All Deceased beginning with letters 'PU'

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All names beginning PU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PUGACHOF MorrisE1878915 May 199390RC21 7
PUGACHOW MauriceE1879010 Dec 199782RC21 4
PUGACHOW MinnieE1879121 Jan 198778RC21 5
PUGACHOW PhilipE1879202 Mar 198372RC21 6
PUGACHOW Rose MiriamE1879321 Feb 197298RC21 3
PULLMAN SamuelE1879419 Apr 196383RH46 20
PULVER MarthaE1879510 Jan 197893RG48 20
PULVER SidneyE1879602 Jan 197287RG48 19
PULVERMACHER RoseE1879710 Nov 197786RE31 32
PULVERNESS LeahE1879824 Nov 193975RB16 18
PURITZ DinahE1879924 Nov 199483RL30 18
PURITZ WoolfE1880026 Nov 197866RL30 17
PURKEY AbrahamE1880118 Dec 196988RC17 18
PURKEY RachelE1880215 Apr 197181RC17 19
PUSHKIN AdaE1880309 May 198274RN37 17
PUSHKIN Alan AsherE1880402 Feb 195927RD10 28
PUSHKIN EthelE1880520 Jul 196680RH29 14
PUSHKIN GeraldE1880608 Dec 194411RA30 6
PUSHKIN LilyE1880703 Jan 196973RG42 12
PUSHKIN Morris reubenE1880810 May 196861RH19 22
PUSTANSKY RachelE1880927 Dec 199580RN46 31
PUSTENSKY JosephE1881027 Aug 198775RN46 32

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