All Deceased beginning with letters 'BO'

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All names beginning BO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
BOAM DavidE0232201 Jul 194385RA30 27
BOAM EstherE0232305 Apr 194588RA30 28
BOARDMAN SamuelE0232423 Dec 194969RA51 25
BOBRINSKY LazarusE0232524 Apr 194373RA30 14
BOBRITSKY EstherE0232623 Jul 194762RB42 15
BOBROFF AbrahamE0232724 May 193864RA11 21
BOBROFF AlexE0232821 Mar 197963RI07 11
BOBROFF AnnieE0232929 Sep 194063RA21 21
BOBROFF DoraE0233011 Feb 198465RI07 10
BOBROFF MaryE0233110 Dec 197163RI07 9
BOBROFF MichaelE0233221 Nov 196659RI07 8
BOBROFF RebeccaE0233331 Aug 200789RI07 12
BOBROFSKY RachelE0233420 Feb 197773RM40 26
BOBROFSKY SarahE0233511 Jan 198274RM40 25
BOBROVITCH DavidE0233621 Oct 197261RB34 33
BOBROVITCH MinnieE0233723 Jul 199986RN04 25
BOBROVITCH MorrisE0233815 Oct 198878RN04 26
BOBROVITCH PearlE0233924 Jan 194945RB34 32
BOBROW HildaE0234012 Aug 19920RO20 22
BOBROW HymanE0234108 Sep 197574RO20 21
BOBROW SalaE0234215 Feb 195561RD21 15
BOCKNER GertrudeE0234315 Feb 197873RK13 4
BOCKNER John SamuelE0234414 Oct 197262RK13 7
BODAK BenjaminE0234520 Feb 196372RF32 25
BODAK SarahE0234612 Jan 198284RF32 24
BODENHEIMER George IsraelE0234705 Apr 199668RI26 32
BODENITZ KittyE0234802 Sep 196668RI07 29
BODINETZ HaroldE0234910 Aug 199477RJ02 27
BODINETZ John HymanE0235030 Nov 195547RB09 12
BODINETZ Rebecca o/w BeckyE0235124 Dec 200689RJ02 28
BODINETZ` FannyE0235214 Jul 194128RB24 19
BODKIN SamuelE0235323 Jun 195966RE36 23
BODLANDER BellaE0235427 Oct 200589RC28 34
BODLANDER HarryE0235501 Sep 200788RC28 35
BODNER LeahE0235624 Jul 197067RE35 19
BOGAN Shirley EvelynE0235721 Oct 201682RG43 9
BOGANSKY FrancisE0235809 Dec 196942RG44 26
BOGANSKY IsaacE0235908 Nov 200283RK22 43
BOGARD LeilaE0236021 Sep 200071RJ30 34
BOGARD MarkE0236104 Oct 198154RJ30 33
BOGDANSKI MajerE0236204 Sep 200593RK37 2
BOGEN AnnieE0236323 Apr 197487RI15 11
BOGEN FannyE0236422 Sep 196969RG43 11
BOGIN JosephE0236525 Sep 197266RL17 16
BOGIN RebeccaE0236621 Sep 19910RL17 15
BOGUSH AbrahamE0236706 Mar 197183RJ20 29
BOGUSH GoodmanE0236816 May 194463RA34 17
BOGUSH Isidore BenjaminE0236904 Mar 199978RI21 33
BOGUSH LilyE0237002 Jul 200491RM02 43
BOGUSH MarkE0237116 Feb 200393RM02 42
BOGUSH PhoebeE0237226 Sep 196978RJ20 28
BOLDINGER AnitaE0237308 Mar 200281RO38 75
BOLDINGER HymanE0237420 Feb 197155RM25 20
BOLDINGER JacobE0237512 May 198880RF05 21
BOLLE BessieE0237615 Jun 200086RG29 33
BOLLE Moses (Michael)E0237718 Jan 195670RE11 21
BOLLE SarahE0237821 Jul 198592RE11 22
BOLOTIN DorisE0237931 Oct 198875RO14 6
BOLOTIN RoseE0238022 Aug 196578RD10 14
BOLOTIN SadieE0238120 Sep 197970RO14 5
BOLSER Eli MorrisE0238211 Feb 197673RD49 3
BOLSER YettaE0238328 Apr 199999RD49 4
BOLSTIN IsraelE0238401 Oct 196180RD10 13
BOLTMAN EmanuelE0238515 Apr 198481RK37 30
BOLTMAN YettaE0238617 Mar 198879RK37 29
BOLTON AdaE0238708 Feb 199986RF53 12
BOLTON AlfredE0238821 Aug 198971RF53 11
BOLTON O/W MILNER Marc o/w BrianE0238912 Jun 201378RI46 19
BOMZER JaneE0239008 Sep 198594RJ30 22
BOMZON BettyE0239122 Oct 197967RO14 26
BOMZON DoraE0239204 Dec 195775RD48 21
