All Deceased beginning with letters 'PU'

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All names beginning PU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PUGACHOF MorrisB1017015 May 199390C121 07
PUGACHOW MauriceC0159010 Dec 199782C121 04
PUGACHOW MinnieB0741821 Jan 198778C121 05
PUGACHOW PhilipB0559602 Mar 198372C121 06
PUGACHOW Rose MiriamA1022021 Feb 197298C121 03
PULLMAN SamuelA0616319 Apr 196383H246 20
PULVER MarthaB0299110 Jan 197893G248 20
PULVER SidneyA1013802 Jan 197287G248 19
PULVERMACHER RoseB0288710 Nov 197786E131 32
PULVERNESS LeahA0041424 Nov 193975B116 18
PURITZ DinahC0046724 Nov 199483L30 18
PURITZ WoolfB0343526 Nov 197866L30 17
PURKEY AbrahamA0907018 Dec 196988C117 18
PURKEY RachelA0977215 Apr 197181C117 19
PUSHKIN AdaB0518509 May 198274N137 17
PUSHKIN Alan AsherA0464902 Feb 195927D110 28
PUSHKIN EthelA0755620 Jul 196680H129 14
PUSHKIN GeraldA0146208 Dec 194411A130 06
PUSHKIN LilyA0861903 Jan 196973G242 12
PUSHKIN Morris reubenA0833610 May 196861H119 22
PUSTANSKY RachelC0049627 Dec 199580N246 31
PUSTENSKY JosephB0769327 Aug 198775N246 32

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