All Deceased beginning with letters 'NO'

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All names beginning NO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
NODEL JacobE1752004 Oct 198897RC15 5
NODEL Rev. IsaacE1752114 May 199074RC25 1
NODEL RoseE1752207 Feb 199374RC25 2
NODEL SarahE1752304 Apr 197283RC15 6
NOEL MillieE1752403 Nov 199165RL23 5
NOLAN LilianE1752529 Apr 199676RH14 3
NORDEN Abraham IsaacE1752614 Feb 196563RG34 16
NORDEN Miss MillieE1752726 Feb 199680RO30 4
NORDWIND DorisE1752815 Jun 195960RA07 20
NORMAN AbrahamE1752918 Sep 198185RN34 20
NORMAN AnnieE1753015 Dec 198178RN34 19
NORMAN CharlesE1753123 Dec 196056RF38 13
NORMAN Fay BarbaraE1753204 Apr 198680RO24 15
NORMAN GertrudeE1753325 Feb 195261RD47 26
NORMAN HaroldE1753431 Jan 199461RK20 4
NORMAN HarryE1753508 Nov 199382RJ31 40
NORMAN HarryE1753623 Feb 200788RA42 35
NORMAN Harvey RonaldE1753721 Mar 200367RN11 46
NORMAN JeanE1753823 Aug 200383RA42 34
NORMAN JosephE1753923 Aug 195482RD26 20
NORMAN OlgaE1754012 Jun 195869RD26 21
NORMAN PearlE1754108 Apr 198679RF38 14
NORMAN ReubenE1754218 Sep 194020RA20 7
NORMAN SidneyE1754311 Feb 197873RO24 16
NORTHMAN DavidE1754429 Apr 197074RM22 16
NORTHMAN FannyE1754513 Aug 198589RM22 15
NORTON BernardE1754608 Apr 195331RD37 20
NORTON FayE1754721 Jul 199879RL11 28
NORTON JackE1754828 Jan 197870RL11 27
NORWIND EdwardE1754913 Feb 195663RA07 19
NOSCOVITCH LeahE1755011 Jan 197780RI22 18
NOSKEAU AdelaideE1755115 Apr 197857RM25 3
NOSKEAU BessieE1755215 Feb 197175RM25 17
NOSKEAU JacobE1755324 Jan 198496RM25 18
NOSSEL HarryE1755404 Apr 196878RH21 8
NOUGACH Abraham MauriceE1755521 Dec 197876RO16 33
NOVACK LilyE1755609 Oct 199892RG07 3
NOVAK JosephE1755717 Jun 196970RH14 23
NOVIK IsaacE1755812 Oct 198180RH28 5
NOVIK RachelE1755912 Aug 196766RH28 6
NOVITSKY HarryE1756016 Aug 197381RC20 11
NOVITSKY SarahE1756117 Feb 199093RC20 10
NOVITT EstherE1756218 Jan 198467RO08 20
NOVITT FrankE1756318 Dec 200382RI06 2
NOVITT JennyE1756418 Feb 195939RF46 29
NOVITT LouisaE1756508 Mar 198086RA57 5
NOVITT Michael HarryE1756602 Jul 195154RA57 6
NOVITT ReubenE1756716 Aug 198473RF46 30
NOVOGRADER SolomonE1756804 Jun 196583RE17 3
NOVOGROD EvaE1756912 Jun 197295RG49 20
NOVOGRODER KateE1757002 Sep 196282RE17 4
NOVOKOLSKY LewisE1757103 Nov 195561RA42 1
NOVOKOLSKY RebeccaE1757211 Jul 197684RA42 2

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