All Deceased beginning with letters 'HE'

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All names beginning HE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HEARN SamuelR1074428 Dec 195054A55 27
HECHT AliceR1074514 Mar 197172K22 11
HECHT AnnieR1074606 Dec 196052F38 21
HECHT AnnieR1074729 Nov 197278J25 25
HECHT Beatty BetsyR1074818 Mar 198678O36 13
HECHT Esther BetsyR1074910 Mar 197979L31 24
HECHT IsraelR1075012 Jan 196867J12 35
HECHT JackR1075111 Sep 198688K24 14
HECHT LewisR1075207 Apr 197288J25 24
HECHT MyerR1075318 Mar 197375G49 15
HECHT PinkusR1075430 Oct 194977C07 31
HECHT RachelR1075526 May 196766J12 36
HECHT SarahR1075624 Sep 199266D12 22
HECHTMAN HarryR1075716 Oct 197464I37 18
HECHTMAN HettyR1075810 Oct 199280I35 9
HECHTMAN JuliusR1075922 Feb 197456I35 18
HECHTMAN PhyllisR1076024 Dec 200282I08 1
HECHTMAN ReubenR1076117 Dec 196746H22 24
HECKER DorisR1076221 Feb 200787H54 30
HECKER Isaac DavidR1076306 Apr 196555H38 20
HECKER JuliusR1076402 Oct 198260O12 43
HECKER SamuelR1076522 Aug 199884O28 65
HECKMAN LilyR1076622 Jun 197461M16 5
HECKMAN MorrisR1076717 Dec 198173O12 23
HECKMAN RebeccaR1076808 Apr 195475A08 23
HECKMAN RoseR1076913 May 200597O12 24
HECT JackR1077003 Jul 196259H50 13
HEIMAN BernardR1077117 May 199870B02 27
HEIMANN EstherR1077204 May 201688B02 28
HELHOLTZ FannyR1077309 Mar 199189I30 30
HELHOLTZ HenryR1077429 Apr 197170I30 31
HELLER Alice matildaR1077513 Dec 194960A27 19
HELLER BellaR1077601 Jun 198978O38 57
HELLER IsraelR1077704 Apr 194257A27 18
HELLER IsraelR1077809 Sep 199786O38 56
HELLER LenaR1077908 Feb 193958B12 31
HELLER Lewis DavidR1078009 Aug 200883N42 49
HELLER MarkR1078103 Aug 194480A34 7
HELLER MaryR1078201 Apr 196062D21 17
HELLER RitaR1078320 Jun 201683N42 48
HELLER SamuelR1078422 Feb 195561D21 22
HELLER SarahR1078531 Dec 194970B49 14
HELLMER LilyR1078614 Aug 199783J33 22
HELLMER Sidney IsaacR1078707 Dec 199081J33 21
HELMAN AnnieR1078811 Jan 196872I05 24
HELMAN DavidR1078927 Jan 198282I22 14
HELMAN EstherR1079005 Nov 198379N40 18
HELMAN EvaR1079122 Aug 196949I22 15
HELMAN GustaveR1079202 May 196670I05 25
HELPER AnnieR1079326 Sep 196980G43 5
HELPER GodfreyR1079421 Feb 201594N02 12
HELPER KatieR1079512 Jul 196676E49 14
HELPER PhyllisR1079616 Dec 199471N02 11
HENDERSON AnnieR1079727 Mar 194539B35 20
HENDERSON BernardR1079810 Mar 199974F31 1
HENDERSON DavidR1079907 Oct 198183B35 2
HENDERSON MillieR1080014 Apr 197671O22 7
HENDERSON NormaR1080130 May 201380F31 2
HENDLEMAN LeonardR1080230 Jun 199883K42 21
HENDLEMAN NettaR1080320 May 200790K42 22
HENDON SophieR1080402 Mar 197059J15 1
HENDRICH HildegardR1080528 Oct 198574G06 32
HENDRICK Catherine MarionR1080624 Aug 200079L05 3
HENDRICK Ralph LouisR1080701 Jan 199274L05 4
HENDRICK SarahR1080819 Aug 198086L05 10
