All Deceased beginning with letters 'HO'

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All names beginning HO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HOCHBERG Annie JudithE1083019 Aug 197388RA34 26
HOCHBERG MaryE1083116 Mar 196243RG12 16
HOCHBERG MinnieE1083209 Dec 194031RA20 28
HOCHBERG MorrisE1083309 Dec 194033RA20 29
HOCHBERG MorrisE1083412 Oct 194259RA28 25
HOCHBERG PhilipE1083530 Nov 194564RA38 23
HOCHBERG SarahE1083610 Dec 194663RB41 16
HOCHERMAN FannyE1083726 Mar 194532RB29 31
HOCHMAN HillelE1083828 Feb 193969RA13 3
HOCHMAN JessieE1083925 Apr 196786RJ06 1
HOCHNER Lily LeahE1084024 Nov 198476RK38 26
HOCHNER MauriceE1084124 Feb 200295RK38 27
HOCHSTEIN LeonE1084218 Feb 195566RD21 12
HOCHSTIMM GiselaE1084318 Aug 195873RE33 18
HOCKER Gabriel LionelE1084417 May 197557RN20 7
HOCKER MillieE1084514 Jul 200891RN20 8
HOCKMAN HannahE1084615 Sep 195485RA13 4
HODDES MillieE1084703 Aug 197484RH52 24
HODDES SamuelE1084801 Feb 196783RH52 23
HODES EstherE1084901 Jun 195642RE14 22
HODGES LilianE1085015 Apr 198443RN05 8
HODIS PhilipE1085125 May 201075RM37 43
HOFFMAN AlexanderE1085216 Dec 197180RL18 31
HOFFMAN AlexanderE1085309 May 198586RO34 26
HOFFMAN AnnieE1085413 Dec 198169RL39 22
HOFFMAN BarnettE1085511 May 194058RA18 9
HOFFMAN BenjaminE1085619 Dec 196061RD11 18
HOFFMAN CarlE1085726 Sep 195973RF44 22
HOFFMAN DeborahE1085817 Sep 198882RL04 14
HOFFMAN ElsieE1085914 Jan 197578RL18 30
HOFFMAN EvaE1086022 May 197571RD11 17
HOFFMAN EvaE1086111 Aug 199897RO34 27
HOFFMAN FrankE1086218 Apr 198376RN07 41
HOFFMAN HarryE1086326 Mar 199182RE03 22
HOFFMAN HarryE1086409 Oct 198883RL04 15
HOFFMAN HarryE1086510 Feb 199290RK14 3
HOFFMAN Jane EllenE1086608 Jun 199188RN07 42
HOFFMAN KittyE1086721 Jun 197977RK08 25
HOFFMAN MorrisE1086805 Aug 194975RA50 12
HOFFMAN NancyE1086904 May 197276RG48 5
HOFFMAN RoseE1087014 Feb 195174RB52 28
HOFFMAN SadieE1087102 Nov 197072RK20 37
HOFFMAN SolomonE1087204 Jan 197687RK08 24
HOFFMAN YettaE1087331 Jan 196376RE18 4
HOLDER EvaE1087423 Nov 197755RL12 36
HOLDER Joel JohnnieE1087523 Apr 198065RK07 9
HOLLANDER AaronE1087602 Apr 197265RC19 9
HOLLANDER DeborahE1087718 Nov 194762RB43 19
HOLLANDER ReginaE1087812 Sep 197564RC19 10
HOLLINGS MinnieE1087912 Dec 195886RE34 21
HOLMAN AnnieE1088012 Sep 195559RA14 1
HOLMAN ArnoldE1088127 Feb 200173RA49 1
HOLMAN JackE1088219 Jan 197775RG49 10
HOLMAN JessieE1088304 Aug 196865RI16 11
HOLMAN MauriceE1088424 Feb 194345RA29 8
HOLT BeckyE1088522 Nov 2015101RD55 3
HOLT MaxE1088604 Jun 198865RJ32 15
HOLT PearlE1088710 Aug 196458RH41 13
HOLT Renee RayE1088801 Oct 196748RH36 32
HOLT SallyE1088917 Sep 200384RK06 37
HOLT SidneyE1089005 Jun 199984RK06 38
HOLTZ JaneyE1089110 Feb 196277RA05 13
HOLTZ o/w HOLT EphraimE1089217 Jul 194159RA25 19
