All Deceased beginning with letters 'LY'

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All names beginning LY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
LYMAN IsadoreE1543918 Dec 196055RF38 24
LYMAN KittyE1544012 May 195853RF50 13
LYMAN Sidney PhilipE1544121 Jul 193828RA11 20
LYNN o/w LASKI Zelda SarahE1544203 Feb 196482RH44 28
LYNNE AlexanderE1544328 Sep 199879RD46 34
LYONS (RAKUSIN) Stella EsterE1544427 May 198671RN06 26
LYONS Abraham AlbertE1544514 Aug 195581RD26 23
LYONS AbrahamE1544605 May 199285RD42 3
LYONS AnneE1544709 Aug 197076RK20 8
LYONS AnnieE1544801 Sep 197889RN24 39
LYONS BetsyE1544903 Dec 200687RE36 34
LYONS BlancheE1545016 Feb 195064RB48 8
LYONS CeliaE1545121 May 197059RM22 29
LYONS DanielE1545217 Feb 197669RN17 13
LYONS DorisE1545322 Apr 198178RM20 2
LYONS DorothyE1545403 Dec 196866RI18 11
LYONS Elias EddieE1545504 Apr 199079RL03 12
LYONS EstherE1545611 Oct 197674RN20 12
LYONS EvaE1545722 Feb 198871RO20 50
LYONS GeorgeE1545806 Jan 201290RE36 35
LYONS HaroldE1545921 Jan 199575RN02 18
LYONS Harry AaronE1546018 Aug 197660RC22 25
LYONS Helena IsabelE1546121 Nov 200363RE29 1
LYONS JonathanE1546229 Dec 200870RE29 2
LYONS JosephE1546328 Jul 201586RE49 35
LYONS JuliaE1546405 Dec 196985RH12 23
LYONS LewisE1546507 Sep 198281RO26 47
LYONS LilyE1546609 Jun 198983RN41 23
LYONS LouisE1546714 Mar 198082RO13 12
LYONS MarkE1546822 Nov 196973RI18 12
LYONS MarkE1546926 Jul 201091RN38 49
LYONS MichaelE1547023 Jan 198481RN41 24
LYONS NathanE1547120 May 197571RN20 11
LYONS NathanielE1547224 Feb 197061RM20 1
LYONS RachelE1547314 Mar 199489RD42 4
LYONS RebeccaE1547405 Aug 198984RO28 48
LYONS RobertE1547525 Dec 198878RM22 30
LYONS RosieE1547617 Dec 197762RA06 2
LYONS RosieE1547726 Jan 198681RK40 36
LYONS SadieE1547826 Jul 198775RO08 11
LYONS SamuelE1547925 May 195861RF50 6
LYONS Sarah HelenE1548013 Aug 199080RL03 11
LYONS SarahE1548130 Jan 196664RG37 8
LYONS Sidney EdgarE1548223 Apr 197755RB04 28
LYONS SolomonE1548322 Feb 193975RA14 33
LYONS YettaE1548419 Jan 200079RN38 48

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