All Deceased beginning with letters 'LO'

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All names beginning LO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
LOBEL BessieE1528321 Oct 200493RK31 33
LOBEL JacobE1528422 Sep 197666RK31 32
LOBERMAN HenaE1528529 Nov 195676RE19 17
LOCKE RebeccaE1528603 Oct 197779RE55 33
LOCKET AbrahamE1528722 Oct 196271RF33 33
LOCKET MinnieE1528822 Nov 196271RF33 32
LOCKOSHOFSKY MillerE1528924 Sep 196055RD07 5
LOCKOSHOFSKY RoseE1529022 Aug 198391RD07 6
LOCKSPEISER LeonE1529115 Dec 194485RA35 24
LODOSHIC LouisE1529231 Mar 198076RN10 23
LODOSHIC or SAUNDERS AdaE1529326 Jan 198677RN10 22
LOFTUS AbrahamE1529401 Jan 201393RI27 18
LOFTUS EstherE1529530 Jul 197056RI27 19
LOGWINSKY IsaacE1529631 Aug 196277RC11 25
LOGWINSKY PearlE1529707 Jul 197285RC11 24
LOKIEC PearlE1529815 Feb 197975RL31 18
LOKISE FradelE1529915 Jan 194686RC08 33
LOMAN LouisE1530020 Dec 198374RI27 21
LOMAN NettieE1530117 Oct 197467RI27 22
LOMAN ReneeE1530215 Mar 201493RF44 1
LOMAN SidneyE1530331 Aug 200190RF44 2
LONDON AnnieE1530405 Feb 196772RC12 10
LONDON EdithE1530525 Feb 201595RI38 2
LONDON EstherE1530609 Sep 197466RD52 21
LONDON IsaacE1530707 Oct 195175RD51 15
LONDON IsaacE1530817 Jan 198090RC12 9
LONDON LeibE1530928 Dec 197279RK14 29
LONDON PhilipE1531016 Dec 198670RO28 58
LONDON Sarah EthelE1531116 Feb 194064RB16 32
LONGER JackE1531225 Jun 195174RA58 11
LONGMAN MaryE1531313 Oct 197272RG19 25
LONGMAN RachelE1531406 May 196493RG19 26
LONGMAN Sadie KohnE1531527 Jan 199486RB07 3
LONGMAN WoolfE1531611 Apr 196356RG19 27
LONIS JosephE1531706 Mar 200084RK41 1
LONIS RachelE1531810 Oct 200488RK41 2
LOPATIS FannyE1531931 Oct 196870RG42 18
LOPATIS IsraelE1532012 Jul 199156RJ30 31
LOPATIS ReubenE1532125 Sep 199061RO02 10
LOPATIS RoseE1532202 Feb 200775RO05 36
LOPATIS SamuelE1532306 May 198661RO05 35
LOSOKOFF ReneE1532407 Dec 198463RK08 18
LOTSKY AnnieE1532517 Sep 196870RC16 26
LOTSKY JosephE1532617 Feb 197781RC16 27
LOTSWIN FannyE1532730 Dec 195066RA44 14
LOTSWIN JackE1532830 May 194767RA44 15
LOTT Isabel EdithE1532919 Aug 198099RL05 13
LOUBE JackE1533026 Jan 196663RH32 9
LOUGH PhoebeE1533126 Feb 198072RN10 13
LOUPA Woolf VictorE1533217 Aug 198965RK06 25
LOUT PhoebeE1533309 Jun 200090RG31 33
LOVE RachelE1533409 Apr 195775RE22 9
LOVELL BettyE1533519 Jul 197669RK09 23
LOVELL IsraelE1533608 Oct 195180RB31 7
LOVELL MauriceE1533726 Mar 197578RK09 22
LOW EdwardE1533817 Feb 198473RM24 19
LOW LilyE1533902 Jan 199076RM24 20
LOWE Raia RoseE1534023 Feb 196557RH39 9
LOWELL GertrudeE1534119 Oct 194474RB31 8
LOWENSOHN Maria ManiaE1534216 Oct 197094RM24 18
LOWENTHAL JosephE1534317 Feb 198292RO28 33
LOWENTHAL RoseE1534401 Feb 197082RJ21 31
LOWIDT JackE1534512 Oct 197359RE39 3
LOWIDT PearlE1534627 May 200992RE39 2
LOWY JosephE1534717 May 198277RN36 21
LOZINSKY WoolfE1534816 Sep 196059RE40 19
LOZOVER TillyE1534914 Jan 198979RO37 52
LOZOWICK NathanE1535001 Mar 197485RC17 27
LOZOWICK YettaE1535130 Oct 196981RC17 26

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