All Deceased beginning with letters 'JA'

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All names beginning JA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
JABINSKY MorrisE1127913 Oct 194282RA28 9
JABLON AnnaE1128015 Dec 198082RE26 26
JABLON WoolfE1128124 Oct 195768RE27 25
JACKSON AlfredE1128227 Nov 198473RI14 9
JACKSON AlfredE1128313 Jul 198075RL34 33
JACKSON AliceE1128413 Apr 200189RE19 2
JACKSON ArthurE1128527 Aug 198367RN40 14
JACKSON AubreyE1128626 Jul 198072RN31 19
JACKSON Benjamin Dr.E1128720 Feb 197565RK10 37
JACKSON BettyE1128831 Mar 195349RD39 10
JACKSON DanielE1128930 Dec 198483RL09 37
JACKSON DavidE1129002 Jul 199044RM03 27
JACKSON DinahE1129115 Feb 197571RI37 25
JACKSON DoraE1129214 Feb 198476RL34 32
JACKSON DorisE1129326 May 198574RK10 36
JACKSON EstherE1129430 Mar 196857RI14 10
JACKSON FannyE1129522 May 200083RO34 72
JACKSON GertrudeE1129608 Jun 198680RM24 40
JACKSON GoldaE1129708 Mar 199988RN31 20
JACKSON HaroldE1129829 Aug 198984RI37 24
JACKSON HarryE1129930 Sep 195352RB40 33
JACKSON HenryE1130017 Aug 195724RE25 27
JACKSON HildaE1130115 Nov 200892RF54 18
JACKSON IsadoreE1130205 Dec 198265RO29 25
JACKSON JackE1130324 Sep 2007103RF39 1
JACKSON JackE1130406 Oct 196462RG30 19
JACKSON JacobE1130501 Oct 197282RM32 22
JACKSON Joseph LewisE1130628 Nov 201296RE19 1
JACKSON JosephE1130726 Feb 195062RA50 32
JACKSON JosephE1130805 Feb 198678RN39 14
JACKSON JosephE1130904 Jul 199486RO03 4
JACKSON KittyE1131009 May 200194RF39 2
JACKSON LeslieE1131114 Jun 199382RF54 17
JACKSON Malka Shiela (Sheindal)E1131219 Sep 198878RH08 19
JACKSON Margaret SheilaE1131314 Dec 194342RB31 26
JACKSON MauriceE1131405 Jun 197356RI30 5
JACKSON Paul JayE1131514 Oct 197656RL14 18
JACKSON PaulineE1131617 Jan 196879RI13 17
JACKSON PhyllisE1131709 Feb 200473RE49 3
JACKSON RachelE1131824 Jun 194939RB47 12
JACKSON RebeccaE1131930 Jun 197886RA37 3
JACKSON SamuelE1132012 Dec 198979RO04 48
JACKSON SamuelE1132129 Oct 197482RH08 18
JACKSON SandraE1132226 Dec 19462 mthRB55 27
JACKSON Sarah FredaE1132305 Oct 197087RL20 38
JACKSON SarahE1132401 Dec 2000101RG30 20
JACKSON SarahE1132508 May 196576RH38 7
JACKSON SarahE1132606 Dec 198177RL09 38
JACKSON Sidney IsraelE1132701 Oct 199881RF44 29
JACOB Great GitlaE1132802 May 197392RH42 5
JACOB HarrietE1132922 Mar 197082RE09 4
JACOB MargueriteE1133014 Oct 200894RK16 44
JACOB MorrisE1133116 Mar 196384RH47 5
JACOB PhilipE1133216 Aug 196966RI21 7
JACOB Samuel RonaldE1133310 Feb 197260RK16 20
JACOB SolomonE1133408 Dec 200389RO37 76
JACOBI LipaE1133514 Aug 195034RA54 22
JACOBOVITCH BecyE1133614 Mar 194760RB41 6
JACOBOVITCH DeborahE1133713 Jan 193978RB13 24
JACOBOVITCH HettieE1133828 Dec 195172RD49 26
JACOBOVITCH IsraelE1133909 Apr 194862RB42 5
JACOBOVITCH JackE1134003 Apr 198676RB41 3
