All Deceased beginning with letters 'PL'

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All names beginning PL
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
PLACKS BenjaminE1843828 Aug 196359RH51 35
PLACKS MillieE1843915 Aug 199791RH51 34
PLASKOW CissieE1844028 Dec 199081RC25 6
PLASKOW HettieE1844118 Apr 195160RA48 2
PLASKOW LionelE1844211 Aug 194823RA48 18
PLASKOW MossE1844304 Jan 198873RC25 5
PLASKOW NathanE1844427 Feb 196479RA48 1
PLASKOW PhilipE1844526 Sep 200181RA38 1
PLASKOW TillyE1844631 Jan 198472RO32 30
PLASKOWSKY BlumaE1844701 Jul 197382RD39 28
PLASKOWSKY FrankE1844812 Mar 195375RD39 27
PLASKWA RachelE1844909 Nov 199786RN38 16
PLASKWA SamuelE1845023 Dec 198271RN38 15
PLATO JackE1845130 Jul 200687RO11 14
PLATT Caroline EstherE1845228 Jun 197046RM20 35
PLATT DoraE1845316 Oct 198390RJ10 26
PLATT SamuelE1845403 Mar 196677RJ10 27
PLAWNER EliasE1845508 Aug 197581RJ08 3
PLAWNER IdaE1845602 Oct 198791RJ08 4
PLAWNER RuthE1845721 Jan 201890RJ09 24
PLECKER DaphneE1845816 May 19473RB55 29
PLECKER Fay FannyE1845918 Mar 197161RM24 25
PLECKER NathanE1846027 Oct 197068RM24 24
PLESSNER HanneE1846104 Jan 196676RC12 3
PLETNICK AnnieE1846229 Mar 197385RE14 32
PLETNICK EmanuelE1846331 Dec 196175RE14 33
PLETNICK EstherE1846409 Feb 199080RL39 5
PLETNICK NatE1846513 Jun 198879RL39 6
PLIATSKY BellaE1846616 Dec 193823RB13 15
PLISKIN EstherE1846704 May 195741RE23 12
PLISKIN FayE1846821 Feb 200187RJ13 37
PLISKIN JohnE1846931 Oct 196054RF39 23
PLISKIN MinnieE1847010 Feb 199479RH53 8
PLISKIN MinnieE1847108 Mar 198681RF39 22
PLISKIN MorrisE1847209 Nov 197764RJ13 38
PLISKY FannyE1847323 Feb 199687RF52 23
PLISKY FayE1847402 Jul 198979RI15 8
PLISKY HarryE1847507 May 197771RN19 19
PLISKY SamE1847611 Apr 198980RF52 22
PLISKY SidneyE1847717 Jun 196868RI15 9
PLISKY SophieE1847816 Aug 197565RN19 18
PLONSKI FiszelE1847901 Nov 197459RM33 34
PLOSKY BessieE1848005 May 197781RN15 5
PLOTKIN FannyE1848117 Nov 196063RF46 28
PLOTKIN MorrisE1848228 Jan 195959RF46 27
PLOTSKI GertrudeE1848323 Dec 196374RF27 15
PLOTSKI JosephE1848418 Aug 196577RF27 16
PLOTSKI NellieE1848509 Feb 197297RG48 12
PLOTSKY FannyE1848626 Oct 194168RB24 25
PLOTZ EvaE1848730 Nov 195765RE29 22
PLOTZ PhilipE1848817 May 196178RE29 23
PLOTZKER EstherE1848903 Aug 197290RC08 2
PLOTZKER Jacob Julius MorrisE1849025 Jan 196376RD23 23
PLOTZKER JacobE1849111 Feb 199594RH21 33
PLOTZKER JennieE1849226 Aug 197577RM15 5
PLOTZKER NathanE1849324 Jun 196182RC08 1
PLOTZKY RebeccaE1849408 May 199580RN05 3
PLOTZKY RobertE1849520 Jan 200691RN05 4

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