BOMZON HettyE0239305 Nov 200085RK04 40
BOMZON JosephE0239429 May 199685RK04 41
BOMZON MorrisE0239525 Aug 198573RO14 27
BOMZON RonaldE0239602 Jul 199960RO35 67
BOMZON SimonE0239724 Jan 195278RD48 20
BOND Beverley SandraE0239824 Jun 200959RG47 4
BOND DavidE0239910 Jul 197059RM23 14
BOND DoraE0240024 Jun 199279RM24 14
BOND GabrielE0240110 Jan 198376RN38 35
BOND HarryE0240228 Jun 197046RL20 11
BOND HarryE0240302 Jan 199784RK03 10
BOND JuliaE0240422 Apr 199992RN38 34
BOND LucyE0240502 Oct 200289RK03 11
BOND Sarah KatieE0240609 Aug 200823RN46 49
BONGART Rex ImmanuelE0240730 Nov 201683RJ22 3
BONSTEIN MorrisE0240819 Jul 197380RL16 36
BONSTEIN RebeccaE0240921 Dec 198189RL16 37
BONSTIN SidneyE0241013 Mar 200590RK40 43
BONZON Leah o/w LilyE0241111 Jun 195751RE24 22
BOODNICK EstherE0241219 May 197375RE33 31
BOOKATZ AnnieE0241324 Jun 199084RK31 19
BOOKATZ BarnettE0241413 Jul 198580RK40 15
BOOKATZ JeanE0241530 Mar 199387RJ05 39
BOOKATZ JosephE0241613 Dec 197776RJ05 40
BOOKATZ LouisE0241706 Jun 197674RK31 18
BOOKATZ SadieE0241823 Apr 200082RK40 16
BOOKATZ SarahE0241921 Jan 195959RD17 33
BOOKATZ StanleyE0242028 Sep 200667RK01 24
BOOKBINDER CharlesE0242110 Feb 197664RO21 41
BOOKBINDER DeborahE0242216 Nov 198779RL10 5
BOOKBINDER Marilyn NatalieE0242319 Jan 19473RA60 5
BOOKBINDER MorrisE0242412 Sep 199182RL10 6
BOOKBINDER MorrisE0242527 Apr 199691RN03 8
BOOKBINDER NettieE0242608 Feb 197662RO21 40
BOOKBINDER SarahE0242703 Sep 199683RM02 27
BOOKBINDER SarahE0242823 Apr 199083RN03 7
BOOKBINDER SolomonE0242915 Dec 199785RM02 26
BOOKER AlbertE0243028 Oct 197863RO16 23
BOOKER MillyE0243128 Dec 196170RG12 22
BOOKER MorrisE0243202 Jan 197278RG12 21
BOOKEY HettyE0243321 Oct 198878RJ01 24
BOOKEY LilyE0243429 Dec 199592RI25 29
BOOKEY SolomonE0243526 Dec 196968RI25 28
BOOKEY SolomonE0243624 Dec 198881RJ01 25
BOOKITZ PhilipE0243701 Nov 196264RD17 32
BOOKMAN AnnieE0243817 Feb 196273RG13 10
BOOKMAN AsherE0243904 Jun 197283RG13 9
BOONIN FannyE0244025 Jan 196964RJ16 20
BOONIN MorrisE0244116 Jun 196876RJ16 19
BOOR IsaacE0244203 Jun 197173RG28 24
BOOR RoseE0244325 Mar 195564RD21 8
BOOR RoseE0244420 May 196465RG28 28
BOORMAN AbrahamE0244517 Nov 197883RE16 17
BOORMAN BarnetE0244601 Sep 197876RE16 15
BOORMAN BessieE0244703 Aug 195654RE16 16
BOORMAN HettyE0244815 Aug 196963RG43 14
BOORMAN LeahE0244918 Feb 197376RA48 32
BOORMAN MinnieE0245030 Jan 198364RO10 21
BOORMAN MorrisE0245130 Jan 198465RO10 22
BOORMAN RayE0245229 Apr 196776RI09 16
BOORMAN StanleyE0245314 Jul 198953RF53 10
BORENSTEIN Abraham IsaacE0245409 Jan 198479RC04 18
BORENSTEIN FredaE0245510 Oct 198472RC04 19
BORENSTEIN Jacob AriaE0245605 Oct 196481RC06 5
BORENSTEIN RhodaE0245717 Dec 197392RC06 6
BORGER DavidE0245822 Sep 195258RD43 10
BORGER YettaE0245927 Oct 198080RD43 9
BORIS AlfredE0246001 Jun 198568RO29 49
BORIS BarnettE0246130 Dec 195148RD49 7
BORIS GildaE0246206 Apr 200288RD54 17
BORIS RachelE0246330 Apr 199780RO29 50
BORIS RoseE0246414 Oct 198161RL39 13
BORMAN HildaE0246502 Jan 198272RK33 28
BORMAN SolomonE0246609 Dec 198982RK33 29
BORNSTEIN DoraE0246719 Oct 195851RE33 23
BORNSTEIN HenryE0246818 Oct 197471RH33 27
