All Deceased beginning with letters 'PH'

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All names beginning PH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PHELPS Henry EnochB0183917 Oct 197573K108 13
PHELPS SarahC0192024 Nov 199895K108 14
PHILLIP MichaelA0762522 Sep 196672J11 36
PHILLIPS Abraham AlfredA0763803 Oct 196675G105 22
PHILLIPS AbrahamB0128602 Oct 197466K128 29
PHILLIPS AbrahamB0460514 Mar 198179O27 06
PHILLIPS Alan MichaelA0396813 Jul 19568A259 15
PHILLIPS AlanC0520817 Oct 201382N133 43
PHILLIPS AlfredA0445125 Apr 195856F251 07
PHILLIPS AlfredC0075714 Sep 199574K105 24
PHILLIPS AmeliaB0995515 Nov 199282A257 02
PHILLIPS AnneC0112704 Oct 199686O30 03
PHILLIPS AnnieA0259210 Jul 195070B121 34
PHILLIPS AnnieB0497214 Dec 198184L39 17
PHILLIPS AnnieB0575309 Jul 198375O13 40
PHILLIPS AnnieB0575511 Jul 198385O11 49
PHILLIPS AnnieB0995716 Nov 199291F111 32
PHILLIPS AsherC0058109 Mar 199584G106 04
PHILLIPS Barbara HelenA0101504 Jun 19425A260 12
PHILLIPS Beatrice RebeccaA0637521 Nov 196368A107 15
PHILLIPS BenjaminA0863108 Jan 196948H117 09
PHILLIPS BessieB0974018 Apr 199284L28 10
PHILLIPS BettyC0044601 Nov 199489O27 05
PHILLIPS CharlesB0453623 Jan 198174O13 39
PHILLIPS CharlesC0442014 Mar 200992C128 07
PHILLIPS CissieC0250429 Oct 200091K128 30
PHILLIPS DavidA0081717 Apr 194176B121 30
PHILLIPS DoloresC0530825 Dec 201484G103 08
PHILLIPS DoraC0020520 Feb 199484O32 16
PHILLIPS EmanuelB0568914 May 198373O09 05
PHILLIPS EmmaC0509030 Apr 201387L01 02
PHILLIPS EphraimB0305519 Feb 197877L28 09
PHILLIPS EstherA0181219 Oct 194674B140 14
PHILLIPS EstherC0122702 Jan 199795F250 07
PHILLIPS EstherC0246518 Sep 200088G106 03
PHILLIPS FannyB0187209 Nov 197582H106 25
PHILLIPS FrancesB1014318 Apr 199384M12 14
PHILLIPS FrederickB0235128 Sep 197689L23 33
PHILLIPS GeorgeB0611907 Apr 198477O32 17
PHILLIPS GodfreyB0872831 Oct 198964G106 22
PHILLIPS HaroldC0414311 Oct 200755H253 02
PHILLIPS HarryA0672311 Sep 196468G129 31
PHILLIPS HarryA0778915 Feb 196763D111 16
PHILLIPS HarryA0858416 Dec 196864H116 24
PHILLIPS HelenC0548919 May 201673E250 27
PHILLIPS HenriettaB0480108 Aug 198184N133 42
PHILLIPS HenryA0481703 Oct 195942E137 15
PHILLIPS HettyC0060231 Mar 199592J16 32
PHILLIPS IsadoreA0934328 Jun 197078M23 13
PHILLIPS JackB0268730 May 197781K112 01
PHILLIPS JackB0381709 Aug 197973N129 25
PHILLIPS JackB0472809 Jun 198183N133 41
PHILLIPS JeanC0344722 May 200472K103 22
PHILLIPS JennieB0104727 Mar 197473K112 38
PHILLIPS Joanne SusanB0098520 Feb 19742B246 06S
PHILLIPS John CopelA0277113 Apr 195144A257 13