JACOBOVITCH Philip WoolfE1134121 Feb 193934RA11 31
JACOBOVITCH RebeccaE1134213 May 195162RB53 10
JACOBOVITCH SadieE1134307 Jul 196566RG35 13
JACOBOVITCH SolomonE1134404 Jun 194665RA40 8
JACOBOVITCH YettaE1134521 Dec 194159RB25 14
JACOBOVOTCH Tilly TammaE1134603 May 196555RG35 18
JACOBOVSKY FannyE1134726 Apr 194649RB39 17
JACOBOWITZ JosephE1134812 Nov 195159RD50 25
JACOBS (SENCHAL) Mary JacobsE1134928 Jan 197286RK23 36
JACOBS Aaron HarryE1135024 Nov 198583RO30 55
JACOBS Aaron JonasE1135118 Mar 197571RC21 25
JACOBS AaronE1135221 Dec 195768RE30 15
JACOBS AlanE1135313 Aug 201572RE47 1
JACOBS AlexanderE1135407 Jan 197370RM18 37
JACOBS Alfred LouisE1135518 Nov 196165RG11 17
JACOBS AlfredE1135608 Jan 19970RM35 31
JACOBS AlfredE1135708 Feb 198375RN38 39
JACOBS AlfredE1135806 Nov 200985RI43 13
JACOBS AlfredE1135907 Jun 200489RH44 33
JACOBS Andrew Martin (baby)E1136024 Dec 19802 mthRB54 21
JACOBS AnnE1136119 Mar 197778RJ03 22
JACOBS AnnE1136218 Sep 201780RG50 18
JACOBS AnnE1136323 Nov 198781RO24 48
JACOBS AnnieE1136426 Feb 193825RB10 22
JACOBS AnnieE1136527 May 198363RL11 33
JACOBS AnnieE1136625 Nov 197566RK08 22
JACOBS AnnieE1136716 Mar 197172RG46 13
JACOBS AnnieE1136829 Apr 196684RF17 31
JACOBS AnnieE1136908 May 199585RO07 10
JACOBS AnnieE1137030 Oct 197594RA26 32
JACOBS AnnieE1137117 Jan 198996RG04 9
JACOBS Anthony BrianE1137214 Apr 200255RE32 35
JACOBS ArthurE1137317 Mar 199456RN02 13
JACOBS BarnetE1137427 Mar 197077RE41 7
JACOBS BellaE1137510 Mar 197967RK22 15
JACOBS BellaE1137630 Jul 198174RO15 32
JACOBS BenjaminE1137719 Apr 195158RA57 12
JACOBS BerthaE1137805 Dec 199784RM08 38
JACOBS BessieE1137920 Dec 196268RE46 16
JACOBS BessieE1138021 Dec 195774RE30 27
JACOBS BessieE1138125 Feb 198076RN30 24
JACOBS BetsyE1138216 Oct 196572RE37 30
JACOBS BettinaE1138330 Jan 199282RJ19 39
JACOBS Betty ClareE1138401 Jul 196627RG38 7
JACOBS BettyE1138523 Nov 197968RK23 37
JACOBS BettyE1138617 Jan 201785RI43 12
JACOBS BettyE1138717 Dec 200991RN44 40
JACOBS BloomaE1138807 Apr 198078RL06 13
JACOBS BloomahE1138907 Jan 198382RL19 20
JACOBS Celia SarahE1139010 Jul 198068RL05 7
JACOBS CeliaE1139114 Oct 198494RN23 7
JACOBS CharlesE1139210 Nov 199385RL16 41
JACOBS ClareE1139329 May 197069RM22 33
JACOBS David SassoonE1139422 Feb 200881RD11 4
JACOBS David SimonE1139520 Nov 198577RO31 52
JACOBS DavidE1139630 Apr 196559RC12 21
JACOBS DavidE1139722 Mar 198175RI37 28
JACOBS DavidE1139807 Jun 199075RL05 8
JACOBS DavidE1139913 Oct 198277RN06 28
JACOBS DennisE1140011 Dec 199578RJ19 40
JACOBS DoraE1140126 Jan 196976RI08 32
JACOBS DoraE1140207 Aug 198881RL16 40
JACOBS EstherE1140313 Mar 194167RB23 17
JACOBS EstherE1140419 Jan 197567RI37 29
JACOBS EstherE1140520 Dec 197980RK27 26
JACOBS EstherE1140612 Jul 198081RE28 19
JACOBS EstherE1140709 Mar 198683RG26 20