BORNSTEIN IsraelE0246905 May 193976RA15 7
BORNSZTAIN AbrahamE0247010 Sep 199779RE45 32
BORNSZTAIN AnneE0247102 Mar 200987RE45 33
BORNSZTAIN PhilipE0247222 Nov 201594RM37 27
BORNSZTAIN RoseE0247325 Jul 201595RM37 28
BORNSZTAIN TonyE0247430 Sep 197413RM37 26
BOROFKA HettieE0247517 Mar 196156RE42 17
BORRIS EmanuelE0247605 Jul 198776RL39 14
BORRIS MarkE0247711 Jan 195656RE10 28
BORSACK EstherE0247802 Apr 195641RE13 17
BORSTEIN JosephE0247905 Jan 195469RA08 22
BORSTEIN LeahE0248015 Jul 196079RF40 17
BORSTEIN SamuelE0248106 Jul 194622RA41 20
BORSTEIN YettaE0248201 Jul 195270RA44 16
BOSCAWEN AnnE0248304 Dec 198983RL39 40
BOSKIN ClaraE0248403 Sep 193827RB12 16
BOSSICK HarryE0248531 Jul 198682RO33 21
BOSSICK Lieba ZeldaE0248604 Dec 198480RO33 20
BOSTOFF AnnieE0248717 Nov 198181RO25 11
BOSTOFF Crai EllisE0248802 May 19711RB54 30
BOSTOFF HaroldE0248912 May 200167RM02 2
BOSTOFF JackE0249021 Jan 197974RO25 12
BOSTOFF MalcolmE0249110 Feb 201886RE01 27
BOSTOFF SheilaE0249211 Aug 197237RM31 33
BOSTON AlfredE0249316 Aug 195862RF48 10
BOSTON Bert MorrisE0249428 May 194725RA38 5
BOTAVINSKY Pauline o/w PearlE0249525 Oct 199190RI12 7
BOTAVINSKY WoolfE0249630 Mar 198882RM06 17
BOTCHIN JackE0249729 Jun 196959RH25 25
BOTKIN MillyE0249824 Nov 197883RL30 9
BOTSMAN BernardE0249904 Mar 196367RG17 17
BOTSMAN FredaE0250022 Feb 196366RD52 10
BOTSMAN ReubenE0250117 Nov 197376RD52 11
BOTTOMLEY SophiaE0250201 Jun 197877RF26 9
BOUDNER PeterE0250312 Feb 199875RM09 41
BOULTER BabyE0250405 Nov 19641 mthRG21 19S
BOURNE AlecE0250525 Dec 201597RE32 2
BOURNE AlfredE0250628 Mar 198067RL07 30
BOURNE BessieE0250713 Sep 199480RL07 29
BOURNE CarolynE0250830 Mar 198539RN16 43
BOURNE DavidE0250929 Oct 200985RH49 1
BOURNE GertrudeE0251014 Oct 200282RE32 1
BOURNE GoldaE0251105 Oct 200896RL20 41
BOURNE KittyE0251216 Feb 198483RK32 38
BOURNE LilyE0251320 Oct 200276RL15 43
BOURNE MorrisE0251401 Oct 201692RL15 42
BOURNE ReneeE0251514 Feb 200679RH49 2
BOURNE SidneyE0251611 Dec 198778RL20 40
BOURSTEIN ChanaE0251724 Apr 194659RB29 32
BOURSTEIN NathanE0251827 Jul 196885RB29 34
BOWALSKY DebbieE0251921 Mar 197971RL31 25
BOWALSKY SidneyE0252021 Apr 194930RA48 5
BOWMAN Annie GertieE0252104 Apr 198177RF13 12
BOWMAN BessieE0252215 Mar 196966RH16 28
BOWMAN CharlesE0252321 Oct 197787RJ05 31
BOWMAN DerekE0252401 Jun 199669RH16 30
BOWMAN EstherE0252523 Nov 197179RJ05 30
BOWMAN EvaE0252605 May 197581RG39 6
BOWMAN FannyE0252707 Mar 197777RF37 12
BOWMAN IsraelE0252801 Feb 196865RF13 11
BOWMAN JackE0252918 Aug 196162RF37 11
BOWMAN JanetteE0253006 Dec 198556RH16 29
BOWMAN JosephE0253120 Nov 196869RH16 22
BOWMAN MorrisE0253202 Dec 195160RD49 19
BOWMAN RachelE0253318 Mar 196357RE47 21
BOWMAN RebeccaE0253413 Aug 198662RO04 14
BOWMAN SidneyE0253502 Dec 199272RO04 15
BOXER Isaac MyerE0253615 Jan 197575RI37 22
BOYASK MaryE0253728 Mar 198276RL39 30
BOYASK MorrisE0253818 Oct 198583RL39 31
BOYD (BLUCHER) TaniaE0253906 Sep 197086RA16 34
BOYD JackE0254013 Nov 198776RG04 17
BOYD JuliaE0254102 Aug 198060RL33 37
BOYD RoseE0254219 Apr 2017100RG04 18
BOYD StellaE0254313 Mar 19920RK32 5

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