PHILLIPS JosephA0292821 Dec 195165D250 27
PHILLIPS JosephineA0081817 Apr 194125B121 29
PHILLIPS LeahA0599208 Jan 196368F136 04
PHILLIPS LeahB0423427 May 198077L07 34
PHILLIPS LeonB0055428 Mar 197366H117 20
PHILLIPS LeonardC0173825 Apr 199873O35 65
PHILLIPS LilyB0794223 Feb 198887L28 06
PHILLIPS LouisA0715727 Aug 196559B105 21
PHILLIPS LouisB0789812 Jan 198890L28 05
PHILLIPS MarieB0578210 Aug 198356O31 18
PHILLIPS MaryB0930520 Mar 199183B105 20
PHILLIPS MichaelB0372407 Jun 197977M12 13
PHILLIPS MillieA0521807 Mar 196158D111 15
PHILLIPS MillyB0586517 Oct 198375G115 19
PHILLIPS MillyB0941305 Jul 199190O02 24
PHILLIPS MillyC0112030 Sep 199685I102 09
PHILLIPS MinnieB0795329 Feb 198876G132 29
PHILLIPS MinnieC0217512 Sep 199990K112 02
PHILLIPS MorrisB0997303 Dec 199270J38 13
PHILLIPS MyerB0301328 Jan 197878K132 26
PHILLIPS NellieB0533015 Sep 198288G129 30
PHILLIPS or KASOFSKY GaryB0016725 Jul 197261M31 23
PHILLIPS PearlA0098503 Apr 194221B126 18
PHILLIPS Percy PizerA0685621 Dec 196453G132 28
PHILLIPS PhilA0705302 Jun 196578J08 21
PHILLIPS PhilipA0238025 Jun 194962A250 15
PHILLIPS PhilipA0292619 Dec 195170B108 11
PHILLIPS PhilipA0573611 Jun 196270F136 03
PHILLIPS PhilipA0595010 Dec 196278A107 14
PHILLIPS PhilipC0098215 Apr 199693I129 04
PHILLIPS PhilipC0280808 Dec 200166K116 42
PHILLIPS PhillipC0126822 Jan 199770K103 23
PHILLIPS PhoebeA1007429 Nov 197172M28 24
PHILLIPS RaphaelC0085120 Dec 199586K140 39
PHILLIPS RaymondC0385930 Mar 200679L01 01
PHILLIPS REID AnneA0803406 Oct 196756H123 18
PHILLIPS Rene RoseB0603005 Feb 198476N126 43
PHILLIPS ReubenA0841626 Jul 196869J16 31
PHILLIPS ReynaB0108121 Apr 197466C111 11
PHILLIPS RosaA0947408 Oct 197083J08 22
PHILLIPS RoseA0287206 Oct 195158B108 12
PHILLIPS Sadie SarahB0964819 Jan 199285J37 30
PHILLIPS SadieB0121429 Jul 197480M37 19
PHILLIPS SallyB0499822 Dec 198181O28 10
PHILLIPS SamB0606612 Mar 198494O32 18
PHILLIPS Samuel LazarusC0111024 Sep 199686I102 08
PHILLIPS SamuelC0029114 May 199470G103 07
PHILLIPS SarahA0089316 Oct 194166B124 12
PHILLIPS SarahB0534529 Sep 198287G105 21
PHILLIPS SidneyA0983519 May 197165K118 28
PHILLIPS SidneyB0319523 May 197870N127 14
PHILLIPS SimonA0589704 Nov 196254G115 18
PHILLIPS SimonB0801409 Apr 198882O36 53
PHILLIPS SophieC0390919 Jun 200684O35 64
PHILLIPS Sydney (Samuel)B0023517 Sep 197270M18 29
PHILLIPS Tilly (Terry)C0306612 Dec 200293N104 01
PHILLIPS WoolfB0147526 Jan 197577K112 39
PHILLIS AnnieA0066111 Oct 194070B119 28

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