JACOBS EstherE1140804 Oct 197186RC07 7
JACOBS EstherE1140925 Dec 201790RD11 5
JACOBS EstherE1141024 Nov 199391RM28 7
JACOBS EvelynE1141108 Nov 198571RN45 6
JACOBS FannyE1141224 Jan 194338RA19 33
JACOBS FannyE1141302 Jul 194273RB26 28
JACOBS FannyE1141431 Dec 198673RO31 53
JACOBS FannyE1141524 Apr 200377RM29 3
JACOBS FannyE1141603 Sep 197679RO19 46
JACOBS FannyE1141712 Jul 196682RC13 22
JACOBS FannyE1141816 Aug 199282RF10 8
JACOBS FannyE1141928 Sep 199185RJ17 37
JACOBS FayE1142010 May 199086RF39 12
JACOBS FoetusE1142121 Dec 20125 mthRA60 37
JACOBS FrancisE1142230 Jul 196282RE26 3
JACOBS FredaE1142330 Sep 200492RI02 10
JACOBS George BellanyE1142410 Nov 196563RH34 5
JACOBS GeraldE1142518 Sep 200263RE51 30
JACOBS GertrudeE1142630 Aug 199590RM02 5
JACOBS Harry WoolfE1142728 Sep 197270RM19 37
JACOBS HarryE1142805 Mar 193846RA10 18
JACOBS HarryE1142904 Nov 195760RE28 18
JACOBS HarryE1143011 Mar 196067RF41 19
JACOBS HarryE1143103 Nov 198267RN06 30
JACOBS HarryE1143215 Nov 197268RF17 32
JACOBS HarryE1143312 Jul 198071RN09 14
JACOBS HarryE1143430 Apr 200173RN04 44
JACOBS HarryE1143508 Mar 196278RE09 3
JACOBS HarryE1143624 Mar 198580RN44 39
JACOBS HarryE1143719 May 197982RO24 47
JACOBS HarryE1143821 Feb 198586RL39 24
JACOBS HarryE1143930 Oct 199888RM02 6
JACOBS HarryE1144017 Jul 199390RK45 40
JACOBS HenriettaE1144121 Jan 198286RL39 23
JACOBS HenryE1144207 Jan 199266RJ19 3
JACOBS HenryE1144309 Sep 198666RO04 29
JACOBS HenryE1144414 Jan 198985RM04 9
JACOBS HettyE1144524 Aug 197575RG38 12
JACOBS HymanE1144615 Jul 194957RA49 31
JACOBS HymanE1144706 Nov 199281RN45 5
JACOBS IsaacE1144804 Mar 195775RE21 11
JACOBS IsaacE1144928 Sep 196378RF29 11
JACOBS IsadoreE1145026 Oct 196766RI12 11
JACOBS IssyE1145120 Nov 198280RM08 39
JACOBS Jack AbrahamE1145204 Dec 195355RA08 12
JACOBS JackE1145303 Apr 194325RA30 19
JACOBS JackE1145407 Nov 196655RD05 20
JACOBS JackE1145531 May 197163RK18 36
JACOBS JackE1145611 Oct 199677RI02 11
JACOBS JackE1145727 Nov 194480RA35 12
JACOBS JackE1145821 Feb 196980RH16 14
JACOBS JackE1145906 Apr 197587RG40 26
JACOBS Jacqueline EvaE1146021 Jul 199746RN07 19
JACOBS JaneE1146109 Oct 196576RE37 9
JACOBS JessieE1146226 Feb 2010104RI21 6
JACOBS JosephE1146314 Mar 196456RG26 9
JACOBS JosephE1146420 Dec 196768RG38 8
JACOBS JosephE1146523 Jan 199482RI04 4
JACOBS JoyceE1146608 Feb 199364RH44 32
JACOBS JudahE1146723 Oct 197077RK20 35
JACOBS JudahE1146815 Jan 197183RK21 25
JACOBS KatieE1146927 Jan 199097RM03 28
JACOBS KittyE1147027 Feb 198777RG26 8
JACOBS KittyE1147101 Dec 198881RC21 26
JACOBS KittyE1147205 Sep 199182RJ34 29
JACOBS LeonardE1147309 Jan 198980RL04 16
JACOBS LewisE1147417 Jun 196053RE08 23
JACOBS LewisE1147517 Jul 194364RA26 33
JACOBS LilyE1147623 Feb 196745RI08 21
JACOBS LilyE1147705 Sep 197166RE16 32
