272RE54 27
ASHTON MorrisE0066822 Aug 197969RO15 35
ASHTON QueenieE0066926 Mar 200896RO15 34
ASPESS AbrahamE0067008 Aug 198389RO10 45
ASRELOWITCH AbrahamE0067125 Aug 197179RJ24 34
ASRELWITCH MillyE0067229 Dec 199595RJ24 35
ASSENHEIM RoseE0067325 May 194433RB32 23
ASTLEY MauriceE0067413 Jun 200864RF04 1

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