All Deceased beginning with letters 'LY'

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All names beginning LY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
LYMAN IsadoreA0514418 Dec 196055F138 24
LYMAN KittyA0446412 May 195853F250 13
LYMAN Sidney PhilipA0010421 Jul 193828A111 20
LYNN o/w LASKI Zelda SarahA0647303 Feb 196482H244 28
LYNNE AlexanderC0187528 Sep 199879D246 34
LYONS (RAKUSIN) Stella EsterB0713227 May 198671N106 26
LYONS Abraham AlbertA0374614 Aug 195581D126 23
LYONS AbrahamB0976005 May 199285D242 03
LYONS AnneA0938709 Aug 197076K120 08
LYONS AnnieB0330901 Sep 197889N124 39
LYONS BetsyC0398403 Dec 200687E136 34
LYONS BlancheA0250316 Feb 195064B248 08
LYONS CeliaA0930121 May 197059M22 29
LYONS DanielB0205617 Feb 197669N117 13
LYONS DorisB0466322 Apr 198178M20 02
LYONS DorothyA0856503 Dec 196866I118 11
LYONS Elias EddieB0892404 Apr 199079L03 12
LYONS EstherB0236511 Oct 197674N120 12
LYONS EvaB0794022 Feb 198871O20 50
LYONS GeorgeC0486906 Jan 201290E136 35
LYONS HaroldC0052621 Jan 199575N102 18
LYONS Harry AaronB0230418 Aug 197660C122 25
LYONS Helena IsabelC0330621 Nov 200363E129 01
LYONS JonathanC0437829 Dec 200870E129 02
LYONS JosephC0540128 Jul 201586E249 35
LYONS JuliaA0904105 Dec 196985H112 23
LYONS LewisB0532707 Sep 198281O26 47
LYONS LilyB0854809 Jun 198983N241 23
LYONS LouisB0414614 Mar 198082O13 12
LYONS MarkA0902422 Nov 196973I118 12
LYONS MarkC0464426 Jul 201091N138 49
LYONS MichaelB0600623 Jan 198481N241 24
LYONS NathanB0164420 May 197571N120 11
LYONS NathanielA0918224 Feb 197061M20 01
LYONS RachelC0023014 Mar 199489D242 04
LYONS RebeccaB0861805 Aug 198984O28 48
LYONS RobertB0832425 Dec 198878M22 30
LYONS RosieB0295917 Dec 197762A106 02
LYONS RosieB0696026 Jan 198681K140 36
LYONS SadieB0765726 Jul 198775O08 11
LYONS SamuelA0447425 May 195861F250 06
LYONS Sarah HelenB0905713 Aug 199080L03 11
LYONS SarahA0735530 Jan 196664G137 08
LYONS Sidney EdgarB0262323 Apr 197755B104 28
LYONS SolomonA0026122 Feb 193975A114 33
LYONS YettaC0229219 Jan 200079N138 48

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