All Deceased beginning with letters 'JE'

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All names beginning JE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
JEFF BarnettC0257226 Jan 200191K113 42
JEFF BetsyB0965126 Jan 199284A252 02
JEFF GoldaB0965228 Jan 199286A252 03
JEFF HettyC0254114 Dec 200084K113 43
JEFF IsaacA0128731 Dec 194354A133 18
JEFF JosephA0051521 Apr 194075A118 21
JEFF MillieB0801711 Apr 198891A252 01
JEFF RebeccaA0139617 Jul 194478A118 22
JEFFRIES AliceB0042211 Jan 197376J18 28
JEFFRIES CharlesA0867614 Feb 196981J18 27
JEFFRIES FrederickA0406404 Dec 195664E119 31
JEFFRIES HymanB0096909 Feb 197481M31 15
JEFFRIES RachelB0015413 Jul 197274E119 30
JEFFRIES RebeccaB0015815 Jul 197286M31 16
JELEN DorisC0417414 Dec 200784M07 41
JELEN LouisC0073318 Aug 199580G114 03
JELEN RayC0360828 Feb 200590G114 04
JELOSKY JeanC0444001 May 200988I241 04
JELOSKY MichaelA0937127 Jul 197086K120 05
JEMENEFSKY AlexanderA0009713 Jul 193843A112 15
JENNER AlfredB0740108 Jan 198764L12 40
JENNICHER RachelA0126625 Nov 194371A131 08
JENSHIL EstherA0886420 Jul 196974J20 11
JENSHIL HarryB0432316 Aug 198079J20 12
JERICHOWER AlfredA0185501 Jan 194765A243 13
JESKI MorrisB0381910 Aug 197979H104 17
JESKI RachelB0574705 Jul 198378H104 16
JESKI RachelB0716515 Jun 198681O36 36

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