All Deceased beginning with letters 'HY'

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All names beginning HY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
HYAMOVITCH MarksE1100416 Dec 196281RG16 19
HYAMOVITCH NathanE1100509 Jul 196481RH42 12
HYAMOVITCH PollyE1100613 Mar 196382RG18 19
HYAMS AaronE1100715 Jul 193862RA12 9
HYAMS AdaE1100828 Feb 198580RO34 34
HYAMS AdaE1100916 Apr 198083RH41 11
HYAMS AlexE1101031 Dec 199363RL39 4
HYAMS AlfredE1101115 Jan 196858RI13 23
HYAMS BarnettE1101201 Sep 196066RE39 11
HYAMS BeatriceE1101320 Dec 197879RM13 30
HYAMS BerthaE1101430 Jul 196275RE45 12
HYAMS CyrilE1101510 Feb 200882RO40 30
HYAMS DeborahE1101629 Oct 197780RF14 16
HYAMS DinahE1101729 Apr 197483RK23 14
HYAMS Doris GitelE1101823 May 194956RB47 13
HYAMS DorisE1101914 Jun 200379RB48 2
HYAMS ElsieE1102022 Jan 196648RH32 6
HYAMS EmmanuelE1102101 May 200375RL36 43
HYAMS EvelynE1102221 Dec 201787RG20 2
HYAMS GodfreyE1102303 Jun 197050RG45 18
HYAMS HildaE1102418 Jan 200984RI39 33
HYAMS HymanE1102517 Jan 196870RJ12 16
HYAMS HymieE1102616 Nov 198177RL39 16
HYAMS Jack WoolfE1102716 Jan 199975RB48 1
HYAMS JackE1102806 Feb 201797RG01 32
HYAMS JeanE1102905 Feb 197477RM35 32
HYAMS JosephE1103023 Jun 196252RH50 15
HYAMS KateE1103109 Mar 197481RH39 22
HYAMS KittyE1103220 Aug 194049RB18 14
HYAMS LeahE1103323 Mar 197168RF21 28
HYAMS LeahE1103420 Sep 198782RI10 30
HYAMS LeonE1103524 May 196761RI10 31
HYAMS LilyE1103620 Feb 194972RB46 25
HYAMS LilyE1103730 Jul 198477RO11 52
HYAMS LilyE1103822 Nov 200186RI13 24
HYAMS LouiseE1103928 May 199176RO33 62
HYAMS MamieE1104027 Nov 201688RO08 14
HYAMS MargaretE1104106 Nov 198962RO40 29
HYAMS Maurice IngramE1104209 Aug 198161RN34 10
HYAMS MorrisE1104301 Feb 196574RH39 23
HYAMS MyerE1104420 Oct 199492RN02 30
HYAMS NathanE1104509 Oct 195654RE17 23
HYAMS O/W LECKSTEIN Moira Miriam RuthE1104612 Aug 200973RI43 10
HYAMS or SHIREWITZ CharlesE1104716 May 194658RA41 18
HYAMS PhilipE1104821 Feb 196766RF21 26
HYAMS RebeccaE1104909 Mar 200396RO21 1
HYAMS Roma Tracy KimE1105015 Jul 19617 mthRA61 36
HYAMS RonaldE1105113 May 200585RJ33 17
HYAMS SamuelE1105219 May 196663RH29 28
HYAMS SarahE1105323 Aug 196667RJ12 15
HYAMS SidneyE1105423 Jan 19412 mthRA61 13
HYAMS SidneyE1105524 Apr 195066RA53 15
HYAMS SidneyE1105630 Sep 196771RF14 17
HYAMS SidneyE1105706 Mar 200680RG20 1
HYAMS SophieE1105804 Apr 199792RL39 15
HYAMS ZenaE1105925 Jul 199070RJ33 18
HYATT MillieE1106001 Apr 194168RB23 15
HYEEM Flora BenjaminE1106111 Dec 197280RD06 24
HYMAN AnnieE1106223 Nov 197181RI31 12
HYMAN BarnetE1106322 Feb 196475RG26 26
HYMAN CissieE1106425 Feb 199384RA04 33
HYMAN DavidE1106524 May 198981RA04 32
HYMAN DorothyE1106628 Dec 199888RN16 26
HYMAN EdithE1106706 Nov 199481RI03 30
HYMAN EstherE1106811 Feb 195168RB52 12
HYMAN EstherE1106919 Jan 196179RD20 35
HYMAN HaroldE1107004 Apr 201483RL35 44
HYMAN HarrisE1107119 Feb 196958RI19 13
HYMAN HymanE1107208 Jan 199484RI03 29
HYMAN IsaacE1107316 Apr 195340RD36 18
HYMAN IsraelE1107404 Jun 197558RN20 26
HYMAN JackE1107527 Nov 198355RN05 21
HYMAN JackE1107614 Apr 196678RF17 13
HYMAN JosephE1107726 Aug 198876RN25 45
HYMAN Leah LilyE1107830 Jul 199291RF30 23
HYMAN LeahE1107920 Oct 194465RB34 18
HYMAN LeahE1108011 Aug 199491RN02 16
HYMAN LeonardE1108128 Aug 196373RF30 22
HYMAN LouisE1108226 Dec 195952RD08 27
HYMAN MarkE1108311 Jul 200598RN02 17
HYMAN MarleneE1108416 Jun 201688RN03 44
HYMAN MauriceE1108503 Feb 199473RD50 32
HYMAN MaxE1108605 Mar 195371RD38 18
HYMAN MaxE1108723 Aug 198271RO28 39
HYMAN MillyE1108822 May 196165RE42 29
HYMAN MillyE1108916 Aug 198376RO28 40
HYMAN MinnieE1109029 Jun 198679RO05 43
HYMAN MiriamE1109111 Jul 198181RF17 14
HYMAN MorrisE1109213 Aug 198676RO05 44
HYMAN MyerE1109319 Jan 196182RD20 34
HYMAN RebeccaE1109430 Jun 197785RI19 33
HYMAN Rose BellaE1109522 Mar 196963RD08 26
HYMAN RoseE1109609 Mar 194134RB22 27
HYMAN Samuel SidneyE1109705 Nov 198347RO32 9
HYMAN Sarah SilvieE1109815 Jul 199275RN20 25
HYMAN SolomonE1109907 Jan 197768RN16 25
HYMAN YettaE1110015 Aug 195658RE16 22
HYMANSON HarryE1110113 Jun 197471RJ29 13
HYMANSON RachelE1110209 Dec 199697RJ29 14

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