All Deceased beginning with letters 'CL'

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All names beginning CL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CLAITMAN HarryE0370204 Apr 194250RB57 27
CLAPICH EstherE0370329 Aug 200094RO26 7
CLAPICH LionelE0370428 Jul 200774RK46 33
CLAPICH PhilipE0370503 Oct 197978RO26 8
CLAPICH Sarah FannyE0370609 May 196362RH46 21
CLAPPER AnnieE0370705 Dec 195050RB52 17
CLAPPER MorrisE0370813 Feb 196446RG26 21
CLAPPER RoseE0370928 Aug 198569RO29 56
CLAPPER SadieE0371010 Dec 198470RG25 22
CLAPPER SidneyE0371125 Nov 197857RO16 18
CLAREMONT AnneE0371206 Nov 199175RF41 30
CLARK CarolE0371303 Dec 199689RH02 31
CLARK GeraldE0371412 May 201170RG46 2
CLARKE (COHEN) MichaelE0371529 Jun 197475RK11 35
CLARKE DavidE0371621 Jun 199181RH19 30
CLARKE JosephE0371727 Feb 196359RG17 29
CLARKE JosephE0371830 Jul 197268RM18 25
CLARKE JosephE0371919 Apr 201592RO33 7
CLARKE LeahE0372015 Feb 197366RM18 26
CLARKE MaudeE0372107 Feb 199593RG17 28
CLARKE PollyE0372201 Aug 195277RD43 19
CLARKE RachelE0372319 Apr 196853RH19 31
CLARKE Rebecca BettyE0372430 Dec 198363RO33 6
CLARKE SarahE0372511 Jan 197981RK11 36
CLASS SolomonE0372614 Dec 194552RA38 26
CLAUSON BerthaE0372706 Aug 197485RH50 10
CLAYMAN AlecE0372820 Feb 198180RL36 24
CLAYMAN MarkE0372918 Nov 197662RO18 22
CLAYMAN MaryE0373006 Dec 199993RL36 23
CLAYMAN RoseE0373107 Jul 199884RO18 21
CLAYMAN SarahE0373222 Dec 195667RD16 24
CLAYTON AlvinE0373308 Feb 194822RA32 4
CLAYTON CeliaE0373420 Jun 198687RO25 10
CLAYTON FlorenceE0373524 Nov 196460RG32 19
CLAYTON WillieE0373625 Dec 197876RO25 9
CLEAVER RonaldE0373716 Dec 197463RM38 17
CLEAVER SarahE0373802 Oct 197975RM38 18
CLEAVES MinnieE0373911 Jul 199777RH30 33
CLEAVES Warren SpencerE0374006 May 19753 mthRB54 25
CLEMENTS AdaE0374125 May 196777RF15 27
CLEMENTS AnitaE0374227 Jun 200385RA46 35
CLEMENTS CharlesE0374309 Jun 195375RD35 17
CLEMENTS DavidE0374411 Oct 197287RH10 18
CLEMENTS Diane IsabelE0374527 May 199447RN24 45
CLEMENTS GershonE0374622 Sep 199482RL28 4
CLEMENTS HenryE0374719 Jan 197587RI32 30
CLEMENTS IreneE0374813 Jul 200681RL28 3
CLEMENTS IsaacE0374916 Mar 198163RN08 19
CLEMENTS JaneE0375012 Feb 199375RK36 37
CLEMENTS MarkE0375127 Feb 198469RK36 38
CLEMENTS Michael HenryE0375204 Jan 196553RG33 15
CLEMENTS SarahE0375310 Jan 196590RG33 7
CLIBBON FlorenceE0375430 Nov 199385RI26 29
CLIFF DinahE0375525 Feb 198377RN23 17
CLIFF JoeE0375624 May 197671RN23 16
CLIFFORD HenryE0375704 Feb 197966RO25 18
CLIMAN ClaraE0375801 Feb 196673RF18 13
CLIMAN PhilipE0375915 Oct 196878RH18 5
CLINE JackE0376028 Feb 197973RL31 12
CLINE JessieE0376104 Jan 199382RF22 4
CLINE MartinE0376222 Apr 196260RE45 23
CLORE SarahE0376310 Oct 197475RH26 26
CLUER Jack IsraelE0376406 Apr 198877RK39 41
CLUER Maria AmeliaE0376509 Nov 196350RA03 31
CLYNE EvelynE0376619 Feb 199969RI12 2
CLYNE WolfieE0376723 Jun 200477RI12 1

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