All Deceased beginning with letters 'ED'

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All names beginning ED
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
EDELMAN Charles MorrisE0593916 Apr 196270RE19 33
EDELMAN DeborahE0594014 Mar 194342RB26 30
EDELMAN DoraE0594121 Dec 196463RE19 32
EDELMAN Estella MiriamE0594206 Jul 194927RB47 11
EDELMAN Fanny PollyE0594315 Jul 197482RA51 5
EDELMAN MaxE0594415 Mar 195060RA51 6
EDELMAN MiriamE0594519 Mar 196395RF32 19
EDELMAN SamuelE0594625 Apr 195251RA25 24
EDELS RoseE0594714 May 197570RH45 26
EDELSTEIN Alex HarrisE0594810 Jun 196676RH29 23
EDELSTEIN AnnieE0594907 Jan 199175RJ32 21
EDELSTEIN FlorenceE0595019 Apr 198367RM08 14
EDELSTEIN FrancesE0595106 Dec 199674RL04 19
EDELSTEIN GertieE0595220 Mar 194455RB27 30
EDELSTEIN HymanE0595308 May 197388RK19 6
EDELSTEIN IsraelE0595401 Jul 196451RG29 22
EDELSTEIN JackE0595516 Jul 198881RM08 31
EDELSTEIN LazarusE0595627 Apr 198371RM08 15
EDELSTEIN MaryE0595723 Dec 197180RH27 18
EDELSTEIN MichaelE0595815 Jun 198979RL04 20
EDELSTEIN PhilipE0595915 Dec 196677RH27 19
EDELSTEIN PollyE0596006 Sep 195559RD19 12
EDELSTEIN RachelE0596110 Mar 196669RI04 18
EDELSTEIN RebeccaE0596231 Oct 198478RM08 32
EDELSTON BenjaminE0596328 Mar 198773RO38 18
EDELSTON MinnieE0596414 Dec 199983RO38 19
EDELSTON ValerieE0596522 Jan 195912RD14 16
EDGAR Laurence LouisE0596628 Jul 196755RG40 17
EDGAR SarahE0596729 Mar 197155RG40 16
EDISON DavidE0596810 Jul 196558RH36 17
EDWARDS DebraE0596912 Apr 197848RG25 12

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