All Deceased beginning with letters 'AA'

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All names beginning AA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AARON JackE0000113 Jan 199580RL02 3
AARON SarahE0000221 Oct 194576RB37 16
AARON VictoriaE0000322 Aug 199473RL02 4
AARONBERG Yvonne PatriciaE0000408 Sep 196023RD18 9
AARONOVITCH KateE0000523 May 196987RH16 6
AARONS Abraham LatarkaE0000626 Feb 194076RA18 8
AARONS AbrahamE0000709 Jul 198780RO38 47
AARONS AliceE0000811 Dec 194167RA21 5
AARONS BessieE0000917 Jun 194167RB20 31
AARONS BessieE0001014 Sep 199591RE21 34
AARONS Betty RebeccaE0001106 Dec 198883RM05 23
AARONS BettyE0001203 Mar 194314RB20 32
AARONS BettyE0001308 Aug 199786RM37 18
AARONS DinahE0001430 Oct 199989RO38 46
AARONS DoraE0001512 Dec 194470RA21 28
AARONS FannyE0001612 Feb 196978RE38 24
AARONS Fay (Fanny)E0001709 Dec 201498RJ33 43
AARONS FrederickE0001815 Feb 196070RE38 28
AARONS IsaacE0001906 Nov 194071RA21 27
AARONS Joseph JudahE0002008 Jul 197464RM37 20
AARONS LeonE0002110 Sep 195888RD13 33
AARONS MarksE0002210 Jan 194066RA17 5
AARONS NancyE0002322 Jun 196771RI10 15
AARONS PollyE0002415 Dec 195985RD13 32
AARONS RubinE0002526 Oct 197070RE21 35
AARONS SolomonE0002615 Apr 195484RB50 6
AARONS YettaE0002720 Mar 198792RK08 40
AARONSON AliceE0002815 Oct 196970RE15 34
AARONSON AnnieE0002929 Mar 197362RI04 20
AARONSON BloomahE0003014 Dec 195883RF46 22
AARONSON DavidE0003121 Feb 198665RM11 32
AARONSON Deborah RoseE0003205 Nov 198060RM11 31
AARONSON HymanE0003327 Mar 195660RA09 35
AARONSON Israel EdwardE0003415 Nov 199572RI15 4
AARONSON JacobE0003523 Apr 198883RL27 41
AARONSON LeahE0003629 May 198993RA09 34
AARONSON MarkE0003725 Jul 197575RI04 21
AARONSON MorrisE0003810 May 193864RA11 18
AARONSON MorrisE0003929 Jul 196771RH24 25
AARONSON RaphaelE0004008 Apr 193986RA15 33
AARONSON ReneeE0004127 May 198882RL27 40
AARONSON SolomonE0004217 Dec 195176RD49 23
AARONSON SophieE0004315 Oct 195275RD49 24
AARONSON TobyE0004425 Jun 197477RH24 24

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