All Deceased beginning with letters 'OK'

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All names beginning OK
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
OKEN EvaE1767719 Dec 198270RN13 36
OKEN MaryE1767805 Oct 197057RI28 28
OKEN SidneyE1767924 Apr 196150RE42 26
OKENOFF AnitaE1768010 Apr 199473RN38 47
OKENOFF BarnetE1768128 Nov 198772RN38 46
OKENOFF Louis SymonsE1768221 Dec 196766RB17 1
OKENOFF RoseE1768309 Jun 194037RB17 16
OKIN Frieda HettieE1768401 Feb 197662RN22 5
OKIN SamuelE1768512 Jun 198675RN22 6
OKIN SamuelE1768614 Dec 199783RG16 33
OKRANT FannyE1768711 Jul 196084RE39 18
OKRANT LilyE1768809 Jul 196063RA06 13
OKRANT PinkusE1768927 Dec 196170RA06 14
OKRENT AbrahamE1769010 Nov 196480RF22 26

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