All Deceased beginning with letters 'AA'

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All names beginning AA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
AARON JackC0051613 Jan 199580L02 03
AARON SarahA0162021 Oct 194576B137 16
AARON VictoriaC0037822 Aug 199473L02 04
AARONBERG Yvonne PatriciaA0505908 Sep 196023D118 09
AARONOVITCH KateA0880223 May 196987H116 06
AARONS Abraham LatarkaA0047326 Feb 194076A118 08
AARONS AbrahamB0763609 Jul 198780O38 47
AARONS AliceA0092011 Dec 194167A121 05
AARONS BessieA0085117 Jun 194167B120 31
AARONS BessieC0075414 Sep 199591E121 34
AARONS Betty RebeccaB0830506 Dec 198883M05 23
AARONS BettyA0113703 Mar 194314B120 32
AARONS BettyC0145808 Aug 199786M37 18
AARONS DinahC0221530 Oct 199989O38 46
AARONS DoraA0146312 Dec 194470A121 28
AARONS FannyA0867512 Feb 196978E138 24
AARONS Fay (Fanny)C0529909 Dec 201498J33 43
AARONS FrederickA0491115 Feb 196070E138 28
AARONS IsaacA0068006 Nov 194071A121 27
AARONS Joseph JudahB0119408 Jul 197464M37 20
AARONS LeonA0454610 Sep 195888D113 33
AARONS MarksA0043910 Jan 194066A117 05
AARONS NancyA0793622 Jun 196771I110 15
AARONS PollyA0486415 Dec 195985D113 32
AARONS RubinA0950326 Oct 197070E121 35
AARONS SolomonA0343715 Apr 195484B250 06
AARONS YettaB0750020 Mar 198792K108 40
AARONSON AliceA0896215 Oct 196970E115 34
AARONSON AnnieB0055229 Mar 197362I104 20
AARONSON BloomahA0460514 Dec 195883F246 22
AARONSON DavidB0699521 Feb 198665M11 32
AARONSON Deborah RoseB0442905 Nov 198060M11 31
AARONSON HymanA0389827 Mar 195660A109 35
AARONSON Israel EdwardC0081215 Nov 199572I115 04
AARONSON JacobB0803123 Apr 198883L27 41
AARONSON LeahB0853329 May 198993A109 34
AARONSON MarkB0173125 Jul 197575I104 21
AARONSON MorrisA0006010 May 193864A111 18
AARONSON MorrisA0796929 Jul 196771H124 25
AARONSON RaphaelA0030508 Apr 193986A115 33
AARONSON ReneeB0806927 May 198882L27 40
AARONSON SolomonA0292417 Dec 195176D249 23
AARONSON SophieA0310615 Oct 195275D249 24
AARONSON TobyB0118225 Jun 197477H124 24

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