JACOBS LilyE1147807 Jul 198684RM14 40
JACOBS LilyE1147907 Apr 200186RD43 4
JACOBS LouisE1148011 Sep 196056RF39 11
JACOBS LouisE1148102 May 197163RK22 16
JACOBS LouisE1148212 Jul 198085RO25 49
JACOBS LouisaE1148315 Feb 197377RI34 30
JACOBS Marie GertrudeE1148421 Sep 197772RG16 25
JACOBS MarieE1148531 Dec 195543RE10 14
JACOBS MarieE1148628 Sep 197761RK18 37
JACOBS MarkE1148712 Oct 196057RF39 7
JACOBS MarkE1148827 Nov 198866RO08 4
JACOBS MarkE1148903 Jan 198069RO25 44
JACOBS MarkE1149017 Mar 197172RL19 21
JACOBS MarthaE1149104 Jan 200590RD05 19
JACOBS Martin MarkE1149220 Feb 198051RN30 23
JACOBS MatildaE1149328 Dec 196063RE41 8
JACOBS MauriceE1149416 Jun 199186RL06 14
JACOBS MichaelE1149520 Oct 197164RM28 8
JACOBS MichaelE1149614 Apr 197572RG26 19
JACOBS MillieE1149711 Nov 194564RB36 12
JACOBS MillieE1149809 Aug 199184RN38 40
JACOBS Morris AaronE1149914 Mar 196262RE16 33
JACOBS Morris CharlesE1150003 Aug 197474RC20 25
JACOBS MorrisE1150102 Dec 195955RF43 26
JACOBS MorrisE1150214 Nov 197068RM22 34
JACOBS MorrisE1150327 Dec 196373RH44 22
JACOBS MorrisE1150419 Dec 197473RK29 19
JACOBS MorrisE1150524 Jan 198576RO07 9
JACOBS MorrisE1150616 May 198280RJ17 38
JACOBS MorrisE1150716 Apr 197481RK27 23
JACOBS MorrisE1150801 Mar 196484RC07 6
JACOBS MorrisE1150920 Oct 198293RJ03 21
JACOBS MyerE1151012 Nov 195769RE28 20
JACOBS MyerE1151110 Apr 194973RB40 32
JACOBS NathanE1151208 Sep 194039RA20 14
JACOBS or SOXONICK RoseE1151304 Oct 194226RB27 24
JACOBS PatE1151404 Nov 199889RI04 3
JACOBS PaulineE1151503 Nov 197283RF29 12
JACOBS PearlE1151602 Dec 199386RM04 10
JACOBS PercyE1151713 Sep 195972RE37 10
JACOBS PincusE1151824 Apr 197863RL11 32
JACOBS PollyE1151901 Sep 197776RM37 16
JACOBS Queenie VictoriaE1152011 Apr 198078RC20 26
JACOBS RachelE1152125 Mar 20090RF39 8
JACOBS RachelE1152202 Oct 194962RB48 16
JACOBS RachelE1152325 Jun 195170RB53 28
JACOBS RachelE1152415 May 198682RK41 36
JACOBS RaphaelE1152516 Feb 199489RJ38 37
JACOBS RayE1152604 Oct 197981RJ13 17
JACOBS Raymond SimeonE1152701 Feb 196922RJ17 36
JACOBS RebeccaE1152817 Oct 195449RD30 8
JACOBS RebeccaE1152927 Oct 194575RB37 15
JACOBS RebeccaE1153016 Dec 197178RK20 36
JACOBS RebeccaE1153122 Oct 198782RK45 39
JACOBS ReneeE1153206 Oct 201184RI10 33
JACOBS RoseE1153326 Jul 197778RO23 12
JACOBS RoseE1153420 Nov 199383RO25 45
JACOBS RoseE1153514 Feb 198984RM18 38
JACOBS RoseE1153630 Sep 201089RB42 7
JACOBS RoseE1153724 Feb 199489RN03 34
JACOBS RoseE1153823 Jul 201195RJ38 36
JACOBS Samuel ReubenE1153916 Dec 196263RG16 26
JACOBS SamuelE1154004 Dec 199267RI10 32
JACOBS SamuelE1154121 Mar 198670RB42 6
JACOBS SamuelE1154230 Oct 196236 mthRC01 1
JACOBS SandyE1154325 Jun 198170RK08 23
JACOBS Sarah JinnieE1154419 Oct 197978RK10 19
JACOBS SarahE1154504 Jan 19862 mthRB54 17
JACOBS SarahE1154623 Mar 195859RD14 25
