All Deceased beginning with letters 'IN'

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All names beginning IN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
INGRAM AlfredE1110910 Aug 198580RO24 58
INGRAM AngelaE1111022 Aug 196847RG41 7
INGRAM FredaE1111123 Nov 198067RO14 38
INGRAM HarryE1111228 Mar 200594RB33 35
INGRAM Maurice DavidE1111313 Mar 200479RH26 1
INNERFELT FredaE1111405 May 200293RO19 36
INNERFELT SimonE1111504 Jul 197668RO19 35
INSLIGHT DavidE1111611 Dec 198676RO37 5
INSLIGHT Dora EstherE1111724 Dec 199588RO37 6
INWALD MauriceE1111822 Jan 198589RM38 27
INWALD RoseE1111915 Jan 197576RM38 28

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