All Deceased beginning with letters 'AT'

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All names beginning AT
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ATKIN AbrahamA0981806 May 197163M26 11
ATKIN FannyB0684502 Nov 198573I109 22
ATKIN HymanA0787324 Apr 196756I109 23
ATKIN Iris Coral RuthB0656209 Mar 198579N109 31
ATKIN IsraelB0433625 Aug 198077N131 18
ATKIN MillieB0767003 Aug 198782N131 17
ATKINS HarrisA0443103 Apr 195868F251 18
ATKINS Sarah FredaA0793320 Jun 196781F251 17
ATKINS Stanley MossA0757130 Jul 196649J01 01
ATKINSON HarryB0367829 Apr 197951O16 49
ATKINSON SimmieB0827606 Nov 198881O15 49
ATLAS AbrahamA0128423 Dec 194377A132 09
ATLAS BettyB0405108 Jan 198068M11 13
ATLAS ClaraA0172516 Apr 194654B139 19
ATLAS FannyA0355626 Oct 195474D126 27
ATLAS FelixA0215411 May 194877A247 15
ATLAS FredaA0011001 Aug 193880B111 28
ATLAS Victor WoolfB0831816 Dec 198880M11 14

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