All Deceased beginning with letters 'VE'

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All names beginning VE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
VEDROVITCH BetsyE2468306 Nov 195454RE38 19
VEDROVITCH MaryE2468417 Oct 194470RB32 28
VEDROVITCH MorrisE2468506 Nov 195453RB09 29
VEDROVITCH SamuelE2468615 Jul 196086RB32 33
VEGODA Jeffrey LeonardE2468713 Oct 197542RO21 10
VEIFS Cipa MunaE2468826 May 193982RB15 23
VEINER SarahE2468910 Aug 194778RB42 14
VEINGARD ColemanE2469003 Dec 198379RO31 29
VEINGARD GertrudeE2469123 Jul 197365RG28 21
VEINGARD HildaE2469207 Mar 200188RO31 30
VEINGARD MarleneE2469319 Jan 19429 mthRA61 9
VEINGARD MaxE2469417 Oct 194875RA38 32
VEINGARD RachelE2469512 Dec 196490RA38 33
VEINGARD SidneyE2469619 Jan 198473RO32 29
VEINGRAD BenjaminE2469707 Jun 196458RG29 20
VELGOLASKY EvaE2469814 Jul 193875RB11 11
VELINSKY AbrahamE2469910 Jan 198594RL07 41
VELINSKY FannyE2470013 Mar 198062RL07 39
VELINSKY LeahE2470127 Jan 198387RL07 40
VELODOSKY SophieE2470229 Jul 195877RA14 35
VELODSKY MaxE2470311 Sep 193857RA12 29
VELODY DavidE2470403 Sep 197063RA03 30
VELTMAN DoraE2470514 Sep 197180RH27 27
VELTMAN IsraelE2470606 Nov 196663RH27 26
VELTMAN MichaelE2470728 Apr 19416RA60 19
VENGLARSKY AbrahamE2470821 Sep 194025RA20 8
VENGROVE Israel IvanE2470911 Mar 199280RD15 6
VENITSKY YettaE2471027 Mar 195158RB53 13
VERAT o/w BRAHAM SidneyE2471130 Nov 194044RA22 17
VERBOSKY HarryE2471205 Jan 195664RE10 26
VERBOSKY ZeldaE2471314 Oct 197882RE10 27
VERBY BerthaE2471427 Mar 196465RD06 20
VERBY HarryE2471512 Oct 197275RD06 21
VERMEULEN Eliza SarahE2471631 Jan 194345RB20 5
VERMEULEN IreneE2471710 Oct 194014RB20 15
VERNON AnnieE2471808 Mar 201095RO15 1
VERNON HarryE2471901 Sep 200173RE18 34
VERNON HymanE2472011 Mar 200392RO15 2
VERNON SadieE2472120 Jun 200877RE18 35
VERTES ArthurE2472215 Jun 200995RD54 1
VERTES MariaE2472311 Jul 201195RD54 2
VETCHINSKY Alec HymanE2472404 Mar 198075RN30 27
VETCHINSKY LeahE2472509 Aug 2008103RN30 26

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