All Deceased beginning with letters 'AT'

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All names beginning AT
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ATKIN AbrahamE0067506 May 197163RM26 11
ATKIN FannyE0067602 Nov 198573RI09 22
ATKIN HymanE0067724 Apr 196756RI09 23
ATKIN Iris Coral RuthE0067809 Mar 198579RN09 31
ATKIN IsraelE0067925 Aug 198077RN31 18
ATKIN MillieE0068003 Aug 198782RN31 17
ATKINS HarrisE0068103 Apr 195868RF51 18
ATKINS Sarah FredaE0068220 Jun 196781RF51 17
ATKINS Stanley MossE0068330 Jul 196649RJ01 1
ATKINSON HarryE0068429 Apr 197951RO16 49
ATKINSON SimmieE0068506 Nov 198881RO15 49
ATLAS AbrahamE0068623 Dec 194377RA32 9
ATLAS BettyE0068708 Jan 198068RM11 13
ATLAS ClaraE0068816 Apr 194654RB39 19
ATLAS FannyE0068926 Oct 195474RD26 27
ATLAS FelixE0069011 May 194877RA47 15
ATLAS FredaE0069101 Aug 193880RB11 28
ATLAS Victor WoolfE0069216 Dec 198880RM11 14

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