All Deceased beginning with letters 'PU'

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All names beginning PU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PUGACHOF MorrisR1907915 May 199390C21 7
PUGACHOW MauriceR1908010 Dec 199782C21 4
PUGACHOW MinnieR1908121 Jan 198778C21 5
PUGACHOW PhilipR1908202 Mar 198372C21 6
PUGACHOW Rose MiriamR1908321 Feb 197298C21 3
PULLMAN SamuelR1908419 Apr 196383H46 20
PULVER EstelleR1908529 Dec 201885F55 35
PULVER MarthaR1908610 Jan 197893G48 20
PULVER SidneyR1908702 Jan 197287G48 19
PULVERMACHER RoseR1908810 Nov 197786E31 32
PULVERNESS LeahR1908924 Nov 193975B16 18
PURITZ DinahR1909024 Nov 199483L30 18
PURITZ WoolfR1909126 Nov 197866L30 17
PURKEY AbrahamR1909218 Dec 196988C17 18
PURKEY RachelR1909315 Apr 197181C17 19
PUSHKIN AdaR1909409 May 198274N37 17
PUSHKIN Alan AsherR1909502 Feb 195927D10 28
PUSHKIN EthelR1909620 Jul 196680H29 14
PUSHKIN GeraldR1909708 Dec 194411A30 6
PUSHKIN LilyR1909803 Jan 196973G42 12
PUSHKIN Morris reubenR1909910 May 196861H19 22
PUSTANSKY RachelR1910027 Dec 199580N46 31
PUSTENSKY JosephR1910127 Aug 198775N46 32

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