All Deceased beginning with letters 'AV'

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All names beginning AV
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AVENER DavidE0071927 Sep 197468RK28 28
AVENER FloraE0072013 Jun 199587RK28 27
AVENTCHICK DebbyE0072122 Oct 198171RO28 13
AVERBERG BellaE0072228 Oct 200689RH28 2
AVERBERG MartinE0072329 Jun 201171RH28 4
AVERBERG PhillipE0072412 May 199279RH28 3
AVERBROOK AbrahamE0072503 Dec 196277RG15 22
AVERBROOK BarnettE0072607 Jul 200592RH37 1
AVERBROOK PaulineE0072726 Aug 198880RH11 9
AVERLEY GoldaE0072818 Oct 195161RD50 19
AVERY Dr. DavidE0072928 Dec 199979RM13 1
AVERY JosephE0073029 Sep 194831RA48 20
AVERY SoniaE0073120 Sep 201494RM13 2
AVIS Harry BarnetE0073213 Nov 197265RK14 23
AVNER LeahE0073302 Apr 197481RK27 11

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