All Deceased beginning with letters 'SM'

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All names beginning SM
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
SMALL AnnieE2277719 Feb 199581RF36 26
SMALL Antony GilbertE2277828 Jan 201457RD51 2
SMALL HarryE2277915 Apr 199279RD52 5
SMALL PassyE2278023 Feb 197260RF36 13
SMALL Rebecca RitaE2278120 Jul 199068RD52 6
SMALLER SarahE2278213 Feb 194057RB17 28
SMALLMAN GeraldE2278308 Jul 199863RL26 43
SMALLMAN JackE2278424 Aug 197770RL26 30
SMALLMAN MaryE2278512 Dec 199690RL26 31
SMALLMAN RoseE2278614 Jun 196483RG29 21
SMALLWOOD BettyE2278706 May 19910RM03 26
SMARAGD JacquesE2278804 Sep 196445RG30 12
SMARAGD PollyE2278926 Jan 201593RG32 21
SMARDINA AbrahamE2279007 Aug 193952RA15 25
SMARDINA Bella FredaE2279101 Feb 197283RG48 16
SMARDINA Dorothy LilyE2279208 Jul 197143RM26 28
SMARGONSKY NatalieE2279307 Jan 198482RN10 35
SMARINSKY HarrisE2279405 Oct 196186RE35 21
SMARINSKY MarkE2279515 Jan 196348RE46 26
SMART JennieE2279629 Jul 197167RL18 13
SMART MontyE2279731 May 200069RL17 2
SMART MorrisE2279804 Apr 198484RL18 14
SMAZINOVITCH Hyman LewisE2279913 Feb 197071RJ17 18
SMAZINOVITCH RachelE2280016 Nov 196872RJ17 17
SMELLERSON EvaE2280105 Sep 196255RF35 9
SMELLERSON Simon SamuelE2280230 Jun 197266RF35 17
SMELOVITCH RoseE2280301 Mar 194866RB41 31
SMERIN FannyE2280418 Jul 196183RD49 31
SMERIN JosephE2280524 Mar 196360RE47 13
SMERIN LeahE2280611 Feb 195546RD21 18
SMERIN MarieE2280723 Jan 198884RE47 12
SMERIN MorrisE2280819 May 199891RI13 34
SMERIN RoseE2280930 Dec 196745RI13 28
SMERINSKY AnnieE2281002 Mar 195979RE35 20
SMIETANA MauriceE2281109 Jul 196476RF38 29
SMIETANA RifkaE2281216 Nov 196069RF38 28
SMIL EmilE2281301 Feb 199990RB05 35
SMILER HarryE2281428 Sep 196869RH17 26
SMILER RachelE2281502 Feb 198280RH17 25
SMILOVITCH FannyE2281610 Apr 196877RF36 8
SMIRN o/w SMERIN RaphaelE2281717 Jan 195270RD49 30
SMITH AlbertE2281827 Aug 197388RE12 26
SMITH AlfE2281907 Jun 199176RG03 22
SMITH AlfredE2282028 Dec 196968RM20 25
SMITH AlfredE2282101 Nov 197176RM28 14
SMITH AnnieE2282217 Apr 196048RE38 13
SMITH AnnieE2282327 Dec 195853RE34 22
SMITH AnnieE2282412 Feb 197785RO18 31
SMITH ArthurE2282521 Apr 194561RA36 25
SMITH BenE2282622 Jan 197477RK11 26
SMITH BernhardE2282716 Apr 194872RB44 13
SMITH BessieE2282814 Aug 194156RB24 15
SMITH BessieE2282909 Nov 198882RH05 17
SMITH CeliaE2283004 Aug 193962RB57 22
SMITH ConnieE2283113 May 200086RL02 20
SMITH DeborahE2283226 Oct 199478RG03 21
SMITH DinahE2283316 Apr 197879RF16 21
SMITH DoraE2283429 Oct 194972RB48 25
