All Deceased beginning with letters 'AV'

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All names beginning AV
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AVENER DavidB0127627 Sep 197468K128 28
AVENER FloraC0067713 Jun 199587K128 27
AVENTCHICK DebbyB0490222 Oct 198171O28 13
AVERBERG BellaC0396328 Oct 200689H128 02
AVERBERG MartinC0478029 Jun 201171H128 04
AVERBERG PhillipB0976812 May 199279H128 03
AVERBROOK AbrahamA0593403 Dec 196277G115 22
AVERBROOK BarnettC0368307 Jul 200592H137 01
AVERBROOK PaulineB0816926 Aug 198880H111 09
AVERLEY GoldaA0288118 Oct 195161D250 19
AVERY Dr. DavidC0227028 Dec 199979M13 01
AVERY JosephA0222329 Sep 194831A248 20
AVERY SoniaC0527520 Sep 201494M13 02
AVIS Harry BarnetB0031913 Nov 197265K114 23
AVNER LeahB0105802 Apr 197481K127 11

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