All Deceased beginning with letters 'PH'

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All names beginning PH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PHELPS Henry EnochE1824217 Oct 197573RK08 13
PHELPS SarahE1824324 Nov 199895RK08 14
PHILLIP MichaelE1824422 Sep 196672RJ11 36
PHILLIPS Abraham AlfredE1824503 Oct 196675RG05 22
PHILLIPS AbrahamE1824602 Oct 197466RK28 29
PHILLIPS AbrahamE1824714 Mar 198179RO27 6
PHILLIPS Alan MichaelE1824813 Jul 19568RA59 15
PHILLIPS AlanE1824917 Oct 201382RN33 43
PHILLIPS AlfredE1825025 Apr 195856RF51 7
PHILLIPS AlfredE1825114 Sep 199574RK05 24
PHILLIPS Amelia DoraE1825215 Nov 199282RA57 2
PHILLIPS AnneE1825304 Oct 199686RO30 3
PHILLIPS AnnieE1825410 Jul 195070RB21 34
PHILLIPS AnnieE1825509 Jul 198375RO13 40
PHILLIPS AnnieE1825614 Dec 198184RL39 17
PHILLIPS AnnieE1825711 Jul 198385RO11 49
PHILLIPS AnnieE1825816 Nov 199291RF11 32
PHILLIPS AsherE1825909 Mar 199584RG06 4
PHILLIPS Barbara HelenE1826004 Jun 19425RA60 12
PHILLIPS Beatrice RebeccaE1826121 Nov 196368RA07 15
PHILLIPS BenjaminE1826208 Jan 196948RH17 9
PHILLIPS BessieE1826318 Apr 199284RL28 10
PHILLIPS BettyE1826401 Nov 199489RO27 5
PHILLIPS CharlesE1826523 Jan 198174RO13 39
PHILLIPS CharlesE1826614 Mar 200992RC28 7
PHILLIPS CissieE1826729 Oct 200091RK28 30
PHILLIPS DavidE1826817 Apr 194176RB21 30
PHILLIPS DoloresE1826925 Dec 201484RG03 8
PHILLIPS DoraE1827020 Feb 199484RO32 16
PHILLIPS EmanuelE1827114 May 198373RO09 5
PHILLIPS EmmaE1827230 Apr 201387RL01 2
PHILLIPS EphraimE1827319 Feb 197877RL28 9
PHILLIPS EstherE1827419 Oct 194674RB40 14
PHILLIPS EstherE1827518 Sep 200088RG06 3
PHILLIPS EstherE1827602 Jan 199795RF50 7
PHILLIPS FannyE1827709 Nov 197582RH06 25
PHILLIPS FrancesE1827818 Apr 199384RM12 14
PHILLIPS FrederickE1827928 Sep 197689RL23 33
PHILLIPS GeorgeE1828007 Apr 198477RO32 17
PHILLIPS GodfreyE1828131 Oct 198964RG06 22
PHILLIPS HaroldE1828211 Oct 200755RH53 2
PHILLIPS HarryE1828315 Feb 196763RD11 16
PHILLIPS HarryE1828416 Dec 196864RH16 24
PHILLIPS HarryE1828511 Sep 196468RG29 31
PHILLIPS HelenE1828619 May 201673RE50 27
PHILLIPS HenriettaE1828708 Aug 198184RN33 42
PHILLIPS HenryE1828803 Oct 195942RE37 15
PHILLIPS HettyE1828931 Mar 199592RJ16 32
PHILLIPS IsadoreE1829028 Jun 197078RM23 13
PHILLIPS Ivor IsaacE1829126 Aug 201789RE01 8
PHILLIPS JackE1829209 Aug 197973RN29 25
PHILLIPS JackE1829330 May 197781RK12 1
PHILLIPS JackE1829409 Jun 198183RN33 41
PHILLIPS JeanE1829522 May 200472RK03 22
PHILLIPS JennieE1829627 Mar 197473RK12 38
PHILLIPS Joanne SusanE1829720 Feb 19741 mthRB46 6S