HENEN Samuel BernardR1080903 Oct 199956I02 35
HENISON IsadoreR1081006 Jul 196367G20 9
HENISON JackR1081117 Aug 197172K17 9
HENISON MillyR1081210 Jan 197775K17 10
HENMANN MarthaR1081314 Jan 195372D41 12
HENNECKE TanjaR1081421 May 197078G45 19
HENNER BarnetR1081506 Dec 199084L10 31
HENNINGS Ann AbigailR1081601 Sep 198067M11 24
HENNINGS Will (Woolf)R1081724 Jul 199684M11 25
HENRY GoldaR1081821 Dec 196485H40 28
HENRY LouisR1081915 Aug 197471H26 28
HENRY RachelR1082018 Jan 197979O25 17
HENRY SamR1082124 Dec 199571N28 45
HENRY Sidney SolomonR1082227 Jan 197768O19 50
HENSHAW RachelR1082330 Jan 196883A31 3
HERBERT (JACOBS) Rita LilyR1082420 Jan 197857N13 5
HERBERT Henry PeterR1082529 Nov 200570K39 1
HERBERT MaureenR1082621 Sep 200667K39 2
HERCZLEWICZ HannahR1082721 Nov 194085B21 12
HERLING BettyR1082831 Jan 198566D01 33
HERLING DavidR1082902 Apr 198067O13 11
HERLING KateR1083003 Apr 196150G07 10
HERLING Rabbi Aaron FishelR1083119 Jan 199077D01 32
HERLING SolomonR1083228 Apr 196277E45 18
HERMAN AaronR1083317 Mar 196267H51 18
HERMAN AdaR1083415 Sep 198173N35 44
HERMAN AnnetteR1083525 Mar 199197M16 25
HERMAN BerlR1083615 Jun 193969A16 13
HERMAN BloomahR1083713 Oct 196868D21 4
HERMAN CeliaR1083817 Apr 199190G03 23
HERMAN CicelyR1083910 Mar 200584K04 38
HERMAN DeborahR1084002 May 198074J29 34
HERMAN DeborahR1084103 Jan 198383J18 14
HERMAN EstherR1084210 Oct 195845F47 27
HERMAN EthelR1084316 Jun 198688J10 15
HERMAN GoldaR1084413 Oct 195252D46 22
HERMAN HelenR1084508 Dec 202077E50 30
HERMAN HymanR1084617 Jul 196262D21 3
HERMAN JackR1084726 Nov 196564J10 14
HERMAN KateR1084809 Dec 196879J15 28
HERMAN LeahR1084916 Oct 196566C15 2
HERMAN LeahR1085002 Oct 198087N09 29
HERMAN LeonardR1085131 May 199668K04 39
HERMAN LewisR1085203 Apr 197473C15 1
HERMAN LouisR1085307 Jan 196970J18 13
HERMAN MarkR1085423 Jun 198971L04 29
HERMAN MauriceR1085511 Dec 197568J29 33
HERMAN MauriceR1085604 Jan 197580M16 24
HERMAN MichaelR1085720 May 201677E50 29
HERMAN MillieR1085809 Mar 196386A48 7
HERMAN QueenieR1085924 Jan 199478J38 38
HERMAN RachelR1086031 Oct 199583N09 30
HERMAN Richard IsraelR1086102 Jul 198979N35 43
HERMAN SamuelR1086219 Jul 197783L26 28
HERMAN SaraR1086305 Jun 197361M34 5
HERMAN Sarah RebeccaR1086410 Aug 196480G26 6
HERMAN SarahR1086517 Apr 198180L26 29
HERMAN SidneyR1086602 Sep 198066M34 6
HERMAN SimonR1086702 Mar 194975A48 8
HERONICK EstherR1086822 Jan 197783N24 26
HERSCHDORFER SamuelR1086908 Aug 196269G14 15
HERSCHDORFER Sarah SalkaR1087003 Apr 198487G14 16
HERSCHENHORN AnnieR1087131 Dec 200181L11 42
HERSCHMAN AnnieR1087227 Mar 198276N36 15
HERSCHMAN AnnieR1087314 Sep 201298H47 2
HERSCHMAN DavidR1087410 Jun 200593H47 1
HERSCHMAN EvaR1087504 Jun 200285K31 25
HERSCHMAN JosephR1087623 Jun 197673K31 24