JACOBS SarahE1154704 Dec 199285RI12 10
JACOBS SarahE1154817 May 198036 mthRC01 2
JACOBS SarahE1154928 Dec 197991RG11 18
JACOBS ShirleyE1155003 Jun 197943RK12 16
JACOBS SidneyE1155126 Jan 197470RF10 7
JACOBS SidneyE1155208 Nov 199280RD43 3
JACOBS SidneyE1155304 Jul 199782RN45 3
JACOBS SimonE1155403 Nov 197677RM18 31
JACOBS Solomon SydneyE1155514 Jul 198881RM06 20
JACOBS SolomonE1155617 Mar 197272RM30 21
JACOBS SolomonE1155725 Dec 197578RD14 24
JACOBS SolomonE1155816 Aug 197280RI34 31
JACOBS SophiaE1155925 Mar 197585RE30 14
JACOBS SophieE1156021 Aug 197572RF43 25
JACOBS SophieE1156104 Sep 200393RM06 19
JACOBS StephenE1156212 Oct 199942RI13 35
JACOBS SylviaE1156325 Oct 197275RM18 32
JACOBS TheresaE1156425 Mar 200384RO04 30
JACOBS WoolfE1156529 Jan 196767RJ13 18
JACOBS WoolfE1156620 Dec 197382RI08 33
JACOBS WoolfE1156729 Jun 196483RC13 21
JACOBS Yetta BrinaE1156814 Jan 197375RI34 8
JACOBSON Abraham HerschE1156929 Aug 195570RD18 7
JACOBSON AnnieE1157012 Sep 194771RB42 12
JACOBSON AnnieE1157112 Jan 197578RD18 8
JACOBSON BerthaE1157220 Feb 200691RJ29 4
JACOBSON BessieE1157321 Jul 199585RI03 7
JACOBSON ClaraE1157411 Feb 195273RD47 22
JACOBSON CyrilE1157520 May 200077RN43 4
JACOBSON Dinah RachelE1157619 Apr 198674RL15 9
JACOBSON EmanuelE1157709 Oct 197370RL15 10
JACOBSON EstherE1157807 Oct 198889RF04 27
JACOBSON EvaE1157917 Feb 199185RO09 52
JACOBSON FannyE1158001 Jul 196165RD49 34
JACOBSON GertieE1158116 Apr 199789RI03 5
JACOBSON GertrudeE1158214 Dec 198983RN27 12
JACOBSON HettyE1158301 Jan 200090RE11 9
JACOBSON HildaE1158411 Jun 199387RI03 6
JACOBSON HymanE1158529 Jan 195561RD23 14
JACOBSON IsadoreE1158608 Apr 193961RA15 17
JACOBSON JackE1158712 May 197878RN27 11
JACOBSON KateE1158815 Jul 197681RI38 28
JACOBSON LazarusE1158926 Aug 199389RJ29 3
JACOBSON LenaE1159026 Jan 197453RM35 30
JACOBSON Leon JackE1159116 Feb 197063RG44 11
JACOBSON LilyE1159204 Sep 195561RD17 5
JACOBSON LouisE1159317 Jan 198679RO09 51
JACOBSON MelvynE1159430 May 200663RH45 2
JACOBSON MontyE1159524 Jul 198961RN05 43
JACOBSON NathanE1159611 Aug 194850RA40 4
JACOBSON NormanE1159710 Jun 200556RH45 1
JACOBSON Phyllis DaphneE1159824 Aug 201389RJ02 8
JACOBSON RachelE1159910 Nov 197984RD23 13
JACOBSON ReneeE1160031 Jul 201587RN43 3
JACOBSON SamuelE1160122 Jan 196371RD17 6
JACOBSON SamuelE1160210 May 196793RF44 27
JACOBSON SolomonE1160302 Nov 199599RD49 35
JACOBSON SophieE1160417 Mar 194556RB35 17
JACOBSON WallaceE1160515 Mar 198769RJ02 7
JACOBSON ZeligE1160610 May 196180RD47 23
JACOBUS AlfredE1160728 Nov 198373RN40 29
JACOBUS EdithE1160810 Sep 199270RN40 28
JACOBUS JackE1160903 Jul 197485RF24 25
JACOBUS MiriamE1161007 Aug 196470RF24 19
JACOBVITZ DebbyE1161121 May 196575RH37 18
JACOBY MaraE1161225 Mar 196973RH16 31
JACOBZINER JosephE1161329 Nov 194569RB35 29