SMITH EttieE2283509 Nov 195269RD46 13
SMITH FannyE2283604 Aug 196648RI05 18
SMITH FayE2283718 May 198683RM28 15
SMITH GerryE2283814 Sep 199676RF02 25
SMITH GertrudeE2283905 Oct 200883RF02 24
SMITH HarryE2284026 Oct 198367RK36 32
SMITH HarryE2284128 Aug 197171RM27 19
SMITH HarryE2284217 Jan 194277RA26 12
SMITH HarryE2284328 Mar 199579RL02 21
SMITH HarryE2284418 Jul 201191RI27 34
SMITH HildaE2284514 Jul 200280RO31 59
SMITH HildaE2284609 Mar 200189RC01 30
SMITH HymanE2284708 Jun 198969RO31 60
SMITH IlseE2284809 Jul 200389RM20 26
SMITH IsaacE2284902 Mar 197260RE38 14
SMITH IsidoreE2285024 Apr 199286RL22 41
SMITH JacquelineE2285130 Apr 201774RE01 3
SMITH JessieE2285210 Feb 198281RD22 3
SMITH JosephE2285327 Jun 196565RH36 22
SMITH JosephE2285420 Dec 199784RO38 67
SMITH KatieE2285523 Feb 199089RM03 33
SMITH LilyE2285621 May 196473RG27 10
SMITH LilyE2285719 Oct 197575RM28 19
SMITH LilyE2285821 Jul 200179RK36 33
SMITH LionelE2285917 Jun 194033RA19 13
SMITH LouisE2286022 Sep 194470RB24 5
SMITH MarkE2286126 Feb 194166RA21 30
SMITH MarkE2286230 Dec 197773RH05 18
SMITH MillieE2286308 Mar 195661RE12 28
SMITH MinnieE2286408 Jun 198991RK11 25
SMITH NathanE2286509 Apr 196472RG27 9
SMITH NathanE2286622 Nov 200191RC01 29
SMITH o/w SCHMIDT RachelE2286709 Dec 195674RE19 10
SMITH PhilipE2286811 Dec 196454RG32 26
SMITH PhilipE2286902 May 198896RO18 30
SMITH PhyllisE2287011 Apr 200586RG32 27
SMITH PollyE2287117 Apr 194456RB32 20
SMITH RachelE2287213 Dec 196168RE44 16
SMITH RaieE2287315 Mar 194645RB38 11
SMITH SadieE2287420 Nov 200094RN46 25
SMITH SamuelE2287507 Dec 200983RN44 48
SMITH Steven BarryE2287622 Aug 19679RE36 11
SMITH SydneyE2287707 Apr 199382RF02 26
SMITH WalterE2287816 Jan 196771RF16 20
SMITH YettaE2287917 May 196277RH51 12
SMITITSKY AnnetteE2288024 Nov 19546 mthRA62 13
SMITITSKY Ivor AdrianE2288131 Dec 19551 mthRA59 13
SMITITSKY PaulineE2288226 Oct 198883RL35 5
SMITITSKY SarahE2288309 Jan 198378RO29 37
SMITITSKY SimonE2288402 May 198883RL35 6
SMITSKY LilyE2288530 Apr 196152RG06 18
SMOLLAN BenjaminE2288608 Feb 197981RG11 28
SMOLLEN MildredE2288725 Sep 198178RG12 27
SMOLOVITCH FannyE2288829 May 194865RB44 28
SMOLOVITCH/ SAVITT FannyE2288920 Oct 194349RB31 21
SMUCKLER AbrahamE2289001 Dec 193949RA17 13
SMULEVITCH Ronald SolomonE2289120 Dec 198657RC12 14
SMULOVITCH BarnetE2289203 Nov 196273RC10 12
SMULOVITCH HenryE2289315 Jul 199882RC02 18
SMULOVITCH MaryE2289424 Sep 196274RC10 13
SMUS BerthaE2289512 Feb 196862RC16 30
SMUS Rev. BaruchE2289620 Oct 197677RC16 31

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