HERSCHMAN MorrisR1087727 Apr 198274N37 16
HERSCOTT MauriceR1087806 Mar 194537A09 15
HERSCOTT SarahR1087931 Jan 198091M11 11
HERSCOTT SimonR1088025 Jan 194961A35 32
HERSCOVITCH AbrahamR1088127 Jul 196866C16 28
HERSEN GhezellaR1088203 Jan 197481F18 17
HERSH AlbertR1088327 Nov 197459M37 35
HERSH AnnieR1088422 Dec 200579M37 36
HERSH HarryR1088511 May 197772L25 12
HERSH HettyR1088609 Jan 198984L25 11
HERSH TaniaR1088705 Apr 196573F21 11
HERSHKOWITZ AnnieR1088813 Jan 195365D40 17
HERSHMAN AbrahamR1088923 Mar 197569K09 12
HERSHMAN AbrahamR1089007 Aug 198983N36 16
HERSHMAN AnnieR1089112 Jul 193971B14 32
HERSHMAN AnnieR1089231 Mar 198388F12 6
HERSHMAN Anthony RonaldR1089313 Dec 199045H26 4
HERSHMAN DeborahR1089431 Dec 196781D51 34
HERSHMAN HannahR1089521 Jan 199082N37 15
HERSHMAN HymanR1089612 Mar 196875F13 7
HERSHMAN JosephR1089703 Mar 197066J22 33
HERSHMAN JulieR1089809 Nov 197463J22 32
HERSHMAN LilyR1089906 Jan 199480K09 11
HERSHMAN MarieR1090024 Oct 199186I33 14
HERSHMAN MorrisR1090120 Jul 195874D51 35
HERSHMAN RachelR1090201 May 201398J36 40
HERSHMAN RoseR1090312 Feb 199389D43 32
HERSHMAN SamuelR1090425 Mar 197265I33 15
HERSHMAN SamuelR1090505 Feb 199490D43 33
HERSKOVITCH EttaR1090606 Jul 198177C16 29
HERSKOVITCH RosaR1090724 Oct 195138D51 12
HERSKOWICH HymanR1090815 Jul 195287D44 12
HERSOWITZ SoniaR1090911 Aug 197682N23 39
HERSTEIN BarnettR1091015 Jan 198465J10 35
HERSTEIN CissieR1091122 Mar 197460J10 33
HERSTEIN LeahR1091224 Mar 197076J10 32
HERSTEIN SamuelR1091305 Aug 200076J10 34
HERSTEIN SydneyR1091414 Mar 196250D22 27
HERTSTEIN IsaacR1091502 May 196679J10 31
HERTZ Anne LilianR1091628 Feb 198986D09 32
HERTZ BettyR1091725 Sep 199389I06 27
HERTZ HarryR1091826 May 196661I06 26
HERTZ HymanR1091925 Oct 198268L05 39
HERTZ PhillipR1092022 Jan 195958D09 33
HERTZ RebeccaR1092117 Nov 200489L05 38
HERTZ SadieR1092204 Apr 194733B33 31
HERTZ Stephen RaymondR1092324 Jun 19465A60 7
HERTZBERG AnnieR1092402 Feb 199680K24 40
HERTZBERG ChawaR1092506 Aug 194066B18 17
HERTZBERG FannyR1092603 Oct 196156D10 21
HERTZBERG HarryR1092710 Nov 196666D10 20
HERTZBERG John RoyR1092802 Sep 19392 mthA61 19
HERTZBERG LewisR1092915 Aug 200393K24 41
HERTZBERG MorrisR1093030 Oct 197869L09 30
HERTZBERG SadieR1093102 Mar 200493K33 32
HERTZBERG SidneyR1093220 Oct 201694G50 19
HERWALD ElijahR1093307 Feb 198185N32 13
HERWALD EmanuelR1093412 Nov 2009100O32 64
HERWALD EzraR1093519 Sep 199797O32 65
HERWALD JudithR1093609 Jul 200097O32 66
HERZENSTEIN Shifra SophieR1093723 Dec 198064N08 17
HERZFELD WilliamR1093822 Jan 194680B57 17
HETCHIN HymanR1093919 Oct 196166B24 1
HETCHIN MillyR1094027 Dec 197075B24 2
HEYMAN NettaR1094101 May 201185K42 43
HEYWOOD FannyR1094213 Jan 198571O07 20

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