All Deceased beginning with letters 'CL'

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All names beginning CL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
CLAITMAN HarryA0098404 Apr 194250B257 27
CLAPICH EstherC0245729 Aug 200094O26 07
CLAPICH LionelC0410228 Jul 200774K246 33
CLAPICH PhilipB0390003 Oct 197978O26 08
CLAPICH Sarah FannyA0617809 May 196362H246 21
CLAPPER AnnieA0267105 Dec 195050B252 17
CLAPPER MorrisA0648913 Feb 196446G126 21
CLAPPER RoseB0676628 Aug 198569O29 56
CLAPPER SadieB0641410 Dec 198470G125 22
CLAPPER SidneyB0343425 Nov 197857O16 18
CLAREMONT AnneB0954206 Nov 199175F241 30
CLARK CarolC0118603 Dec 199689H102 31
CLARK GeraldC0476212 May 201170G246 02
CLARKE (COHEN) MichaelB0118329 Jun 197475K111 35
CLARKE DavidB0940421 Jun 199181H119 30
CLARKE JosephA0609327 Feb 196359G117 29
CLARKE JosephB0017530 Jul 197268M18 25
CLARKE JosephC0536919 Apr 201592O33 07
CLARKE LeahB0049315 Feb 197366M18 26
CLARKE MaudeC0054907 Feb 199593G117 28
CLARKE PollyA0306701 Aug 195277D243 19
CLARKE RachelA0829819 Apr 196853H119 31
CLARKE Rebecca BettyB0596930 Dec 198363O33 06
CLARKE SarahB0351211 Jan 197981K111 36
CLASS SolomonA0165114 Dec 194552A138 26
CLAUSON BerthaB0122406 Aug 197485H250 10
CLAYMAN AlecB0457820 Feb 198180L36 24
CLAYMAN MarkB0241618 Nov 197662O18 22
CLAYMAN MaryC0224506 Dec 199993L36 23
CLAYMAN RoseC0179307 Jul 199884O18 21
CLAYMAN SarahA0407522 Dec 195667D116 24
CLAYTON AlvinA0209908 Feb 194822A132 04
CLAYTON CeliaB0717320 Jun 198687O25 10
CLAYTON FlorenceA0680824 Nov 196460G132 19
CLAYTON WillieB0348225 Dec 197876O25 09
CLEAVER RonaldB0140716 Dec 197463M38 17
CLEAVER SarahB0389902 Oct 197975M38 18
CLEAVES MinnieC0143511 Jul 199777H130 33
CLEAVES Warren SpencerB0162406 May 19753B254 25
CLEMENTS AdaA0791225 May 196777F115 27
CLEMENTS AnitaC0321027 Jun 200385A246 35
CLEMENTS CharlesA0326509 Jun 195375D135 17
CLEMENTS DavidB0027311 Oct 197287H110 18
CLEMENTS Diane IsabelC0030327 May 199447N124 45
CLEMENTS GershonC0040222 Sep 199482L28 04
CLEMENTS HenryB0146819 Jan 197587I132 30
CLEMENTS IreneC0391613 Jul 200681L28 03
CLEMENTS IsaacB0461116 Mar 198163N108 19
CLEMENTS JaneB1006912 Feb 199375K136 37
CLEMENTS MarkB0605127 Feb 198469K136 38
CLEMENTS Michael HenryA0687304 Jan 196553G133 15
CLEMENTS SarahA0688710 Jan 196590G133 07
CLIBBON FlorenceC0011130 Nov 199385I126 29
CLIFF DinahB0557925 Feb 198377N123 17
CLIFF JoeB0219524 May 197671N123 16
CLIFFORD HenryB0355104 Feb 197966O25 18
CLIMAN ClaraA0735901 Feb 196673F118 13
CLIMAN PhilipA0850815 Oct 196878H118 05
CLINE JackB0358228 Feb 197973L31 12
CLINE JessieB1001604 Jan 199382F122 04
CLINE MartinA0568022 Apr 196260E245 23
CLORE SarahB0129510 Oct 197475H126 26
CLUER Jack IsraelB0800406 Apr 198877K139 41
CLUER Maria AmeliaA0636609 Nov 196350A103 31
CLYNE EvelynC0200319 Feb 199969I112 02
CLYNE WolfieC0346823 Jun 200477I112 01

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