All Deceased beginning with letters 'VE'

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All names beginning VE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
VEDROVITCH BetsyA0485906 Nov 195454E138 19
VEDROVITCH MaryA0144217 Oct 194470B132 28
VEDROVITCH MorrisA0356306 Nov 195453B109 29
VEDROVITCH SamuelA0501415 Jul 196086B132 33
VEGODA Jeffrey LeonardB0182913 Oct 197542O21 10
VEIFS Cipa MunaA0033126 May 193982B115 23
VEINER SarahA0199110 Aug 194778B242 14
VEINGARD ColemanB0592403 Dec 198379O31 29
VEINGARD GertrudeB0068923 Jul 197365G128 21
VEINGARD HildaC0260607 Mar 200188O31 30
VEINGARD MarleneA0093619 Jan 19429A261 09
VEINGARD MaxA0223217 Oct 194875A138 32
VEINGARD RachelA0684212 Dec 196490A138 33
VEINGARD SidneyB0600219 Jan 198473O32 29
VEINGRAD BenjaminA0663007 Jun 196458G129 20
VELGOLASKY EvaA0009614 Jul 193875B111 11
VELINSKY AbrahamB0646310 Jan 198594L07 41
VELINSKY FannyB0414513 Mar 198062L07 39
VELINSKY LeahB0552127 Jan 198387L07 40
VELODOSKY SophieA0451229 Jul 195877A114 35
VELODSKY MaxA0013511 Sep 193857A112 29
VELODY DavidA0942803 Sep 197063A103 30
VELTMAN DoraA0997714 Sep 197180H127 27
VELTMAN IsraelA0768206 Nov 196663H127 26
VELTMAN MichaelA0082828 Apr 19416A260 19
VENGLARSKY AbrahamA0063021 Sep 194025A120 08
VENGROVE Israel IvanB0970411 Mar 199280D115 06
VENITSKY YettaA0276227 Mar 195158B253 13
VERAT o/w BRAHAM SidneyA0069930 Nov 194044A122 17
VERBOSKY HarryA0383005 Jan 195664E110 26
VERBOSKY ZeldaB0338414 Oct 197882E110 27
VERBY BerthaA0654127 Mar 196465D106 20
VERBY HarryB0027512 Oct 197275D106 21
VERMEULEN Eliza SarahA0111831 Jan 194345B120 05
VERMEULEN IreneA0065510 Oct 194014B120 15
VERNON AnnieC0458408 Mar 201095O15 01
VERNON HarryC0274501 Sep 200173E118 34
VERNON HymanC0314611 Mar 200392O15 02
VERNON SadieC0428520 Jun 200877E118 35
VERTES ArthurC0446315 Jun 200995D254 01
VERTES MariaC0478611 Jul 201195D254 02
VETCHINSKY Alec HymanB0413304 Mar 198075N130 27
VETCHINSKY LeahC0430609 Aug 2008103N130 26

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