All Deceased beginning with letters 'OK'

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All names beginning OK
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OKEN EvaB0547019 Dec 198270N113 36
OKEN MaryA0946905 Oct 197057I128 28
OKEN SidneyA0526124 Apr 196150E242 26
OKENOFF AnitaC0024910 Apr 199473N138 47
OKENOFF BarnetB0781628 Nov 198772N138 46
OKENOFF Louis SymonsA0811521 Dec 196766B117 01
OKENOFF RoseA0053609 Jun 194037B117 16
OKIN Frieda HettieB0200501 Feb 197662N122 05
OKIN SamuelB0716012 Jun 198675N122 06
OKIN SamuelC0159614 Dec 199783G116 33
OKRANT FannyA0501011 Jul 196084E139 18
OKRANT LilyA0500909 Jul 196063A106 13
OKRANT PinkusA0551427 Dec 196170A106 14
OKRENT AbrahamA0678910 Nov 196480F122 26

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