JAFFA DavidE1161412 Apr 200481RH31 1
JAFFA John DavidE1161513 Sep 19581 mthRB54 45
JAFFA MauriceE1161610 Jul 200072RL20 1
JAFFA RachelE1161712 Sep 195851RF47 21
JAFFA Rebecca JaneE1161807 Jul 196872RJ16 25
JAFFA ReneeE1161901 Jan 201389RH31 2
JAFFA SamuelE1162012 Dec 197380RJ16 26
JAFFE BarnettE1162112 Dec 196886RB05 8
JAFFE DavidE1162231 Dec 197085RC18 14
JAFFE DoraE1162305 Jul 198091RC18 13
JAFFE EstherE1162404 Jan 198678RK34 34
JAFFE FelixE1162509 Jan 200685RM10 1
JAFFE Harry Aaron JuliusE1162606 Jun 198275RK34 33
JAFFE Hetty SarahE1162724 Mar 200085RG19 3
JAFFE HettyE1162812 Oct 194464RB33 8
JAFFE Isadore JackE1162930 May 195339RD35 18
JAFFE JaneE1163019 May 195977RA20 1
JAFFE LouisE1163107 Dec 194062RA22 23
JAFFE MaudE1163230 Dec 200177RM10 2
JAFFE Melvin JohnE1163329 Dec 199341 mthRC01 14
JAFFE or JOFFE AnnieE1163401 Jan 196967RJ15 30
JAGER JaneE1163521 Feb 201389RE02 22
JAGER JosephE1163617 Sep 199880RE02 21
JAGER LeslieE1163706 Dec 199666RI02 20
JAGER ZussmanE1163808 Jan 196148RC08 12
JAKUBOWICZ EstherE1163912 Jul 194083RB18 23
JAKUBOWITZ JettaE1164007 Aug 194862RB45 23
JAMES JuliusE1164115 Jun 198362RC19 27
JANES Sheila EvelynE1164202 May 196415RG28 7
JANET HarrisE1164307 Jan 195156RA55 30
JANET LeahE1164410 Feb 196370RA55 31
JANKOVITCH JacobE1164505 Dec 196286RC12 1
JANKOVITCH MillieE1164611 Jan 197088RC12 2
JANOFFSKY RachelE1164709 Feb 194963RB46 12
JANOFSKY IsaacE1164820 Jun 194974RB46 5
JANOVER DavidE1164928 May 194082RA17 22
JARCOVER DeborahE1165003 Nov 197369RC08 18
JARCOVER RebeccaE1165119 Nov 197472RC08 19
JARETT (BLYDE) Shirley LillianE1165219 Jun 200667RD18 21
JARRETT O/W GUYE Patricia MarianE1165322 Feb 201053RE51 5
JASON JackE1165406 Oct 198471RN43 18
JASON LilyE1165503 Mar 199379RN43 19
JASON Sidney JosephE1165628 Dec 195565RD28 22
JASPER MaureenE1165706 Sep 199053RM07 20
JAWETT MillieE1165819 Nov 198588RF33 18
JAWETT NathanE1165929 Dec 196267RF33 17
JAY AubreyE1166017 Jun 200673RK37 1
JAY Ben BarnetE1166123 Sep 197879RO18 45
JAY FayE1166221 May 199078RO35 15
JAY FrankE1166305 Mar 20050RH38 2
JAY GordonE1166401 Jan 199966RB17 35
JAY JennieE1166522 Mar 198093RE32 17
JAY JuliusE1166604 Mar 195869RE32 19
JAY LouisE1166719 Feb 198887RM38 31
JAY PaulineE1166813 Dec 199881RI43 30
JAY PhilipE1166906 Sep 198382RN40 15
JAY RayE1167017 Jul 197772RO18 44
JAY RoseE1167113 Feb 197554RM38 36
JAY RoseE1167228 Jan 197566RM38 32
JAY StanleyE1167317 Mar 195245RD46 17
JAYE EmmanuelE1167429 Dec 198572RO35 16
JAYE Frances LilianE1167515 Jul 201272RI45 19
JAYE JohnE1167621 Apr 196959RI20 23
JAYE MarthaE1167701 Feb 198576RI20 24
JAYES CissieE1167815 Apr 200287RJ18 41
JAYES SydneyE1167931 Dec 197966RJ18 42
JAYS MauriceE1168016 Feb 195846RA53 3

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