HOLZHANDLER Charles DavidE1089319 Feb 195564RD22 25
HONIGMAN BellaE1089425 Aug 195561RD17 18
HONIGMAN RebeccaE1089527 Nov 199594RI03 10
HONIGSTAG IsraelE1089612 Apr 196475RF25 13
HONIGSTEIN PercyE1089718 Oct 199270RF26 4
HONIGSTOCK JuchelE1089829 Dec 196562RH33 9
HONIGSTOCK LubaE1089931 Oct 199787RH33 8
HONIGSTOCK RachelE1090011 Oct 199293RF26 12
HOOKER FrancesE1090130 Jan 198979RM10 18
HOOKER IsraelE1090218 Feb 198271RM10 17
HOOKER KateE1090304 Nov 196380RF29 26
HOOKER RubyE1090405 Jan 198680RE52 14
HOPPENS AdaE1090502 Dec 197766RM14 28
HOPPS JennieE1090625 Jun 199082RO40 49
HOPPS MiriamE1090730 Nov 197296RM33 26
HORACE MayE1090818 Nov 195042RB51 11
HORGON LottieE1090927 Jun 197468RG22 8
HORN Zlatta o/w SophieE1091018 Aug 194952RB37 4
HORNE AlexanderE1091115 Jul 197992RN22 10
HORNE AmeliaE1091218 Jul 199477RJ02 29
HORNE EvaE1091321 Aug 196682RI05 19
HORNE FayE1091415 Sep 198877RO40 15
HORNE HaroldE1091518 Jul 195741RE24 31
HORNE Harry AaronE1091604 Jan 196367RG16 24
HORNE HarryE1091721 Oct 196776RI11 7
HORNE IvorE1091802 Apr 198669RO05 12
HORNE Lionel IvorE1091910 Dec 197247RI11 8
HORNE MillyE1092003 Mar 199493RG16 23
HORNE PaulaE1092110 Feb 197679RN22 9
HORNE RayE1092222 Sep 194143RB24 13
HORNE SarahE1092322 Nov 194352RB28 10
HORNE SolomonE1092419 Jun 197265RJ26 7
HORNICK Kenneth IsidoreE1092519 Nov 198262RL31 15
HORNSTEIN BellaE1092618 Feb 199774RM17 14
HORNSTEIN IsraelE1092715 Mar 197357RM17 13
HOROVITCH BarnetE1092818 Nov 196684RJ05 10
HOROVITCH GertrudeE1092919 Oct 197480RJ06 11
HOROVITZ LottieE1093013 Dec 197580RJ24 8
HOROVITZ RachelE1093105 Jul 195682RD33 27
HOROWITZ AaronE1093205 Dec 195376RD33 26
HOROWITZ AnnieE1093323 Feb 193829RB10 23
HOROWITZ DavidE1093407 Mar 197668RC22 21
HOROWITZ Iris SylviaE1093517 Nov 194727RB42 8
HOROWITZ MarkE1093610 Dec 194349RA32 11
HOROWITZ MauriceE1093717 Jun 196971RH14 24
HOROWITZ RachelE1093817 Mar 197980RN11 23
HOROWITZ SarahE1093909 Mar 200496RH14 25
HORRACE DavidE1094028 Jan 196046RB51 3
HORWITZ BerthaE1094112 Dec 198279RO21 38
HORWITZ MarkE1094228 Dec 197569RO21 37
HORWOOD AdyE1094306 Apr 196964RA31 1
HORWOOD HettyE1094419 Aug 197463RA31 2
HOSER TillyE1094514 Jan 2018100RE17 17
HOURMAN JosephE1094629 Jun 198281RH52 12
HOURMAN SadieE1094725 Dec 196766RH52 13
HOUSE AnnieE1094804 Aug 195239RD44 9
HOUSE AnnieE1094911 Mar 194663RB38 24
HOUSE Nathan HymanE1095026 Oct 198572RD44 8
HOUSE RoseE1095124 Oct 197385RG49 13
HOUSE Sarah RebeccaE1095224 Mar 198372RO30 25
HOWARD AdeleE1095313 Jan 200067RL33 2
HOWARD GabrielE1095428 May 198168RI35 32
HOWARD JohnE1095502 Sep 197663RN23 36
HOWARD LilyE1095619 Dec 198871RO07 28
HOWARD ReneeE1095706 Jul 199169RI35 33
HOWARD SamuelE1095817 Feb 198577RO07 27

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