All Deceased beginning with letters 'JE'

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All names beginning JE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
JEFF BarnettE1168126 Jan 200191RK13 42
JEFF BetsyE1168226 Jan 199284RA52 2
JEFF GoldaE1168328 Jan 199286RA52 3
JEFF HettyE1168414 Dec 200084RK13 43
JEFF IsaacE1168531 Dec 194354RA33 18
JEFF JosephE1168621 Apr 194075RA18 21
JEFF MillieE1168711 Apr 198891RA52 1
JEFF RebeccaE1168817 Jul 194478RA18 22
JEFFRIES AliceE1168911 Jan 197376RJ18 28
JEFFRIES CharlesE1169014 Feb 196981RJ18 27
JEFFRIES FrederickE1169104 Dec 195664RE19 31
JEFFRIES HymanE1169209 Feb 197481RM31 15
JEFFRIES RachelE1169313 Jul 197274RE19 30
JEFFRIES RebeccaE1169415 Jul 197286RM31 16
JELEN DorisE1169514 Dec 200784RM07 41
JELEN LouisE1169618 Aug 199580RG14 3
JELEN RayE1169728 Feb 200590RG14 4
JELOSKY JeanE1169801 May 200988RI41 4
JELOSKY MichaelE1169927 Jul 197086RK20 5
JEMENEFSKY AlexanderE1170013 Jul 193843RA12 15
JENNER AlfredE1170108 Jan 198764RL12 40
JENNICHER RachelE1170225 Nov 194371RA31 8
JENSHIL EstherE1170320 Jul 196974RJ20 11
JENSHIL HarryE1170416 Aug 198079RJ20 12
JERICHOWER AlfredE1170501 Jan 194765RA43 13
JESKI MorrisE1170610 Aug 197979RH04 17
JESKI RachelE1170705 Jul 198378RH04 16
JESKI RachelE1170815 Jun 198681RO36 36

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