PHILLIPS John CopelE1829813 Apr 195144RA57 13
PHILLIPS JosephE1829921 Dec 195165RD50 27
PHILLIPS JosephineE1830017 Apr 194125RB21 29
PHILLIPS LeahE1830108 Jan 196368RF36 4
PHILLIPS LeahE1830227 May 198077RL07 34
PHILLIPS LeonE1830328 Mar 197366RH17 20
PHILLIPS LeonardE1830425 Apr 199873RO35 65
PHILLIPS LilyE1830523 Feb 198887RL28 6
PHILLIPS LouisE1830627 Aug 196559RB05 21
PHILLIPS LouisE1830712 Jan 198890RL28 5
PHILLIPS MarieE1830810 Aug 198356RO31 18
PHILLIPS MaryE1830920 Mar 199183RB05 20
PHILLIPS MichaelE1831007 Jun 197977RM12 13
PHILLIPS MillieE1831107 Mar 196158RD11 15
PHILLIPS MillyE1831217 Oct 198375RG15 19
PHILLIPS MillyE1831330 Sep 199685RI02 9
PHILLIPS MillyE1831405 Jul 199190RO02 24
PHILLIPS MinnieE1831529 Feb 198876RG32 29
PHILLIPS MinnieE1831612 Sep 199990RK12 2
PHILLIPS MorrisE1831703 Dec 199270RJ38 13
PHILLIPS MyerE1831828 Jan 197878RK32 26
PHILLIPS NellieE1831915 Sep 198288RG29 30
PHILLIPS or KASOFSKY GaryE1832025 Jul 197261RM31 23
PHILLIPS PearlE1832103 Apr 194221RB26 18
PHILLIPS Percy PizerE1832221 Dec 196453RG32 28
PHILLIPS PhilE1832302 Jun 196578RJ08 21
PHILLIPS PhilipE1832425 Jun 194962RA50 15
PHILLIPS PhilipE1832508 Dec 200166RK16 42
PHILLIPS PhilipE1832619 Dec 195170RB08 11
PHILLIPS PhilipE1832711 Jun 196270RF36 3
PHILLIPS PhilipE1832810 Dec 196278RA07 14
PHILLIPS PhilipE1832915 Apr 199693RI29 4
PHILLIPS PhillipE1833022 Jan 199770RK03 23
PHILLIPS PhoebeE1833129 Nov 197172RM28 24
PHILLIPS RaphaelE1833220 Dec 199586RK40 39
PHILLIPS RaymondE1833330 Mar 200679RL01 1
PHILLIPS REID AnneE1833406 Oct 196756RH23 18
PHILLIPS Rene RoseE1833505 Feb 198476RN26 43
PHILLIPS ReubenE1833626 Jul 196869RJ16 31
PHILLIPS ReynaE1833721 Apr 197466RC11 11
PHILLIPS RosaE1833808 Oct 197083RJ08 22
PHILLIPS RoseE1833906 Oct 195158RB08 12
PHILLIPS Sadie SarahE1834019 Jan 199285RJ37 30
PHILLIPS SadieE1834129 Jul 197480RM37 19
PHILLIPS SallyE1834222 Dec 198181RO28 10
PHILLIPS SamE1834312 Mar 198494RO32 18
PHILLIPS Samuel LazarusE1834424 Sep 199686RI02 8
PHILLIPS SamuelE1834514 May 199470RG03 7
PHILLIPS SarahE1834616 Oct 194166RB24 12
PHILLIPS SarahE1834729 Sep 198287RG05 21
PHILLIPS SidneyE1834819 May 197165RK18 28
PHILLIPS SidneyE1834923 May 197870RN27 14
PHILLIPS SimonE1835004 Nov 196254RG15 18
PHILLIPS SimonE1835109 Apr 198882RO36 53
PHILLIPS SophieE1835219 Jun 200684RO35 64
PHILLIPS Sydney (Samuel)E1835317 Sep 197270RM18 29
PHILLIPS Tilly (Terry)E1835412 Dec 200293RN04 1
PHILLIPS WoolfE1835526 Jan 197577RK12 39
PHILLIS AnnieE1835611 Oct 194070RB19 28

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