All Deceased beginning with letters 'IN'

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All names beginning IN
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
INGRAM AlfredB0674810 Aug 198580O24 58
INGRAM AngelaA0845722 Aug 196847G241 07
INGRAM FredaB0444723 Nov 198067O14 38
INGRAM HarryC0362928 Mar 200594B133 35
INGRAM Maurice DavidC0339213 Mar 200479H126 01
INNERFELT FredaC0293205 May 200293O19 36
INNERFELT SimonB0223704 Jul 197668O19 35
INSLIGHT DavidB0736711 Dec 198676O37 05
INSLIGHT Dora EstherC0085424 Dec 199588O37 06
INWALD MauriceB0648322 Jan 198589M38 27
INWALD RoseB0146015 Jan 197576M38 28

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